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Mels, do you really think Zigi could go on till 2018? I believe when his Versus collection is out he'd be done? She really doesn't need him for Tommy Fall 17 coz Fashion is her turf. And if they're pushing the domestic couple narrative so heavily, do you think a public Ziam reunion could be coming soon, since Zayn is being SO hetero with his supermodel gf? Seriously rolling my eyes at her FaceTiming him in the middle of an interview btw.


Gigith stopping the interview several times to FaceTime Zayn. Not once, but several. That’s so, so cringey.  Zigi isn’t a fakelationship who’s day to day is meant for adult consumption, though - its meant for the tween/teen demo.  The Zayn necklace, constant FaceTiming, Gigith lipsyncing to his music, painting his face on mugs at Color Me Mine, the tweets (meanwhile most of that is met with radio silence on Zayn’s end) – all of that is not how a healthy adult relationship functions. If I acted like that in a relationship, I would come home one day to find a houseful of friends like

Gigith doesn’t really need Zayn for fashion, but Zayn’s demo is predominately female and has proven time and time again that they exercise their ability to drop that disposable income. Plus, Zayn’s promotion across his social media channels gives a much larger media and social impact.  

I thought the most likely scenario was that Zigi would end shortly after VersacexZayn hits stores and/or Z2 drops, but with the announcement of TommyxGigith, I could easily see this not ending now until Q1 of ‘18, or the breakup serving as an extra promotional boost for TommxGigith Fall. The true test of whether it ends sooner rather then later will be the analytics - is media interesting waning, are social media impressions lessoning, etc. Right now there’s a renewed push of them being a solid branded unit, and Zigi is a business, so I’m assuming he’s going to at least promote TommyxGigith on his social channels again (if not attend), she’ll likely walk in the VersacexZayn show, and I would be actively surprised if she wasn’t in the Versace campaigns with him in some capacity, so we’re at least in this until May/early summer. 

But yeah, I do think a Ziam reunion is going to happen this year,  and they’ll want it be as platonically bro-tastic as possible *rolls eyes so hard they fall out of my head and roll down the steps*.