teen empowerment

listen real quick, some of y’all beg for female empowerment on teen wolf but when malydia posts up, y’all are quick to pin them against each other, call lydia a snake for dating malia’s ex? or assume lydia hates malia? did y’all sleep through 5x14 or?

Kat’s Advice #2 - Tips for Anyone Struggling with this Facepalm Moment

me: *enjoying cup of coffee & writing*
dude: hey wanna go out?
me: I’m ace/aro.
dude: *purposely doesn’t leave*
me: I’m not into dudes 

This happens way too much to people whether LGBT+, straight, undecided, etc. It’s one of those facepalm, awkward moments that you wish would only stay in fictional universes. About a month ago, I was sitting at a coffee shop, revising my manuscript, when suddenly a guy comes over and plops himself down on the seat next to me. When he popped the question of “Hey, wanna go out?” I froze. Anxiety kicked in. The first thing I thought of was to just leave the table, but instead I blurted out: “I’m ace/aro!” 

For a few minutes the guy wouldn’t leave and it got extremely awkward. The awkward that makes you want to binge watch Awkward on MTV. I explained to him what being ace/aro meant. He nodded, and said he already knew all about the LGBT+ community and “our kind”. Excuse me? Completely disgusted with his elitist personality I gave him a look, turned around and said, “It means I’m not into dudes. kthxbye!”

As someone who just discovered their asexuality, I’ve noticed a ton of negativity about the overall definition of being ace/aro. So here I go, trying to shine some positive arrows of light on this whole issue. 

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Don’t be a One Night Stand, Be Worth a Lifetime.
—  Karena Atkinson

Now more than ever! IM PROUD TO BE ME ❤️

Senior year is finally here! I have learned so many things in my 4 years of high school. I’ve learned how to love, I’ve learned how to laugh, I’ve learned how to trust, I’ve learned how to be a responsible student, and most Importantly I’ve learned to be me. I’ve learned to love who I am and respect myself no matter what path I’ve been put on.
I’ve grown up in a small town where everyone knows your name. There wasn’t anything that could be hidden from the public eye. Married, divorced, engaged, a new life, or the end of an older one. Everyone knew everything. I never truly knew who I was but I knew that I never fit in. I would always try to be,”just another one of the boys” but I never felt truly accepted.
4th grade was when things started to get bad. I became the victim of brutal bullying. To this day I will never understand what I did to bring that upon myself but it happened, and happened some more until 10th grade. for almost 6 years I had been called: gay, fag, stupid, ugly, fat, retarded, and every once in a while I would be told, “Do us all a favor, and just kill yourself”. It sucked, a lot. I hit rock bottom emotionally and took me quite a while to recover.
This wasn’t until 10th grade when I came to the biggest realization so far. Although I had tried so hard to deny it and tried so hard to understand what was wrong with me. It wasn’t until now that I realize how wrong all of this was. I realized I was gay. I grew up learning from my peers that being gay wasn’t ok. That to be different should mean I should be dead. I grew up in a world where its not ok to be who you are.
Being who you are is nothing to be ashamed of, in fact, you should be proud. Stand tall and shout to from the roof tops. We should be teaching our kids that no matter who someone is or who they want to be with, we are all the same inside. We need to fight for true equality. Being human should be all it takes to get the rights that we all deserve. We need to fight for the right to show our true colors and to not have to be ashamed of who we are.
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You will have endless girls in your arms. Many girls will have a new spot in your heart. There will be countless girls after me just like there were countless girls before me. But none of them will love you like I did and you will never love them like you loved me.
—  A.B // You can’t replace a pot of gold with a bin of dimes // Writtenfeelingss on Instagram
  • Guy: Sup Beautiful
  • Girl: Hi..
  • Guy: You cute, can I get to know you
  • Girl: I have a Boyfriend
  • Guy: Shoot idc, he aint me. He ain't gotta know
  • (This point in the conversation defines whether you're a real woman with intelligence)
  • Girl: I mean lol you feel me, we having problems anyway, so what's up
  • (If this is an example of how you would respond.....hmm bless yo little heart)
  • Girl: Man nah, I respect my relationship, have a nice day
  • (This here rules out alot of things that this guy could have thought about you)
  • If an outside party doesn't respect your relationship, they don't respect you. You're in the relationship right? If an outside party disrespects your partner, count yourself also disrespected. Besides, the person that approached you showed alot about themselves...if they don't respect the relationship you're in, what makes you think they'll respect one they'll have with you?
  • Also.....if you wanna act single, save yourself and respect your partner and BE single. -Rena
Thank you Disney Channel for Teen Beach

I’m just gonna take this moment to thank Disney Channel for producing a movie that encourages girls to follow their dreams, even if they fall outside of gender norms, and shows them that they are in charge of their future. Thank you for showing boys that it is okay to talk about your feelings. Thank you for teaching everyone that you don’t need to change who you are for the sake of a relationship. Just thank you for this movie. Seriously people, go watch both Teen Beach Movie 1 & 2 because they are gold!