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if I watch any Disney movies with you then don’t expect that we’re just gonna “watch it”. no. we’re gonna sing the songs, know the choreography, memorize the lines, and I expect you to understand the references. Because once you agree to watch with me, there is no turning back.


It’s never a dull moment during “Study Hall” for the young ladies of Disney High. Will Regina aka The Evil Queen ever let Ariel’s curiosity toward her shiny black lipstick slide? Will Belle ever get a chance to read without the interruptions of Gabrielle aka female Gaston and her varsity teammate Mulan? Will the school alarm ever be enough to wake up Aurora? Find out next time. Same Mau channel. Same Mau time.

I love storytelling and character-driven art so it’s no surprise that after working on my Disneybound series for so long the characters themselves started developing their own voices and personalities and in turn inspired me to make this. 

anonymous asked:

Im thinking of following you, but before I do, what are your opinions on the following: -abortion -BLM -Asexual and aromantic people -punching nazis -non-binary people -trump -the Muslim Ban -dads getting equality in custody battles -teen vogue writing on politics -an LGBTQ+ Disney Princess -an LGBTQ+ Disney Prince Thank you for your time ... and I hope you find $20 or something : )

Ha! Answering for the record and for existing followers, not for the like or the $20, although I’ll happily take both.

1.  abortion: 

1,000% pro-choice. I created a masterpost on the hypocrisy of the pro-life movement.

Receipts: http://profeminist.tumblr.com/tagged/pro-choice

2.  BLM:

Support 1,000%. I’m a white person who is dedicated to fighting racism, confronting other white people, and promoting POC rights, equality and representation.

Receipts: http://profeminist.tumblr.com/tagged/black-lives-matter

3.  Asexual and aromantic people:

Love ‘em and got their back. ACE AND ARO PRIDE NOT ERASURE

Receipts: http://profeminist.tumblr.com/tagged/ace

4.  punching nazis:

5.  non-binary people:


Receipts: (lots of overlap between tags, specific NB stories are tagged non-binary)



6.  trump:

Evil incarnate. Threat to humanity. Needs impeaching immediately for conspiracy with Russians to rig the election. 

Receipts: http://profeminist.tumblr.com/tagged/donald-trump

7.  the Muslim Ban:

NO BAN NO WALL. Racist AF, needs to be stopped at every attempt.

Receipts: http://profeminist.tumblr.com/tagged/muslim-ban

8. dads getting equality in custody battles

Custody decisions need to be made on a case-by-case basis, based on the best interests of the child. There is no “one size fits all” statement when it comes to something so specific to the individuals involved. 

9.  teen vogue writing on politics:

They’re killing it. Others need to follow their lead.

Receipts: http://profeminist.tumblr.com/tagged/teen-vogue

10.  an LGBTQ+ Disney Princess -an LGBTQ+ Disney Prince:

Long overdue!

Disney Pride Graphics - free to use

I hope you find $20 or something : ) 

I hope so too!


Dear diary,
today is my first official day as Princess of Genovia. We’ll land in a few hours… and l’ll meet the parliament and the people… before beginning my royal duties. Mom is, of course, moving to Genovia with me… and will continue painting–without the balloons. Lilly and Michael are spending their summer vacation… at our–can you believe it–palace. They’re even having my Mustang brought over, which l can legally drive in two weeks. Grandma’s so glad to be going home. And Joseph? Well, he’s watching nearby as usual. Everybody’s got pre-coronation jitters… including me. Everybody, that is, except Fat Louie. He’s totally adapted to being a royal. l guess he was one all along.

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