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Can you make a top 10 list of favourite ask pony blogs?

Gee that would be impossible. Firstly because I love every askblog I follow, secondly because I don’t really follow many pony ask blogs.

What I can do is write a list of all the pony blogs I follow in the order I started following them, would you be interested on that? Of course you would! So here’s the list:

- ask-thecrusaders (From ze great Jan. Also inspired me to create my pony blog!)
- i-dream-of-twilight-sparkle (Mod is pretty chill, and the story is really great!)
- asktwixiegenies (Another take on pony genies, and it’s pretty cool too)
- brainy-twilight (Mod is really nice, and the concept is interesting as hell!)
- twixie-answers (Mod is an incredibly cool dude. Also inspired me to mother Sunset and Trixie in my blog)
- inconvenienttrixie (Fun as hell. S'all I can say about it!)
- askninjatwilight (Ponies and ninjas mixed up together. Can you ask for more? The answer is no, obviously)
- askweabooderpy (The blog of my good friend Usagi. You know, the girl that helps me with designs and stuff. Go follow ‘er!)
- ask-melissa-and-the-band (A really complex story. Mod is pretty chill.)
- sliceofponylife (The show could perfectly follow the path this blog has taken in a near-future Equestria.)
- askcloudsdalefillies (Rainbow and Flutters as fillies. Cuteness ensue)
- motherlyscootaloo (Scootaloo just can’t catch a break. Don’t trust the mod, he’ll never write a happy Scoots xD)
- thelittlemagician (The most cute take on filly Trixie. Seriously go follow now)
- highschool-cadance (Cadence was never a confident mare of love as the show depictes. And she’s madly in love with the super handsome and popular Shining Armor)
- askezioauditoredaequestria (Ponies and Assassins’ Creed 2. Nuff said)
- ask-trixie (Because Trixie and Flutters can be friends too!)
- theroguediamond (This is a comic. Celestia gone mad, Spike on her own. Anthro ponies and guns. Go dig in that blog!)
- askgamingprincessluna (Remember that blog that was created after Molestia was shut down for the last time? Yeah, this is it)
- twilightunbound (When anthagonists have evil plans and the means to do them)
- askmaresombra (Sombra as a mare. Her story and her goals. Beautifully drawn, btw! And mod seems a really nice person.)
- ask-teen-chrysalis (Chrysalis was a good gal in her youth!)
- spiderponyrarity (You should follow even if you don’t like spiders.)
- ask-twispike (Not a fan of twispike? Might wanna reconsider with this blog!)
- questionmaudpie (Maud as a cute little filly. Do I really need to say more?)
- askpalette-swap (One of the most talented artists in this fandom, and mod is a pretty humble a nice lady. Go follow =D )
- slice-of-life-twilight (The EPIC adventures of a Twily Plushie in the human world!)
- asklittleluna (When Celestia is that kind of sister that picks on you but really loves you)
- cheesewiz (Trixie and Cheese Sandwich trying to live together. This can only end well)
- steamquestria (Humans, Equestria, Steampunk. Go follow or go follow)
- lunabotic (A grimdark blog of a robotic Luna. Mod is a pretty cool dude!)
- talesfromponyville (More slice of life pony!)
- askflufflepuff (I’m sure you know this one. An OC can get really popular really fast)
- askcrystalcrusaders (Celestia and Luna’s fillyhood in the Crystal Empire! Yaay!)
- discorderlyconduct (When reforming villains becomes a full-time job.)
- foudubulbe (The first and most popular dude to ship Trixie and Maud!)
- askthevetpony (The daily life of a pony vet)
- ask-sunset-shimmer (For a reason I’m unable to understand, I don’t get this blog’s posts in my dashboard… But It’s about Sunset, so go follow!)
- ask-human-in-ponyville (What if a confused human gal suddenly appears in Equestria? Panic!)
- children-of-everfree (More spider ponies, this time with Flutters! Mod has an interesting concept and LOTS of patience in their posts!)

All of them are good, so go follow 'em now!

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do you have any favorite blogs? :3

ask-crayon-the-homeless-artist,  ask-goldenpen, kindahernyart, ask-king-sombra, askroninapplejack, askanathema, anarchyinequestria, ask-teen-chrysalis, winged-cross, ask-theduskbatcrew, ask-bounty-hunter-aj, ask-apartment2b, askshyskye

ask-glittershell​, ask-the-little-misfit-filly, ask-vasara, a-rather-rottenpony, bluecrayolapony, ask-the-clueless-pony, ask-teen-rd​, ask-brae-burn​, aptnoot​, askstarbluesthepegasi​, asknoara​, daredevil-ponies​, mingesu​, silent-umbra-art​, godasenpai​, thecherrysodaaskblog,​ AND MANY MORE THAT I FORGOT TO MENTION! (I’m sorry!)


So If you’re not following some of these blogs, then I highly recommend you check out their stuff! :D


And my long break is over! I wish to thank all of you separatly for following me and liking my work. I got idea fo this post when I actually hit 9000 but I was doing lots of other stuff. Soon you will see not one, but two collabs and also I will introduce story mode. But I wish that you could choose what it should be about! So just post comment  under this post, what option you would like to see. Story mode will appear once a week every monday.

A. Chrysalis in her home how she get here, her family, and my vision of changelings society and her relatives friends there.

B. EqG Chrysalis in human world.

C. Reboot. This is separate story so in this case she got to meet Luna, Sombra and others in other way. How she met them? This stuff :)

Regular one-shots will appear unregulary but I hope to get one, once a week not to mention story mode. I’m not promising to keep 2 comics per week, but I hope to do it.