haniabitch  asked:

Hey I'm just new to the fandom and I don't really understand what have Jake and logaun Paul done to the dolan twins And I really want to know Since I'm new

Hi my love!

First off, welcome to the Tumblr fandom. I promise you’re going to find the most amazing people on here who turn out to be absolute gems as friends. 

We are also incredibly drama-free, positive (we never EVER hate on each other or anybody else) and loyal people. We have strong opinions at times because there has been a serious case of injustice or unfairness. We value opinions and never blow things out of proportion.

That being said, I have answered your queries to others before but it would be quite the hindrance having to scroll all the way to find them, so I’ve just logged them down for you.

Hope they solve any and all queries you might have about the Twins and the Paul brothers. It answers all conspiracies, rumours and events.

I’ve hyperlinked the questions as links to make it easier.

Who is Jake Paul and what is his drama with the twins ?

Why did drama begin between Jake and the Twins ?

When or how did Jake insult and induce drama with the Twins ?

Why is there so much angst against the Paul Brothers now by the Twins’ fans ?

Why does Jake not deserve the award of Choice Youtuber over the Twins ?

Did the Paul brothers buy the awards rather than earning them ?

How did the Paul brothers win against the Twins despite the Twins clearly being in the lead ?

How did the Twins lose out on three awards to the Paul Brothers despite clearly winning on Twitter ?

Why do you think the Twins are better than the Paul brothers in regards to their fans and thus don’t deserve the awards ?

Did Logan shade and attack the Twins ?

There you go, my lovely!

Excuse the offensive language in some of the answers. They were answered in the heat of the moment when emotions were running high. Promise it’s not always like this.

Hope this helps.

M xx

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