teen killer


Victoria Kucherova was troubled 15 years old loner who was obsessed with knives, violence and serial killers. Her lonely days were over when she met 18 years old Alexander who shared her fascination with everything morbid. On 16 December 2015 Victoria Kucherova had a quarrel with her father over her boyfriend. After the quarrel Victoria went to bathroom and texted her boyfriend that they should kill her family. Alexander couldn’t say no to Victoria and immediately came to her home. The couple started their rampage with Victoria’s father Dmitry. He was stabbed 30 times by Victoria and beaten with baseball bat by Alexander. Victoria’s mother Natalia was stabbed in the back but survived. Victoria’s older sister Alexandra hid in another room. Massacre was over when a neighbor heard the noise and a couple had to flee crime scene afraid that they can get caught. The next day Victoria and Alexander turned themselves to police.The couple became know as “bloody Romeo and Juliet“.

Gabriel Roche killed a 17 year old classmate after selling him methamphetamine.  Roche believed the 17 year old, Weston North, was a police informant.  
“You don’t show your demons if you’re not going to let them out,” Roche allegedly told deputies in December 2011.  “He begged and begged,” Roche said of his alleged victim. “Just like a coward.”

14 years old Galya Lapteva of Simferopol just survived a break up with a 14 years old classmate and was heartbroken. Galya decided that she should get her boyfriend back by any means so she lied to him that she is pregnant. However instead of coming back to her and living happily ever after Galya’s boyfriend decided to get rid of annoying ex-girlfriend. He asked his friend who is severely mentally ill to help him to kill Galya. They strangled Galya and left her body near a garage where it was discovered on 27 April 2016.

Donald Rudolph allegedly murdered 3 people in November of 2011 including his mother and sister. He was 18 at the time. 

Two years before the murders, after displaying signs of being troubled, Donald was placed in foster care and began going from foster homes to his parents house to the street. When he aged out of the system he became involved with drugs and was basically homeless. In the months leading up to the crime he was diagnosed with mental illnesses including schizophrenia and depression and was also arrested 4 times. His older sister who was away at college the night the murders took place believes state officials missed clear signs that her brother needed additional help.

Donald’s attorney pleaded not guilty on his behalf saying that Rudolph has no memory of the tragic events.


As many inhabitants of the town of Efremov, Tula oblast, 17 years old Maxim N. and his friend Igor R. often heard about 47 years old man who would engage in sexual relationships with 12 and 13 years old girls, finding them online and promising them gifts and money. Then Maxim and Igor found out that their 13 years old female friend was contacted by this man and offered to meet up and to have sex. Guys advised their female friend to agree on the meeting so they could show up instead her and teach the man a lesson. The meeting took place on 25 July 2016. Teenagers severely beat the man but that wasn’t enough. On the next day Maxim, Igor and another teenager beat him again, this time to death. The beating was filmed on mobile phone camera and uploaded online.

You can watch the video here.

The hunting knife Alec Kreider used to murder his best friend, Kevin Haines and parents, Tom and Lisa Haines on May 12, 2007 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Kevin’s sister Maggie, survived the attack.

Alec Kreider pleaded guilty to three counts of first degree murder and received three consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole.


14 years old Diana (first picture) was an introverted kid who just lost her father. Her life became much better when she met 15 years old Maxim (the guy in the black hood on the second picture) who was a very lonely person too. On 12 May 2016 Diana and Maxim were hanging out on the 6th floor stairwell of a 22 floor apartment building and had an argument during which Maxim stabbed Diana 20 times. Diana tried to escape and leaving blood stains everywhere (third and fourth pictures) managed to run to the 22th floor where she was found by bystanders. Diana was taken to the hospital where she succumbed her wounds. Maxim was arrested soon. He confessed to the murder and said that he is full of remorse.