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OK KO: Let's be heroes just had a Captain Planet episode,

and they managed to be even more hamfisted than the original cartoon by talking about “climate change” and how no one believes it.

Now, I was fine with the RPG World episode because delicious closure. But the show doesn’t even take place on Earth. Why is Cap even there? Why do Gaia’s rings still work? Also, many, many people agree with climate change. It feels more like it’s a mean-spirited shot at the people who don’t.

I mean, how many kids and teens in the target demo even know what ‘climate change’ is or care about it? I sure didn’t at that age.

anonymous asked:

The Budget for Riverdale this season has gone up I notice. I wonder why?

Because it was such a success last season, and the CW takes whatever does well with the teen demo and blows it up to epic proportions. So, this season they put all their money into Riverdale, gave it the best slot of the week, etc. Honestly I feel like this has made CW shoot themselves in the foot a lot of times, as it tends to backfire and what they “hope to be a hot new show” burns out quickly and falls on it’s face. But, although it’s only been one episode, if the show keeps on an upward trajectory (and matches direction/cinematography quality with writing and acting ability), they could have made a good decision to push it as hard as they have. 

☯ QUIET PLACE ☯ some lo-fi/live songs that i love [listen]

ponyboy - surf curse // someday i’ll love someone enough to love myself - contron // drainage - joyce manor // a million missed calls - flatsound // brother - brand new // sleep patterns - merchant ships // xxxxxxx - teen suicide // i’m free - flatsound // thank god for those ppl you’ll always love in some sad strange way - contron // high school blues - surf curse // yr glow (acoustic demo) - teen suicide // you said okay - flatsound // street poetry - tyler joseph // sowing season live - brand new