teen choice awards

Nuts/Trends 2016: Things you can believe in.

  • P&G Champs 2015, clash of the bendiest.
  • Civil rights leader Julian Bond passed away at 75.
  • Teen Choice Awards, the angsty grownup Kids’ Choice Awards that stays up late texting.
  • A bomb in the center of Bangkok killed 20 and injured hundreds.
  • Australia, the closest thing on earth to Jurassic Park.
  • Birds and, separately, bees. Really. Same day, too.
  • Studyblr, happy as clams to be going back to school.
  • Deez Nuts will lead us to the shining city on a hill.
  • Lots of soccer stuff: USWNT’s been down in Costa Rica. Sergio Ramos is sticking with Real Madrid.
  • The D23 Disney Fan Club elected Baloo to a third four-year term as Chairbear.  
  • K-pop is always big: gdragon and snsd this week.
  • In The Martian Matt Damon pretends there are none. Sure, nasa. Sure.
  • And Big Brother—he’s just so big!

Some fancy new Tumblrs, too:

  • Letters to President Obama (letterstopresidentobama): Signed, sealed, scanned, irradiated, opened by an aide, delivered, and posted here. 
  • Magic Wand Art History (magicwandarthistory): Sore necks throughout history.
  • Gecko Galaxy (geckogalaxy): Now on it’s fourth tail. 

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After Destiel won most chemistry in the Teen Choice Awards
  • SPN writer 1:how the HELL did this happen?!
  • SPN writer 2:well, sir, they have been eye fucking for six years now.
  • SPN writer 1:we had a lesbian on the show for a while, isn't that enough gay people to satisfy them?!
  • SPN writer 2:sir, if it makes any difference, the fandom has mostly accepted Dean as bisexual.
  • SPN writer 1:I didn't ask about your GODDAMNED FANFICTION, JIM.

Ellen’s Teen Choice Awards acceptance speech is exactly what young LGBT people needed to hear.

Since coming out as lesbian in a 1997 episode of her ABC sitcom “Ellen,” she’s been a very public LGBT figure. At the time, coming out was a huge deal, and she faced somemajor backlash over it. While things can still be tough for LGBT adults, it’s especially hard to be an LGBT teen struggling to come to terms with themselves.