teen gohan ssj2


Story time!

I went to my local convention today (will also be going tomorrow), and I got to meet Eric Vale!
I also saw a Trunks cosplayer and got a picture with him! (There was SSJ2 Teen Gohan as well but couldn’t get a picture :( )

So I was first in line for autographs for Eric, and he had a REALLY sick print (first one with all the different Trunks) so I just HAD to get it!
He asked me if I wanted a personal message on it, and I said sure, and he asked me what but I said whatever is fine, and he put “To Desiree, aren’t we all so hot?” and put his signature
Yes, for those who don’t know, I am a girl. I get referred to as a guy a lot here and other dokkan groups, but I am indeed a girl :)

Then on my own poster, I told him I wanted a Trunks quote on it; he asked me what quote, and I said for him to choose, and he said “Well, this is a short quote but very memorable in my heart”
I just cracked up so much haha!

I’m gonna go back tomorrow and get a video recording of him but I didn’t want to hold up his line so I refrained from it today :)
Great way to spend my birthday money on for sure! Got to meet my favorite voice actor and my two favorite characters (Trunks and me, Lindo Tachibana) in one picture I couldn’t resist xD