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(It’s finished. Another one for my Nöck AU.)

Btw, for those who haven’t read it yet, @thisdiscontentedwinter has wrote an incredible small story to this AU and the first artwork.

Monday: Merman AUs

Happy Labor Day! Starting back up again with the compiled reclist with a collection of 2017 Merman!Sterek!

★=Fics that could use more kudos, comments, and appreciation.

This is just beautiful! Love the way their relationship developed so much:

How Many Wonders by @sylvie-w (2/2 | 15,359 | Mature)

Derek doesn’t think Scott should make a deal with Stiles the sea witch in the first place. When Scott can’t hold up his end of the bargain, he’s doomed to spend eternity in Stiles’ watery hell-soaked lair. Derek can’t stand to see his best friend taken and he’s got an eternity to spare…

Super cute and fun: 

Beacon Gills by kitsunequeen / @stilesbansheequeen (1/1 | 4,226 | Teen) 

When Stiles accompanies Scott on a trip to his uncle’s beach house, he gets more than he bargained for after running into a pack of mermaids with a particularly attractive leader…

It’s beautiful! stiles is so quirky and the part 2 is just so many feelsss:

A Rush of Blood to the Head by MellytheHun / @loserchildhotpants (1/1 | 2770 | Teen)

Scott leaves Stiles alone for something like five minutes and Stiles is attacked by a shark, nearly drowns and discovers merpeople because of course he would.


Not Quite A Siren, But Something Like That by lapsus_calami / @little-red-and-his-wolves (1/1 | 2891 | Gen.)

There’s a sea creature stealing all of Derek’s stuff. For some reason he finds that more endearing than annoying.

So adorable then gets a little sexy sexy towards the end!:  

Fantasy Realism by @ladydrace (1/1 | 4390  | Explicit)

Stiles is a mermaid, Derek is a werewolf, and they’ve been best friends for years. Stiles is in love with Lydia, and Derek… accepts it, and shoves his own affection for Stiles down deep. Until one day when Stiles makes a surprising announcement, and leaves Derek to deal with a lot of emotional turmoil.

This was a great read: 

But Where would they Live? by ANE925 / @alexrambles925 (12/12 | 17,219 | Mature)

Derek finds out that mermaids are just as real as werewolves when he’s 8 and meets Stiles. He finds out Disney lied when he’s 16 and falls in love with Stiles’ stupid laugh but realizes real life has so many complications that Disney never prepared him for. Now, at 24, Derek has accepted the fact that he can never be with Stiles. That is, of course, when Stiles decides he is tired of waiting for Derek to make the first move and throws a monkey wrench in all of Derek’s carefully made plans.

So sweet! Needs more comment love ;):

★Stay by ThineLostSock (1/1 | 2,861 | NR)

“I’ve been wanting to do this again for four years.” Stiles sighed into him.
“Me too.” Derek stared at him.

anonymous asked:

Do you know any good mermaid aus?

Ayy matey! Also check our merman au tag and this fairy tale au post ^-^
- Vallie

Courting Blue’s by Kitsune300 (1/1 | 2,479 | Teen and Up)

Keith had almost given up hope at one point. He’d started swimming upwards and when Shiro asked where he was going, he replied. “To go beach myself.” Shiro had dragged him back by the tail and yelled at him to stop being a baby.
After months of pining, Keith decides that he’s going to court Lance, but there’s just one small problem.
Lance hasn’t realized that he’s being courted. 
An au where everyone is a mermaid/man

Pass Like the Weather by Crxzy (1/1 | 10,265 | Teen and Up)

“What’s it like?”
“What’s what like?”
“You know, being a mermaid and all.”
“It’s very wet.”

AKA- that vaguely sad, slightly angsty, mainly just cute and kinda strange mermaid AU that nobody asked for but me.

//suicide attempt

The Way Home by geewillikers (3/3 | 21,302 | Teen and Up)

“Where am I going to go?” Lance asked.
“At my house—I mean, i-if you want. But I don’t—I don’t want to force you to stay with me, that’s your decision. What do you want to do?” he rambled fast, scratching the back of his neck. He frowned over at Lance, who still hadn’t gotten up, and was still staring at Keith the entire time.
“My decision?” Lance repeated, and Keith nodded. “I want to stay with you, please.”

- - -

Since Keith’s mom passed away, he’s been on his own with her boat, and everything else she left behind. He doesn’t mind the quiet—at least, he thought he didn’t, until he finds a washed up stranger near his home, and takes him home.

anonymous asked:

Do you know any mermaid!keith fics?

sure thang

Cove by TakingOverMidnight3482 (15/15 | 42,403 | Teen And Up)

“Lance tilted his head and tugged his shirt off, grimacing as it stuck to his skin. He used that to put pressure on the wound, trying to ignore the fact that he was hovering over a mythical creature—a mythical hot creature—and focusing on dialing Hunk’s number on his somehow still-functional cell phone.” In which Lance falls in love with an injured merman.


Going Under by sun_stricken (1/1 | 4,689 | General)

Lance takes a dangerous spill in the ocean and is saved by none other than a mermaid with weird hair

//mentioned death //mentioned drowning

Seafoam Castles by milkdromedas (4/? | 6,277 | Teen And Up)

Lance has what one may be able to call a near-death, close-encounter experience with a mer…person.

No, really.

//drug use //near-drowning

anonymous asked:

Percy is a mermaid on display in a popular exhibit in an aquarium, and Jason is frequent visitor.

This was a lot of fun to write, and since I have two merman!Percy prompts, there will be a second part. :3 (I have a busy weekend coming up, so I’m not sure when I get around to writing it, but it will definitely be the next thing I publish ;) )

Pairing: Jason/Percy, Will/Percy if you squint.
Rating: Teen and Up
Words: 2k

Objectively speaking, Percy knows he doesn’t have it all that bad. Officially, he got rescued, taken out of the tiny aquarium they had kept him in and brought to a centre for wild animals that offers much more space and far better conditions than he had before. Why they couldn’t release him back into the sea though is a mystery to Percy.

He knows he’s not the only merfolk in captivity, and that there are still a lot of his kin living in zoos that treat them awfully, but even his large container cannot compare to life in the open sea. Percy is much smarter than his keepers give him credit for, he understands that they don’t free him because he is what brings enough profit in to keep the rest of the centre running, and a part of Percy understands that many of the animals that are kept here really have no better option.  For the most part, he is just pouting because no one gave him a choice in the matter.

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my-son-is-dating-a-werewolf  asked:

Hi so I never prompted you but I'm constantly arguing with my father this days and now I'm in my bed crying and I love your writing so I wanted to ask you if you could write the fluffiest Sterek fic ever known to man ? Thank you !

Hey, hon, I hope you sort it out soon. Meanwhile, enjoy this fluffy sterek ficlet *hugs*

Title: My Little Merboy

Originally posted by sterling8music2

“Derek!” he heard Laura’s irritated call from under his window, for the third time in five minutes. “Move your lazy butt and come with me.” She was all set for their daily run in the preserve.

Derek ignored her.

It was hardly the start to a Sunday morning he wanted and the rom-com novel on his lap seemed more tempting than their routine sweaty run. Especially when Laura would race him to the town’s border, beating him easily every single day and celebrating her victory like a five year old. She’d gone a bit overboard the day before and Derek was in no mood to accompany her again. Ever.

He stuffed a big piece of his favorite waffle and sliced strawberry into his mouth, struggling to turn a page with his sweet, sticky fingers.

“Hey De-rekk.”

“Leave me alone!” Derek barked.

He heard Laura’s exasperated huff. “Oh c’mon! We’ll go to the ice-cream parlor after the run. My treat.”

“I’m not interested.”

“You can borrow my novel.”

“Already reading it.”

“Wanna ride my Camaro?”


“O-Kay.” She took a long pause, maybe scanning for a solid plan of persuasion. “Um, I was thinking about dropping by the lake first.”

“The what?” Derek froze.

“The lake,” she said, voice smug, sounding pleased about finally managing to catch Derek’s attention. “… to stalk some merfolk with my baby bro. God! My boyfriend’s gonna kill me.”

Derek was already jumping out the window, before Laura could pretend turning her back to leave. The rom-com novel long forgotten on the desk with a half finished bowl of waffles.

“Let’s go,” Derek declared, clapping his hands once, ready for their mission. “Let’s see Stiles,” he added in between his excited breaths, a wide grin plastered all over his face.

“You’re pathetic,” Laura chuckled, ruffling his perfectly gelled hair. “Don’t come crying later if your lil’ merboy don’t look at you, okay?”

Derek batted her hand away, adjusting his hair by looking at his reflection in Laura’s shiny sunglasses.

“Do y’know the mermaid’s kiss myth, Der?” Laura asked as they started with an easy jog. Derek didn’t answer. He knew his sister would tell him any way. “They sing, luring their love to the water and drown them after their first kiss.”

Right! He wasn’t going to let her spoil his mood already. He hummed in delight.


Derek let out a heavy sigh as he watched the golden-red tail swiftly slash through the water, sparkling in the morning sunlight which did things to Derek’s heart. He settled down on the soft grass near the lakeside, enjoying the soothing view in front of his eyes.

Stiles looked dazzling as he propelled his lean body elegantly through the clean water. From where he was Derek didn’t miss the way Stiles’ arm muscles twitched against his broad shoulders, his face beaming with an excited smile as he joked around with his friends.

It’d been a month since the Hales had to relocate to the Beacon Hills due to the growing hunter activities in their hometown.

Derek had whined for a week, missing his old school friends and complaining about the count and the size of mosquitoes in the new neighborhood until one evening his eyes had caught a glimpse of Stiles’ breathtaking figure in the lake against the vibrant backdrop of the setting sun.

Instantly, he’d fallen hard for the beautiful merboy, head over heels.

Over time Derek had realized the merfolk were a seclusive bunch. They hardly interacted with other species and pretty much owned the lake nearest his house.

But Derek was hopeful. He’d tried his best to attract Stiles’ attention.

Under the pretense of his daily run, he’d followed Stiles’ usual swim in a futile attempt to catch one casual glance from him. He’d tried some macho somersaults over the giant rocks near the lake, almost cracking his head twice. He’d chanted his Alpha, Beta, Omega mantra in his loud, croaky voice, completely ruining the rhythmic singing from a cluster of merkids.

In return, he’d received thoroughly scrutinizing gazes from the redheaded mergirl, Lydia, and life threatening jaw gritting from her boyfriend, Jackson, who swam close to Stiles like he was his own personal bodyguard.

Derek never stopped visiting the lake and Stiles never stopped not noticing him.

He knew one day things would change. But after all he was just a boy, who was pathetically gone on a gorgeous merboy. If things were going to change someday then that day better be today.

Derek sprang to stand upright before having any second thoughts.

“And where do you think you’re heading to, brother?” Laura poked him with a prompt question.


Derek dived straight into the lake.

What the fuck!” someone yelled.

The water was colder than Derek had anticipated, making him lose his control after the unexpectedly bone-chilling impact. He shuddered and quickly moved to keep his body floating in the water, eyes scanning for the familiar scale-covered pale figure.

“This is a private property.”

It was Stiles, looking more charming if that was even possible. From this close, Derek could see the smattering of tiny moles across his face and long neck and his bare chest, his glassy amber eyes focused right on Derek’s. God!

Hello, do you understand English?” Stiles waved his webbed fingers in front of Derek. Derek’s eyes followed their motion. “… or should I say it in Spanish?”

Derek’s tongue refused to move.

Stiles twitched his tail and splashed water at Derek’s face, bringing him back to reality.

“Sorry sorry,” Derek stuttered, lips stupidly curving in a not-so-apologetic happy grin. “I didn’t know. I’m new in the town.”

Ha! Don’t lie,” Stiles scoffed. “I’ve seen you watching me for a month.”

“You… saw?” Derek breathed, feeling his heart fluttered like a bird.



“Jesus! What?

“Will you two just kiss already?” the redhead interrupted their water spitting contest.

“Nah,” douchebag Jackson glided up behind Derek. “I think the wolf boy needs to learn his lesson first, if he’s so desperate to get involved with us merfolk.”

And before Derek could remember to move his attention from Stiles’ face, he was already getting pulled under the water.

Fuck! Derek struggled, flapping his hands through the water, desperately trying to reach the surface again, almost forgetting to hold his breath. He might be the mighty bad wolf on land, but in the water, Jackson was the king.

Derek could hear muffled chaos above, he hoped it was Laura, finally deciding to come to her brother’s rescue. He kicked his leg, trying to get rid of Jackson’s grip around his ankle, the air rapidly draining from his lungs.

His sixteenth birthday next week seemed like a fading possibility.

Fortunately, he saw a red tail slapping hard against Jackson’s face. Ow! That must have hurt. And then Derek was getting tugged above the water by his shirt collar.

“Are you alright?” through the streams of dripping water Derek watched Stiles’ concerned face. Really concerned face.

Derek coughed, desperately gasping for air.

“You okay, Derek? ” came Stiles’ frantic voice. He moved closer, tightening his grip on Derek’s shirt, almost ripping it.

“You know my name?” Derek managed to croak through his shuddering breath. But before Stiles could open his mouth to answer, Jackson surfaced too.

“What the hell, Stiles?” he complained, rubbing his hurt cheek. “I was just having fun with your precious wolf.”

“It - was - not - funny!” Stiles hissed at Jackson, jerking his head to face him. He floated to move between them, pointing his clawed finger at the other merboy’s chest. “Touch him again, Jackson, and I swear… you’re done.”

Derek blinked at Stiles, feeling utterly dumbfounded.

Stiles face was flushed an angry red. He was pissed. He dragged Derek away without uttering another word, his one arm wrapped around Derek’s torso, supporting him in a firm embrace. The other efficiently cut through the water. If Derek was perfectly able to swim by himself, well, Stiles didn’t have to know just yet.

“Will you come tomorrow?” Stiles face had a soft hopeful look as he patiently waited for Derek to settle on the bank. His eyes roamed over Derek, still checking for any signs of injury.

Derek quickly nodded his head, slowly grasping the sequence of events which had led to this.


Derek spent the entire evening of his sixteenth birthday with Stiles.

Stiles gifted him an entrancing seashell, colored the same blue as the ocean and bigger than Derek’s head. Derek simply loved it.

They talked the whole time. To be precise, Stiles talked, leaning his upper body over a rock, hands cupping his cheeks, lost into Derek’s hazel green eyes while Derek devotedly listened to the nonstop chatter, savoring the taste of Stiles’ sweet, salty scent.

“You’re gonna spoil them if you don’t stop giving them this fancy food.” Derek ignored Stiles’ little protest as he continued feeding the fishes, thoroughly enjoying the fond looks Stiles was shooting him.

Stiles let out an exasperated sound, feeling jealous of the fishes for getting Derek’s undivided attention. He lurched up, grabbing Derek’s hand. He tugged the wolf down, making him fall hard on his ass. Derek’s legs now dangled in the water as Stiles quickly shifted to fit in between them. He leaned, curling his fingers at the back of Derek’s neck and with his warm lips, Stiles kissed away any complaints Derek might have had about his aching ass.

The mermaid’s kiss myth was, after all, just a myth.

It was Derek’s best birthday ever.


Hello, it’s me (sorry i had to) and i’m finally updating my ficrec (yay!) there’s ~40 fics on here, so if you happen to be bored give them a go!

As always my favorites are bolded, read the tags before you proceed to read a fic and leave lovely comments on the works if you can! Enjoy!

Here we go:

  • So are you saying yes? by itsmylifekay [8k+ | NR]
    Basically, Zayn works at London’s version of Say Yes to the Dress and has a bit of a celebrity crush. Liam is one of the best runners in the world but can’t seem to escape his attraction to a boy he saw on TV. Louis of course has to meddle and Harry is along for the ride. Liam’s sisters are just trying to help. 
  • The Way You Do by zenamored [2.2k+ | General]
    They don’t define it, not really. At least in terms understandable to everyone else. Right now, it’s them. It’s enough.
    (Alternatively, the one where Liam finds himself at Zayn’s house more often than not and nobody is complaining.)
  • Christmas Without You by ZaynedDown [3.2k+ | Teen]
    “They want me to do a Christmas special and perform.”
    “Liam, tell them no. Christmas is our holiday!”
    “I know that, love. They’re not giving me a choice here, but we’re still spending Christmas together. Nobody will ever take Christmas away from us.”
  • I’ll See You (in Gold and Blue) by Anonymous [50.5k | Explicit]
    Liam is a keeper for the Tutshill Tornadoes, a Hogwarts dropout, and, at seventeen, the youngest professional Quidditch player in England. Zayn is a seventh year Ravenclaw, most likely the next Newt Scamander, and maybe the only boy in the entire wizarding world who doesn’t keep up with Quidditch. It takes a dragon, three near death experiences, and most of the Daily Prophet’s gossip column journalists for them to figure it out but somehow, they get there in the end. Featuring Louis as Liam’s scheming teammate, Harry as a media intern who just wants an exclusive (and a boyfriend), and Niall as the world’s biggest Tutshill Tornado fan and Hogwarts’ biggest ladies’ man. 
  • The course of true love never did run smooth by Anonymous [24.5k | Mature]
    He lets them talk to look around the room while eating his roasted chicken and to his own despair, he meets Liam’s eyes across the room from where he sits with Niall and their friend Sophia. She talks to Liam but it looks like he is not listening, he is looking straight at Zayn and even in the distance, he can see the coldness in those brown eyes. Zayn lowers his eyes then and concentrates on his food, his chicken being a lot less judgmental than Liam fucking Payne and it hurts a lot less to concentrate on his food than to stare into those eyes. Welcome to seventh year Zayn, nothing really changed and he still hates you just as much.
    Or the one where Zayn and Liam are in Hogwarts and kind of hate each other.
  • Elevator to the Moon by hit_it_with_a_shoe [7.7k | NR]
    A few hours of the early morning in which things are barely said.
    Liam comes to visit Zayn’s hotel room. They order room service, have a smoke, and nothing really changes.
    Zayn feels like he’s falling apart inside of his own skull.
  • watch you on the red horizon by jmcats [35k+ | Explicit]
    Liam feels so warm, so overwhelmed. He sinks down into the sofa, pushing a content smile across his knuckles. He feels so honestly grateful for Zayn, just for a moment.The feeling will pass (he hopes) and it’ll lose its momentum like everything else in his life.
    (alternatively: Liam is a struggling writer and a single father who keeps getting stuck in his writing. Zayn is a line cook trying to make something of himself. They’re neighbors. And they definitely don’t act like they’re married. At all.)
  • Brighter Than The Summer Sun by Boyfriendsziam & zipplekink [10.4k+ | Explicit]
    Zayn has always liked going to the local park with his dogs and his homework, or his sketchpad. But he has liked it more lately, though he has been distracted from his work, because he can’t keep his eyes away from Liam, a volunteer for the youth summer camp, as he runs around and plays with the campers.

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anonymous asked:

do you have any stiles fics where it's like the little mermaid or a Disney princess movie au? thanks!!

We actually did a Disney list a little while back, which you can find here!

Here’s some more Disney AU fics as well where Stiles is the Princess roll.  Hope you enjoy!  -Emmy

Originally posted by tynusia2000

*Stiles is totally Belle, let’s be real*

Little Mermaid:   

The Little Merman by The_Sassiest_Archangel

(7,931 I Teen I WIP)

Rebellious 16-year-old mermaid Stiles Stilinski is fascinated with life on land. On one of his visits to the surface, which are forbidden by his controlling father, King John Stilinski, he falls for a human prince. Determined to be with his new love, Stiles makes a dangerous deal with the sea witch Felix to become human for three days. But when plans go awry for the star-crossed lovers, the king must make the ultimate sacrifice for his son.

The Little Merman (A Teen Wolf Sterek Story) by FutereWriter 

(11,889 I Teen I Complete)

Stiles as the little mermaid. yes, I used the movie and it’s awesome songs. I tried to get as much TW characters in the story as possible. This is Sterek. Stiles x Derek. male x male, Boy x boy, yaoi, don’t like don’t read. pretty much doing an all nighter for this. I may have written ‘her’ instead of ‘him’ sometimes.  So I hope you like it! have fun reading! I also have this story on Fanfiction.net   https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11187618/1/The-Little-merman-A-Teen-Wolf-Sterek-Story

Where Angels Dance by xxxillusionxxx 

(18,595 I Mature I Complete)

The little mermaid AU that nobody asked for

Under The Sea by impalagirl, wilddragonflying    

(20,420 I Teen I Complete)

 “Name your price.”

 Jennifer catches the movement, and she laughs. “I don’t want any of your plundered treasures,” she says, smirking. “I want something a bit more… valuable.”

 Stiles swallows hard. “Like what?”

 “Well, for a prince who spends words like endless coin, I’d say a suitable price would be… your voice.”

Stiles’ jaw drops. “What?

Beauty and the Beast

Bambi And The Wolf by fandoms_unite_1323 

(4,563 I Not Rated I Complete)

Sterek fairytale au because who doesn’t like putting their OTP into a Disney movie! Stiles is Belle and Derek is the beast. It’s better than the summary, I promise!

Druid and the Beast by Venrajade 

(12,811 I Teen I Complete)

In honour of the new Beauty and the Beast trailer:
Once upon a time… in a faraway land lived a young Prince in a castle. The Prince was cursed by a darach into his Alpha form to be locked away forever unless true love’s kiss breaks the spell by his 21st birthday.

“Which is why…” Stiles said as he led his horse Phillipe and Scott through the forest. “We have to go to the castle because SOMEONE got bit by an alpha and tried to eat their friend last night during the full moon. Also, my dad went to the castle to get you help and hasn’t returned so he’s probably in werewolf prison right now.”
“Werewolves don’t exist, Stiles!” Scott exclaimed. “I know you and your dad are from.. elsewhere, but I can tell you for certain that werewolves aren’t real! This is why everyone thinks you’re weird, Stiles.”

Monster: A Sterek Story by calhale 

(14,891 I Mature I WIP)

Stiles is a boy yearning for his once upon a time; his adventure; his “something more”. He didn’t really think it was going to come by becoming a prisoner of a beast. And who is the man who comes to his room at night and leaves before the sun can light his face? Love comes when we least expect it. Basically a retelling of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast with some extra nonsense.

Without You I Am Lost by peytonlayne24 

(27,639 I Teen I Complete)

“Come into the light.” Stiles demands, wanting to see who he will be forced to spend forever with. Hesitant, the figure obliges, stepping into the skylight and taking off his hood.

Stiles watches as he reveals himself, gasping as he sees multiple scars litter the man’s face. He falls back towards John, stunned at the man’s features, and watches as he fully reveals himself. He sees the man’s teeth extended to a point, and his eyes are glowing a deep red. His teeth return back to normal a moment later, and his eyes dim, the red turning into the most beautiful mix of colors. They seem to be green, but when the light catches they look blue, and at a different angle they look golden. Stiles is drunk on the mesmerizing irises, for they are the most beautiful eyes Stiles has ever seen.

Or ; the Beauty and the Beast AU

Derek Hale Has No Heart by WinglessFlutters 

(39,206 I Not Rated I WIP)

Derek doesn’t have anything or anyone to give a shit about. Only the ambition to become a powerful Alpha. But when a witch casts a life-altering spell on the loner, he’s turned into a mangy dog with only a year to change his heart. Derek begins to accept his fate, however, an accident lands him a place in the Stilinski house, where he has to put up with the most intolerable, annoying, adorable son-of-a-sheriff he’s ever met.

Silver For The Living by Carol989 

(43,545 I Explicit I WIP)

The thing is, everybody knew werewolves had been extinct two hundred years ago and still Beacon Hills had a fucking hunter clan. Why? Who the hell knows.
The only thing Stiles wanted was to get away from that hellhole of a city, but no, of course not, he went and found a whole pack trapped into the Preserve. A cursed pack with a weird ass alpha.
It was just his luck.


Stilespunzel, The Tale by Yassoda 

(30,458 I Mature I Complete)

Stiles has been locked up in a tower since forever. He really wants to go out and explore the world, but his father won’t let him. Enter asshole-ish scary robber guy, and a stolen crown. This is definitely Stiles’ chance!