teen homeschooler

Nct as things that my family said in New York

Renjun: !!!!!!! Airport gum !!!!!!!

Mark: I got on one moving sidewalk I kept going backwards so I turned around and went that way

Haechan: At least we know that if you’re not eating they’re feeding you with compliments

Doyoung: You’re screaming in my ear and I’m about to punch you in the nose

Chenle: *constantly screeching Hamilton or Wicked or Cats*

Taeil: Hello fellow New York teens we’re homeschooled

Taeyong: Be safety that’s me

Jisung: I have to pee so bad I might throw up


Ten: Ok I’m leaving I just farted in public

Johnny: Need me a man like that. If they don’t understand much English then they can’t say no

Jeno: Beep beep know what I’m saying

Yuta: that’s so embarrassing for your life. And your soul.

Hansol: How do you get a patch in a motorcycle gang??? You have to kill someone, right? I’m about that. Wait so you don’t kill someone??? I can’t do that? Oh then I’m out.

Winwin: You know what else is weird?? You sleep with your eyes open

Yukhei: *when asked if she’s wearing a seatbelt* no but this Big Mac will save me

Jungwoo: I’m so excited about my umbrella hat you guys

Kun: I love our hair! It’s a good thing we got that rogain for you

Jaemin: this guy looks so happy I wonder what happened to him