teen dorks

i kinda want keith to disguise himself as one of the bom guys to save lance from a dangerous situation or something and after he rescues him, lance starts flirting with him (”thank you….mysterious hero you have my gratitude”) and keith takes off the mask to reveal himself: “lance… it’s me keith!” and lance is like “yeah i know, i still recognized your mullet even if it was covered” *winks* which leaves keith a blushy mess

OTP Prompt

  • B) “You know whose the most amazing person in the world?”
  • A) “Who?”
  • B) “You.”
  • A) Blushes. “W-What?”
  • B) “Kidding, its me.”
  • A)Wonders why their so in love with a dork.

Thank you everyone for the 530 follows and the Christmas wishes! I took this cute little photo set before hand since it is Christmas Eve and I’ll be going offline soon.

I hope everyone has a great holiday/Christmas ❤️

Special Christmas joke that I thought of now:
“I’ve been a good girl this year so let’s just say Santa’s coming in my chimney tonight!😝”
-from your lovely 🌹

  • Derek: (about some hunter who's trying to kill them) You know this guy?
  • Stiles: So do you. He tried to kill you.
  • Derek: That doesn’t narrow it down much.
  • Stiles: As in, more than once.
  • Derek: You’re going to have to be more specific.
  • Stiles: Three years ago.
  • Derek: You'll have to be more specific, Stiles.
  • Stiles: He tried to kill us during spring break.
  • Derek: More specific.

“When the Ghost Riders find us, I’m not gonna do anything for you. I’m not gonna help you. I’m not gonna save you. I’m gonna do exactly what you would do to me. I’m gonna use you as bait.”


“I’m on your side as long it helps me.”

“Trust me, I know.”


“What are you doing?” 

“Being the bait.”



#if you’re having a bad day #just remember #that these two perfect dorks are in love #and are dating #and are the purest thing in a world