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I was watching the season 4 gag reel, and this confused me because I thought it was a scripted Stiles move. I found it odd that they would include a perfectly fine Stiles scene in the bloopers section, but then I realized it wasn’t Stiles. This is just Dylan goofing off and being Dylan. I love how much he’s like Stiles/his character. It’s amazing because who better to play Stiles than someone with a little Stiles in them?


WAHAHA!! THE END!!! Yeah not super but finished something it’s so RARE for me!!!!!

THANKS EVERY ONE FOR SUPPORTING MY STUPIDS WORKS!!! I think I’ll make a colored version if I have time this week or later!

(I retouched page 4-5-6 because the BG was little too light ôwô”)

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Coming Home (Derek/Stiles)

Anonymous said: Derek/Stiles “That wasn’t very subtle.”

Nonnie, I hope you enjoy this story! I was in the mood for something romantic and fluffy. This is Fic #40 in my 2017 Prompt Challenge

Coming Home. Derek/Stiles. Teen. Also on AO3.

Stiles has been out of town for three weeks due to work, but now he’s home and ready to see Derek.

It’s been three weeks since Stiles has been to Derek’s apartment. No, not quite that. More like eighteen days, but it feels like a lot longer. He’s gotten used to spending most of his time here since he started dating Derek several months ago because Stiles is still living with his dad.

Well, not really still since he did move out for college, then he had the FBI training to deal with, and he got assigned to a field office in Philadelphia after he finished with that. It’s only been six months since he got reassigned to the resident agency in Redding, which would seem like a demotion on paper, but it’s actually a really awesome promotion.

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#and this, ladies and gentleman, is what i call - development


just kidding here’s Donut

what a cutie!!! 
anyways! some red team counterparts for the blue team babes I drew last time for this teen dorks au! I know these ones are really rushed, but that’s because I really had to force myself to sit down and draw these. so have some too tol smimmons, a very smol grif, and donut who is a slut for undercuts tbh c: 

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