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The signs as a disappointed fandom:
  • Apathetic as fuck; slowly but surely weaning themselves off the show due to the fuckery season after season: aries, taurus, gemini
  • The squad that fuck shit up on social media, wondering what the fuck is going on and borderline about to quit the show: cancer, leo, virgo
  • Legit glutton for punishment, for whatever reason is still holding onto hope that the show is gonna get better despite the fact that TPTB have let them down time and time again: libra, scorpio, sagittarius
  • The 'fuck this I'm out' squad, ain't loyal to shit but they the real winners cuz they sleeping easy at night after dropping the show: capricorn, aquarius, pisces
LGBT SuperHeroes.



NorthStar is the first gay Superhero.


Badass gay Superhero. He is married and has a family. I haven’t read a comic book about him or with him but he is probably one of my favorite gay Superheroes. Midnighter has his own comic book series now.


One of the first gay Superheroes. He is married to Midnighter and have a kid together.

They are like gay Batman and Superman.


BatWoman and BatGirl were created to be love interest for Batman and Robin because people were saying that they were gay when they won’t. Years later they made a new BatWoman and made her gay.She is awesome.


He is gay.He is a new character. He is a member of The Teen Titans. He is one of my favorite gay superhero.


The first gay SuperHero team with a transgender leader, Liberty.

Hulkling and Wiccan.

A gay couple from Young Avengers.


He is bi . He is  from  X-Men and Young Avengers.

There are more LGBT SuperHeroes besides the ones in this post. If you want to learn more about these characters or other LGBT Superheroes go to Comic Vine or Wikipedia .

The Talk - Teen Dean x TeenSam x TeenReader feat John

Part Of: Divas of Storytelling Challenge

Song: let’s talk about sex By Salt n’ Pepa

Warnings: Language, Sexual terms, period talk, anxious dad and nervous kids

A/N: Y/n is Sam’s twin sister and Dean’s baby sister and poor big brother Dean is alone with the when the puberty bug hits.

Y/n stood up to a wet feeling and she looked down, thinking she peed. She was shocked to see blood on her pants and she pulled them up looking inside. She pulled her panties back and saw the blood was coming from her vagina. She of course was scared and thought she was dying, so she screamed at the top of her lungs.

Dean ran in from the adjoining room pointing his gun, “Dean, Dean, I’m bleeding, I’m dying” she cried. Dean walked to her bed and looked where she was looking. He got a look of full blown terror on his face, “Dean, what’s wrong” she said “Oh God I am dying” she cried, “Where the fuck is Sammy” Dean said, Sam opened the bathroom door, “Dean, I think I’m dying, white stuff shot out of my dick” Sam said.

Dean looked at both his brother and sister and said, “Oh fuck me”, the twins had hit puberty. “Okay Sam and Y/n neither of you are dying” Dean said, “Sam go sit with Y/n” Dean said. Dean was only sixteen years old and he really wished his dad or even Bobby were there. But they were both on a hunt, so the responsibility fell to Dean, Sam he could handle, he went through that himself but he didn’t know about girl stuff. At least that much.

“Okay Y/n, I promise you, you’re not dying, why don’t you go clean up and we’ll talk later” Dean said. Y/n shook her head and went into the bathroom and she got in the shower. “Now, Sam your not fucking dying, were you having a sexy dream when you woke up and the white stuff was on your dick” Dean said. “Yeah exactly Dean” Sam said, “it’s a wet dream dude, you got turned on and your body reacted” Dean said.

“Have you jacked off yet” Dean asked, “is that what your doing when I see you pulling at your dick” Sam said. “Yeah it is all guys do it, dad, Bobby too, it’s a natural thing Sam” Dean said. “The white stuff is sperm, you know I’m gonna wait for your sister so I don’t have to say this twice” Dean said. “Sam, here’s five bucks, go to the gas station up there and get some pads if you don’t know ask, just don’t get tampons cause I’m not telling her how to use those” he said.

When Y/n got out of the shower Sam wasn’t there, “did Sam die” Y/n said, “what no, you two are so over dramatic” Dean said. She sat on her bed, “um Dean, if I’m not dying and I’m not convinced I’m not, what happened to me” Y/n said. Dean couldn’t believe he was going to explain her period to his baby sister. Even though she was twelve she was still a baby to him. Dean took a deep breath, “you got your period, um you have a thing in your body called ovaries and they produce eggs” he stopped talking.

Dean took another big breath, “and once a month they release eggs, um they go through your um, uterus which is shedding that’s where the bloods from and out your umm, when you pee” he said. “Dean are you dying” she said, “yeah we’ll see this talk may kill me” he said. “Okay so why do I have eggs” she said, “wait for Sam to get back okay” he said.

Sam came in the door he gave a bag to Dean, he took the box out and opened it. He took out a pouch and opened it, “Y/n, this is a pad, your gonna peel the sticker off and put the sticky part in your panties, it’s to catch the blood” Dean said. Y/n went to the bathroom and pulled her pants down with her panties. She put the liner in her panties and pulled them up then her pants.

She came back in the room, “if feels like a diaper” Y/n said, “yeah it’s probably too big, but we’ll wait for dad, this is dad’s job” Dean said. “Dean can I learn why I have eggs now” she said, “and I wanna know what sperm is” Sam said. “Oh fuck I wish I was old enough to drink” he said. “Y/n you, well girls have eggs and you Sam well boys have sperm” he said. “When the eggs and sperm are put together they make a baby” Dean said.

“How do you make a baby” Y/n said, Sam nodded looking at Dean. Dean took a deep breath “a guy and a girl have sex, a guys dick gets hard and he puts it in the girls va, vagina and moves around until the guy shoots sperm inside the girl and it goes to the egg and it attaches to the uterus and that’s where the baby grows” Dean said. “How does the baby come out” Y/n said, “ask dad” Dean said, “why would I move in sex” Sam said, “ask dad, but one more thing you guys I’ll be back” Dean said.

p>Dean got back in the room with another box, “great another box” Y/n said, “at least I didn’t have to buy that one” Sam said. “So look you guys, sex is fun and Sam you move so you and the girl your with enjoy it and it feels good. But you have to be careful because there are diseases you can get” Dean said. He took two little foil packets from the box giving one to Sam and one to Y/n. “These are rubbers and Sam before you have sex you slip one over your dick so it catches the white stuff, so you don’t an STD. Y/n baby you need to have these too you can’t count on the guy to bring them okay.

You shouldn’t have sex without a rubber unless your married and you want to have a baby” Dean said. “Okay so here’s money for pizza, I’m going in my room and I’m not coming out for a while so you guys be good and don’t leave the room” Dean said. Y/n and Sam opened the rubbers and pulled and put them on their mouths blowing in them like balloons. “Y/n are you okay” Sam said, “yeah, I don’t want to have sex like ever” she said.

“Yeah I’m not sure I do either, it seems like it be really sticky and dirty” Sam said, “but Dean likes it, oh Y/n Dean says I’m supposed to pull on my penis when I think about girls” Sam said. “Gross, Dean must think about girls a lot” she said, “yeah a lot, a lot” Sam said. “Daddy could’ve warned me about this I wonder if sex is why I have boobs and you don’t” she said.

They made about a hundred different rubber shapes and animals and they ordered a pizza. They watched movies and played with the rubbers until they were all over the room. John opened the door since the chain was on Dean’s door and he looked around the room. “What the fuck is going on in here, where’s your brother” John yelled. “I had a wet dream when I thought about a girl and Y/n got her period” Sam said.

John turned and looked at his daughter, “daddy I was bleeding and you weren’t here and you didn’t tell me and I was so scared” she said. Y/n got up running into Dean’s room and she jumped on her brothers bed and wrapped her arm around him and buried her head in his neck. “Hey Y/n baby, it’s okay, it’s your period, it can make you a little emotional” Dean said. John walked in, “I’m so sorry I wasn’t here baby and I didn’t warn you because I didn’t know what to say” John said. “Its okay daddy” she said, “hey dad she’s gotta question for you” Dean said.

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ace attorney headcanons: favorite music
  • miles edgeworth: i used to think he was a classical-only type of guy, but shu takumi said in an interview that miles has "surprising" taste in music. so now i'm thinking... an impassioned blend of kpop, 2007 pop punk, adele, and chill rap like frank ocean
  • franziska von karma: is the one who only listens to classical. and ABBA.
  • simon blackquill: the same kpop/jrock and pop punk as edgeworth, (had a crush on brendan urie as a teen) plus contemporary divas like marina and lana del rey
  • athena cykes: a little bit of everything! but mostly top 40 singles. she's easy to please
  • trucy wright: somehow manages to find all the weirdest playlists on youtube?? probably had a dubstep phase at age 12 and it made phoenix miserable
  • phoenix wright: broadway and classic rock. does not understand the appeal of anything the kids listen to in the office, ever
  • apollo justice: anything with top-notch vocals, like beyoncé, bon jovi, u know. also lamiroir
  • klavier gavin: his own shit probably

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You and Rohan babysitting Josuke and Okuyasu and Koichi even though they are old enough to watch the house themselves some of their parents think they need an adult supervisor just in case. Careful now, you'll have your hands full with three teens and diva adult.

Despite that last piece, I’m not super into self inserts. So have old man Kishibe once again wondering what he did to deserve this.

Aigami / Diva headcanons

-Diva is extremely sensitive, he sometimes doesn’t know when people are joking and his feelings can get hurt very easily though he doesn’t show it

-Diva and Sera travel the world. On their travels they help and rescue any orphaned or runaway children/teens. Diva has created an organization that helps all children/teens find their way. It was Sera’s idea but eventually Diva decided it was a wonderful idea

-Diva is somewhat of an artist. He paints, sculpts and sews a bit. He creates his own jewelry and his specialty is pottery

-Diva is very intrigued by the newest advancements in technology and he’s always yearning to learn more

-Traditional music is some of his favorites. He also is a great dancer

-On a date, Diva would be the smooth talker, as he’s full of charismatic charm

-Diva makes all his own outfits so you’ll never find a duplicate. He’s very fashionable and loves creating new styles

-Diva is very neat and clean and cares a lot about his skin and hair

-Sera teases Diva and always knows how to rile him up or embarrass him

-Diva is a very generous and kind man, he will go to the ends of the earth for his sister