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Dear Black Women:

Dear Black Women, this is a personal message from ME; as a fellow sister, a fellow queen/empress, and fellow goddess:

I just want to take my time out of my day to show how much I appreciate my sisters, and I support all of y'all. Every single one. Black girls with dark skin, light skin, tight-kinky curled 4c hair all the way to loose-wavy curled hair, even the ignorant ones who don’t know no better cause nobody taught you right or supported you or tried to uplift you and make you better, the conscious ones helping our community and waking us up. The ones who aren’t always physically appealing with an hourglass body or big booty, or glowing melanin skin that are always loved on social media, but have a good ass heart, and making sure they trying to feed their families even when they struggling. Even the crackheads in the streets getting laughed at because they crazy but aint nobody decent enough trying to get them some help.

Just all of you Black Women. You are so fucking beautiful, strong, graceful, gorgeous and I’m here to remind you all of that. It’s not your fault that you struggle with who you are because our society exclusively appreciates white women, and rarely appreciates you. White people won’t always approve of us, so we gotta start approving of ourselves and each other. Looking for their reassurance is nothing if we don’t have our own confidence. We need not to worry about what other people are saying against us because if we distract ourselves with it we wont go anywhere. We must unite. We are all Queens. We are the strongest manifestors of our community, of OUR WORLD. We are extensions of our Universe. We are the ones who have the power to give life. We are the ones who still continue to stand and fight for our black men even when they refuse to fight for us. No need to compete with each other. We need to stop that shit. That’s what they want. They want us to divide, the more we divide the more broken, and fallen apart we are. We are weak without each other. No miracle white women is going to walk into our communities and our projects and say “Hey Black women, we need to get it together because we out here being killed, fetishized, raped, beaten, kidnapped” and empower us. We must begin NOW, and start loving ourselves. If you don’t love yourself, how you loving your sisters? We all are a reflection of each other. So we must love what we see in ourselves too. I won’t say anymore after this.

I love you Black Woman.