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1.  Book promotion of a “former abortion worker”, which are 99% bullshit

2. Do they really think that forcing a teenager to have a baby is the right way to go?  Because, clearly that is what they think. 

3. Nobody, no matter what age, should be forced to have an abortion or be forced to stay pregnant. 


🌟Eliza’s star just keeps getting brighter & brighter.
Love to see all of the recognition she is getting this year. More people are seeing her and asking who she is and discovering #The100 and the rest of the amazing cast. #thehardestworkingcast.

Fresh off her Radio Times win as #scifichampion, keep your fingers crossed she will be our crowned #choicescifitvactress 2017.

Teen Choice Awards - Live! Sunday, August 13 at 8p ET on Fox.

Reminder - ‘Thumper’ will be released in November & 'Christmas Inheritance’ will be on Netflix in December.

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Teen Choice - Karamel Live

Warner Channel in Facebook is promoting Karamel and their nominations as Best TV Ship and Best Liplock for the Teen Choice Awards.

WC will be live on FB during the pre-show of the TCA on Sunday the 13 August. Check the timezones in the image (starting just after midnight in the UK).


Melissa Benoist has confirmed assistance. I hope that Chris Wood will be there too. Both are nominated as Best TV Action Actress (Kara Danvers) and Actor (Mon-El). #melwood

Supergirl also got nominations for Best TV Action Show and Best TV Villain (Rhea of Daxam - Teri Hatcher).

Update: according to Ken the pap (@pursuit23 in Twitter) Chris was not in the attendance list for the TCA and Mel was going to travel without him. She missed her flight on Saturday but took it on Sunday. She has probably won Best TV Action Actress.

Thanks to @highwaytothe7hells for the info on the WB FB page!



Takeem Keeps the Party Movin’ at the Teen Choice Award Nominations Concert.

Last night, music’s hottest new couple, Hakeem and Tiana, debuted their bangin’ single “Keep It Movin’” for a packed house at the Teen Choice Awards Live Nominations Concert held at the exclusive Club Laviticus in New York City.