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I must be doing something right if the local vigilante justice knows who I am… or something very wrong. (x)

Harley!Stiles from @smokesforwolves amazing Clownin’ Around Verse.


5 DIY Miniature Soda Craft Projects

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Hi lovelies 🎀🌸

My new video is up ☺️🙈
And it’s a video somebody requested. I show you some ideas what you can send your pen pal, without having to spend to much money on shipping 🙈!

I hope you enjoy the video 🙊!

xoxo Giulia

P.S. I will be doing a Q&A soon, so send me your questions ☺️🙊


malia + honing her werecoyote abilities with the boys

a very belated merry christmas to the lovely jodie princess-malia!

Gifts for the Taurus Teen:

perfume (or oils, bath salts, lotion, etc), earmuffs, candles, chocolate, a “plot of land in Ireland” package, leather wallet, subscription to their favorite magazine, aftershave, cologne, new stereo system, a gift basket with food or candy, an ice cream maker, cotton candy maker, a Chia pet, personalized M&M’s, or board games.


How To Make A Giant OPI Nail Polish Bottle - Storage Idea or Gift Box

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Hey friend, you should totally go check out our Etsy we have super rad stuff, like Emma’s awesome Fall Out Boy lyric patches (the Miss Missing You one is my favorite) and Lauren’s Fall Out Boy flags which are super punk and now come in two sizes.

Watch out because the rest of the squad is just as talented and there will probably be more items for sale soon.

Gifts for the Scorpio Teen:

Ouiji board, tarot cards, astrology book, computer games, board games, musical instrument, tickets to a show or concert, telescope, kaleidoscope, a puzzle, puzzle book, or those puzzles that make some sort of object or animal, a strategy game, binoculars, silk boxers, a strange antique item, a thriller or mystery movie, card games, a t-shirt with their favorite band, or something homemade that is artistic and super custom/original.


5 DIY Emoji Projects You NEED To Try!

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Gifts for the Pisces Teen:

Magic 8 ball, movies, video games, computer games, books, sketch book, art supplies, comfy shoes or socks, gift certificate for the movies, brand name items/clothes, perfume, a glass or shirt with (their favorite band, character, superhero icon, etc), a camera, floating candles, book of poetry, a book on dream interpretation, a romantic movie, a swimsuit, or cute PJ’s.

NEW #Glittermas Video on #GlitterForever17! It’s my first Holiday video for 2014! Huge Holiday Room Tour!! See all the cool DIYS I created and get a detailed tour of my Holiday themed room! Link to watch is right here! http://youtu.be/KOE89trJY58