teen chrysalis


Life is Strange || Smells like teen spirit

Load up on guns; bring your friends
It’s fun to lose and to pretend…


And my long break is over! I wish to thank all of you separatly for following me and liking my work. I got idea fo this post when I actually hit 9000 but I was doing lots of other stuff. Soon you will see not one, but two collabs and also I will introduce story mode. But I wish that you could choose what it should be about! So just post comment  under this post, what option you would like to see. Story mode will appear once a week every monday.

A. Chrysalis in her home how she get here, her family, and my vision of changelings society and her relatives friends there.

B. EqG Chrysalis in human world.

C. Reboot. This is separate story so in this case she got to meet Luna, Sombra and others in other way. How she met them? This stuff :)

Regular one-shots will appear unregulary but I hope to get one, once a week not to mention story mode. I’m not promising to keep 2 comics per week, but I hope to do it.