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Whenever I visit a stranger’s house, I like to play a game where I try to find out everything I can about that person without asking. Most people call this “snooping”. My dad calls it “I should not have read you so many teen detective books when you were a kid”.

My friends are house sitting for a rich couple for a few days and are throwing a party at their log cabin. I’m Garden Girl’s designated driver, so I’ve been amusing myself by exploring. No one minds, so long as I’m not too overt about it. They have young children - at least three, judging by the shoe sizes. Two boys, at least one girl - the eldest is about 9, the youngest about 3. Another child - a son - was stillborn (4 years ago?) and they are still grieving over him. One of the parents, probably the mother, has hypothyroidism and believes in aromatherapy and homeopathy. The father golfs occasionally, both kayak, one bikes. They primarily read books on child rearing and bestseller novels. They are not overtly religious but are likely culturally Christian and dabble in some New Age spirituality. The mother plays piano, and the parents encourage visual art in their children but have no talent of their own. They’re white. The mother has long red hair. They entertain a lot of guests and keep chickens. The boys play violin.

Calling Stydia, Bellarke and Bughead ‘The Holy Trinity’ is my new favourite thing.


STYDIA MONTH - week two: AU week
Day two: Detective!Stydia
Stiles Stilinski is the best detective at BH. His entire life he believed in the supernatural, and when a new mysterious strawberry blonde comes to town and is a suspect on his new case, he can’t believe what he sees. He decides then to help her escape, but things not always going as expected. 


Summary: Reader is a close member of the McCall Pack through Chris Argent’s friendship with her mother. Taking a break from the pack following the supernatural deadpool Reader runs into a pair of hunting brothers on a hunt. She reaches the town Riverdale where she intrigues two investigating teens in the wake of a murder

Characters: Reader, Betty Cooper, Jughead Jones, Scott McCall, Stiles Silinski, Lydia Martin (mentioned), Liam Dunbar (mentioned), Deaton, and Polly Cooper (mentioned)

Words: 3399

Disclaimer: I don’t own Riverdale, Archie Comics, Teen Wolf or the characters. I do not own any songs ot gifs that may show up either.

Warnings: Swearing, blood, wounds, supernatural beings, and possession.

Author: Caitsy

Requested: @fandomnationwhore

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A/N: Hope everyone enjoys this!

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You quickly cleaned the stab would in your side that would heal pretty quick. That’s a positive to being half angel, one third demon and one third human where you would heal faster than a human but slower that the supernatural parts of you. The healing time came down to the severity of the wound and if it was given by an alpha wolf. When you were conceived your father had been possessed by a high level demon and it turned out your father, once not possessed, was revealed to be a direct descendent of Jesus. Your mother however was an angel that fell once you were born. Somehow the human part of your father had managed to come to you so technically you had two biological fathers and one mother.

“Where will you go now?” Scott asked digging into his shoulder for the bullet still lodged in there from the fight.

“Travel around.” You shrugged tying the thread in order to begin stitching up the wound. It was a gaping wound that would take twice the time if you didn’t stitch it up.

“You could stay with us.” Scott said leaning against the counter.

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Florist/Detective Sterek Notfic

This has been percolating in my head for awhile, but I have another Fandom Tr*mps Hate auction I need to get on so I don’t think I’ll have time to write it for awhile.  I figured I’d throw it up as a notfic and if anyone wants to write it feel free, and if not maybe I’ll circle around to it some time.


So, imagine Derek owns a small flower shop in the city, often overlooked but he likes it that way.  He doesn’t really need the money but he likes to grow things and although he’s not really a people person it does make him feel good to share the beauty of nature with people and watch them brighten.

Enter Stiles, this good-looking guy even though he looks kind of burnt-out at the time – dark smudges under his beautiful amber eyes and his hair sticking straight up.  Maybe he leans wearily against the counter and Derek catches sight of the grip of a gun where his jacket gapes, but before Derek can even fully think ‘hunter’ Stiles sees him looking and pulls out his badge, assuring him he’s not about to rob the place, he’s a homicide detective.  He gets an arrangement, chats a little, and leaves.

The next time he comes back he looks a little better, and chats a little longer.  And so it goes on, never about anything deep, just movies and books and whatever, but Derek feels like they really connect.  Too bad every time Stiles comes in he leaves with flowers, probably for his significant other.  One time he comes in with an older man who seems to be his dad, and Derek doesn’t really listen in but he hears something about Claudia’s favorite flowers, and it’s just confirmed – Stiles has a wife he loves enough to bring flowers to all the time, and Derek and his hopeless pining need to get a grip.

Eventually it all comes out – maybe Derek says something about the wife, and Stiles is all charmingly befuddled.  He’s hopelessly single, what is Derek even talking about?  And Derek says – but the flowers – and Stiles admits that the first arrangement was for his mom’s grave.  Whenever a case hits a little too hard, Stiles takes a trip back to Beacon Hills for some time with his dad, but he knows his dad’s in law enforcement too and has his own horrors to bear, and so on the way he stops by his mom’s grave and talks to her to unload it all.

And Derek is all – but you were here three times last week, is your job really getting that bad?  And Stiles flushes all blotchy and rubs the back of his neck sheepishly and admits that at first when he had a bad case he used to do this, but after a while he realized that talking to Derek was enough to cheer him up in itself, and so he stopped getting flowers only when he was going to see his mom and started just getting flowers as an excuse to see Derek, and …

…and let’s just pretend that Derek vaults over the counter and kisses the rest of the words from Stiles’ lips, right? 

Last Call (Danny/Stiles/Jackson)

Anonymous said: Stiles/Jackson/Danny 😍 & sterekseason said: Stiles/Jackson/Danny

Hope y’all enjoy! Teeny Fic #30

So gather up your jackets, move it to the exits
I hope you have found a friend
Closing time
Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end

Closing Time by Semisonic

Last Call. Jackson/Stiles/Danny. Teen. Also on AO3.

Stiles decides to drown his sorrows but the bar owners aren’t cooperating with his plan.

“What do you mean I can’t order the whole bottle?” Stiles looks at Danny and narrows his eyes. “You’re a bar. You sell alcohol. That means you have to sell me alcohol.”

“And I will. Just not an entire bottle of vodka,” Danny says dryly. “You’re a regular customer, Stiles. If you die from alcohol poisoning, the only place you’ll be a regular is Holly Lawn.”

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Tim when he hasn't had coffee in the last 2 hrs
  • Tim: Why is there so much blood in my caffeine system?
  • Kon: Don't you mean why is their so much Caffeine in your Blood system?
  • Tim: God, it's called the cardiovascular system, not the blood system. Every one knows that Conner.
  • Kon: So don't you mean-
  • Tim: No. Now go buy me a latte.

I’m ready for *heroes* with DID. I’m ready for a system who consults for the police, because their fifteen alters have all studied their incredibly varied interests intensively and thus know a lot about an incredible variety of things. I’m ready for a superhero whose alters all have separate powers. I’m ready for a teen detective whose alters’ varying personalities help them get contacts in every nook and cranny of humanity.

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