teen grimm

Came in here looking for a straight ship, left with 50 gay ones
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Naaah I don’t need help, I am just obsessed, There is no problem in that.

  • Teacher: So what did you all learn over the summer?
  • Me: That I am still trash, i can watch over more than seven seasons within a few weeks and how many knotting fics are in my fandom
  • Teacher: What?
  • Me: What?
Top Ten TV Shows

10. Glee 

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9. House M.D 

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8. Flash  

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7. Arrow 

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6. Grimm 

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5. RuPaul’s Drag Race 

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4. Supernatural 

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3. Grey’s Anatomy 

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2. Criminal Minds 

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1. Teen Wolf 

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(By the way this list changes every week)