teen force 5

(Akira’s room during a blackout)

Akira:  Ow! Damn! You hit me in the chin!

Futaba:  Oh, sorry, I thought you were a ghoul.

Akira:  Well, I’m not.

Futaba:  Well, it was your own damn fault for making noises like a ghoul.

Akira: What…?

Futaba:  Shh! Did you hear that? The ghoul is downstairs. He’ll kill us. Get the kitchen knife!

Akira:  Uh, the kitchen is downstairs.

Futaba:  Well, great! Then he has the knife now!

Scott and Stiles at couples therapy
  • Scott:
  • Stiles:
  • Scott:
  • Stiles:
  • Scott: So who talks first, you talk first, I talk first.
  • Stiles: Scott did you..
  • Scott:
  • Stiles: Did you watch... Star Wars?
  • Scott: *smilles*
  • Stiles: *crying* I love you man.