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M, s, t, u from naughty list with Stiles please

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)
Touch. Not even the sexual kind, more like the sensual side. Just gliding your hand over his skin softly. Whispering how much he means to you, how proud of him you are is enough to make him feel heated all over. Sometimes he has to pull himself away for a few moments to compose himself because even though he’s a teenager, he cannot be getting a hard on just from you stroking his arm. But sometimes though, it’s very difficult to get him going. As he takes adderall, it can sometimes lower his sex drive, so when that happens, you make sure to go slow. The both of you will always enjoy the foreplay more, building up his excitement in order to get going. If it’s really not happening, the two of you will cuddle next to each other and you assure him that everything is okay.

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)
Stiles has amazing stamina! He will go for as many as you can, he cannot get enough of you. As you’re lying there, blissed out and just enjoying your post-orgasm glow, Stiles would be the one ready whenever you were. He’d be laying soft kisses along your collarbone and neck, telling you how beautiful you are to him. It varies how long he lasts, sometimes it’s quick and sometimes he loves to draw it out. Either way, you always have fun.

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
Stiles has toys! He’s so curious! Probably some handcuffs and dildos. They are hidden in a draw at the very bottom of his bedside cabinet and it is locked! He really doesn’t need his dad or his wolfy friends finding them. They can be used on both you and Stiles, you both like to spice things up now and again. And there’s something about just cuffing Stiles to the bed and getting to explore every inch of his skin while he can’t do anything about it.

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
Stiles is the biggest fucking tease! And half of the time he doesn’t even know it! Most of the times, when you’re at a pack meeting, he’ll enjoy teasing you. He’ll lay his hand on your knee, sliding it up until you spot him. Or he’ll wrap his arms around your waist, pulling you against him, making it look so innocent. But really, he’s grinding his cock against you, making your mind stutter at his actions. Other times, you’ll be in class and that delicious mouth of his will be sucking the end of a pen or biting his bottom lip. You have a hard time concentrating on Economics when that happens because, Jesus his mouth should be illegal!


Looking for requests for smut in any of the following fandoms:

Teen Wolf
The Maze Runner
And any ask me about other fandoms and I’ll tell you if I’ll do it or not

Also if you want tagged in any of the things I write, just let me know! 💞☺️



Theo climbed out of the ground and gasped for air, he was covered in mud and dirt. But he was still attractive.

You took a step back and held on to Liam’s arm. He took a step in front of you and Hayden gripped on to Kira’s sword ready to send him back.

Theo finally looked up at his surroundings, he didn’t look around properly because the first thing his eyes landed on was you. His heart started to speed up and tears formed in his eyes. You were all he’d thought about when he was down in hell; he’d dreamt of you. Theo had always loved you but from a distance. He’d never gotten the chance to tell you.

“Y/n? I-is that you?"he asked, the tears spilling down his cheeks.

"Thank god, it’s really you"he walked towards you but Liam stood in his way.
You sighed. Although Theo had torn the pack apart and tried to do a lot of bad things you couldn’t help but feel sorry for him.

"Liam, it’s okay"you nodded.
Liam and Hayden hesitantly moved out of the way. Theo slowly made his way towards you. You wrapped your arms around his body and he did the same. His arms snaking around your waist and holding you tight. You sat on the floor resting against the walls. He sobbed as you cradled him. All he needed was a hug.

He was shaking, maybe he was cold or frightened but you’d never seen him like this.

"I don’t have any powers"Theo spoke to Liam.

"We need to send him back"Hayden replied.

"NO!"you said almost immediately, trying to defend Theo.

"Please don’t send him back"you mumbled as you ran your hands through his messy hair. You felt his grip on you tighten.

"But y/n, there’s nothing he can help us with"Liam said sadly.

"Maybe he’s learnt his lesson"you protested. Theo glanced up at you, his gaze was full of adoration. You had never stuck up for him before you were always the first one to push him away.

"Where’s Scott? Where’s Stiles?"Theo asked.

"You remember Stiles?"Hayden asked.

"Why wouldn’t he remember Stiles?"Theo replied confused.

"See? He can help so Theo is staying"you raised your eyebrows at everyone.

Imagine: Your dating Theo and Jackson(your ex) comes back.

Theo wrapped his arms around your waist and gently rested your back against the lockers.
His lips kissing your face over and over again.

“Theo!"you laughed.

"Hello baby"he mumbled through a smile as he gave you a couple more kisses.

"I see your feeling better"you grinned as you put your arms around his neck.

"Much better"he nodded before giving you a quick kiss on your forehead.

"Your very loving today, what have you done?"you raised your eyebrows suspicious of his actions.

"After what’s been going on I just want to show you that I love you I don’t want any more drama. I just want to focus on me and you because your so important to me"he replied honestly.

"Theo, that’s so cute I love y-oh no"you cut your sentence short when you heard a familiar voice coming down the corridor.

Jackson was back.
His eyes connected with yours.

A smirk slowly appeared on his face and you rolled your eyes.
Theo looked at you curiously, he then followed your gaze and scowled when he saw Jackson wink at you. His hands tightened around your waist protectively.

"Who is that?"Theo growled after Jackson was out of sight.

"That was Jackson, my…ex boyfriend"you answered hesitantly.

"Hmm, do I need to have words with him about where to keep his hands and his eyes"Theo frowned.

"No it’s fine. Don’t worry, you have nothing to worry about. I love you"you reassured Theo. Holding his hand, your fingers intertwining.

Imagine: Liam knows you have a crush on him and he teases you.

You and Liam had broken down in the middle of nowhere and you were stuck with him.

“For the last time Dunbar I don’t like you"you tried to lie.

"For the last time Dunbar I don’t like you"Liam mimicked you, using an annoying high pitched voice.

"Y/n, I think your forgetting that I’m a werewolf I can tell when your lying"he made a face as he disappeared behind his car.

"I think your forgetting that we are in the middle of nowhere, your vulnerable at the moment and it would be quite easy to make you disappear"you shot back sarcastically.

"Oh come on y/n, just admit it"Liam sighed.

"Will you shut up if I do?”

“I promise I will shut up if you admit that you have a crush on me"Liam jumped back in the car.

"Only if you admit you like me first"You smirked.

"No way"he folded his arms.

"Looks like we’re going to be here a very long time then"you slumped down in your seat and smiled smugly.

Imagine:You get hurt in the Woods and Isaac hurries to help you, even though you two say you hate each-other he still loves you.

You held the phone to your ear and cried. Blood poured out of your leg and it was making you feel sick and dizzy.

Finally Stiles had answered the phone.
“Stiles?"you sobbed.

"No it’s Isaac, y/n what’s wrong; why are you crying what’s happened?!"Isaac asked worriedly.

"I’m in the woods, I was finding some leaves for my art project and I must’ve stepped in an animal trap"you said shakily as your vision became blurry.

"I’m on my way y/n, don’t worry gorgeous I’m coming to get you"Isaac panicked.

"Isaac there’s so much blood"you whispered as you held the phone tightly.

"It’s okay, just keep your eyes open, I’m coming for you"Isaac reassured you as he ran through the woods, desperate to find you before you passed out.