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bonjour/hello/hola! this is my first video on this channel. i wasn't really sure what i wanted to do, but i did know that i loved books. so here we are! hope...

my first youtube video! it’s a little messy, i’m a little stoic and nervous, but it’s a start. thank you ethan for giving me enough courage. and thank you to the people who said you’d watch!! that honestly drove me to do it the most. i hope you enjoy!


   Desiderium: The War Within is now available in paperback for just $13.50 on Amazon.com! You can purchase this YA fantasy adventure here!

   How do you run for your life when your pursuers can feel your footsteps from miles away?

   In a world where powers of enhanced senses are a normal part of life, a girl without powers is dragged into a rebellion. Myra is ripped from her reality and into the world of Verhas by a power hungry king who wishes to twist a prophecy to work in his favor. Ibadeken, a young man charged with Myra’s safety, expects the king’s constant pursuit across perilous lands to be his biggest obstacle. But he must also convince Myra to let go of her past and accept her future as leader to a divided people. Will Myra choose this world she barely knows over the desires of her own heart?

   Desiderium: The War Within is the First Book of the Desiderium Trilogy