teen gangs

Beast Boy: All right, here’s how the game works. I will say a phrase. You tell me if I made it up or if it’s something that Raven actually said in real life to an actual human being. Phrase number one: [imitating Raven’s voice] “The futility of lighting candles only to blow them out immediately is just one reason I find children’s birthday parties impractical.”
Robin: Raven.
Cyborg: That’s Raven.
Kid Flash: Mm, fake.
Aqualad: I say fake too.
Raven: I don’t remember saying it, so it must be fake.
Beast Boy: It was real! To Batman’s other kid at his birthday party.
Raven: Oh, I remember now.
Starfire: Do another one! Do another one!
Beast Boy: All right, phrase number two: [imitating Raven’s voice] “Any smile that lasts longer than a second and a half is a con man’s ruse.”
Guardian: Fake.
Bumblebee: Fake.
Speedy: That’s fake.
Wonder Girl: That’s a fake one.
Raven: I said it and I meant it!