teen idiots

we should just kiss (like real people do), a sterek high school au

by @moonwasours | i_am_girlfriday

an auction fic for @unightfog

with commissioned art by @geeky-sova​!!! give her some love for this beautiful piece!

complete, 9+k, rated t

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Stiles is the social zero of the sophomore class. Derek is the much cooler junior who befriends Stiles anyway.

pale-silver-comb  asked:

Okay, sweet angel writer that you are! If you are ever feeling in the mood for a little Sterek and librarian kink....*insert eyebrow waggle here*. Derek having a massive librarian kink and ENTER LIBRARIAN STILES. Maybe librarian!Stiles, who finds it adorable when the guy with the cute bunny teeth blushes whenever he comes into the room. Maybe established relationship and KINK DISCOVERY. Maybe ridiculous librarian dirty talk that Stiles loves to tease Derek with. THE LIBRARIES ARE YOUR OYSTER.

Okay! So I went with librarian Stiles and grad student Derek and pining idiots in love. I hope you enjoy it!!!!

Boyfriend Material. Stiles/Derek. Teen.

Stiles is a librarian for the special collections at a university. Derek is a grad student who pretty much lives in the special collections area. There are bad pick-up lines, a meddling sister, and so much pining it’s ridiculous on their way from friends to something more.

The special collections for anthropology and history at the university library are some of the best in the state. Stiles knows he’s very lucky to get the chance to work in them while he’s going to grad school, so he’s treating it like a professional. He’s got his masters already with a certification in special collections, though his actual focus is a combination of rare book conservation and research. He’s really into technology, lives off his laptop and smartphone, but there’s something about old books and the information available in them that has always sparked his interest. His mom had been an antique book collector, though she’d bought what was cheap since she couldn’t afford the real expensive stuff, and he’d inherited her collection when she died nearly fifteen years ago.

Stiles has taken the collection and made it grow, using the internet to locate rare books in subjects that appeal to him, and learning the tricks of the trade. He’s actually been able to pay his way through the college collecting fees for locating particular books for interested parties and arranging sales. It’s fun, almost like investigative work, and he can do it easily around his school schedule. His goal after he gets his PhD is to work in the special collections at a university or possibly a museum, but he’s a realist. Jobs like that aren’t easy to find, so this opportunity to work here is going to give him a step up above a lot of his competition.

That means he has to take his job very seriously. Serious translates into not getting a crush on a fellow grad student who comes in daily for hours to review texts and files on folklore. Not even grad students with a perpetual five o’clock shadow and the most adorable bunny teeth and glasses that actually look good on him unlike Stiles who knows he can’t carry off his own glasses so well. That’s not even going into the well-built shoulders and biceps evident when he’s reaching for books on higher shelves (okay, so, yes, maybe Stiles has creeped on him outside of special collections) or that amazing ass that’s evident whenever he bends over to get something on the lower shelves. Stiles can’t even come up with the right words to describe his eyes or the smile that makes his eyes crinkle whenever Stiles manages to make him laugh. Beyond the physical, he’s also very intelligent, very polite, and his voice does things to Stiles.

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I Can’t Find My Jacket!

Written for Sterek Bingo 2017 (on AO3)

Summary: Derek doesn’t know where his leather jacket went because he’s searched everywhere and it doesn’t look like he’s going to find it any time soon. Damn… he really liked that leather jacket…

Derek searched all over the loft and it seemed like his leather jacket grew a pair of legs and walked out because it straight up disappeared.

He’s been trying to find it for nearly 3 hours now and it’s almost time for him to head to out. It just had to be his favorite leather jacket that decided to go missing all of a sudden.

The werewolf sighed. It’s only in his life that they go months without another supernatural occurrence taking place in Beacon Hills only for his favorite jacket to pull a Houdini on him.

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wow aren’t these guys just the funniest around. the epitome of original comedy. this is why nobody actually likes papalatus besides idiotic teens that don’t know any better.