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Life Swap Chapter 4

Hi guys hope everyone is doing well! I see Shawn is on his american leg of the tour! I love seeing pictures of him and hearing about peoples experiences! I get so excited for everyone who goes! Anyways, here’s the links for chapter 1 , chapter 2, and chapter 3, if anyone needs them.  I was bored and watching friends so i figured i would post for you guys! Thanks for reading and hope you all enjoy!

Chapter 4:

How does one even go about throwing a party? Shawn didn’t look too upset about a party being thrown, when we got the text. He is more experienced than me, so I get why he isn’t overwhelmed.

“So what is the deal? How are we going to prepare for this?” I say chasing Shawn out the door and towards the liquor cabinet.

“Okay, so first off give me some space because we are going to be up each other’s asses all night.” He says stopping in his tracks, and then faces towards me, continuing on.

“Second, leave this to me because I can tell you have no clue what you are doing. Just go look pretty and get all dolled up. I got it.” He turns around and grabs a bunch of liquor out of the cabinets. I had no clue how much they really stocked up this place.  

“So the party is actually happening. So I’m going to get changed into something nicer.” I said to Trevor and Shannon who are still laying on my bed.

“Wait are we allowed to join this so called party?” Shannon said springing up from the bed.

“Yeah, I wouldn’t be able to make it through without you guys.”  I tell them in all honesty.

“Well I’m going to go home and change then, cause I’m not looking like this in front of a potential celebrity crowd.” Trevor says pointing to his clothes.

“I’ll go with you! Is it okay if we bring some people?” Shannon questions.

“I don’t see why not. Just get here by eleven.” I say to them as they leave my room.

I take a deep breath and slide over to my vanity, to look at the mirror. I pull open the drawls and there is a bunch of makeup products filled in each one. It’s actually overwhelming because I don’t know how to do my makeup very well, half of this stuff I don’t know the use for.

What I do know is, I have to find an outfit to wear to night. I want to impress all of Shawn’s friends, maybe make some of them jealous. I don’t think Shawn knows that when I get all dressed up, I dress to impress. Why not have a little fun?

I look in the long walk in closet to see the options I have. The bottom of the closest has shoes lined up all around to the opening. It ranges from sneakers, flats, casual shoes, anything a person can think of. Above it hangs dresses, and dress outfits. There are drawls in the side of the closet that have workout clothes and causal outfits. But for now, I just need to find a sexy dress that isn’t too revealing.

I shuffle through the clothes carefully. There is so many options for going out clothes that it’s so hard to choose. For some reason my eye keeps pulling me to this red dress. The chest area cuts low and the back is open. It’s revealing but it’s not too showy. I choose classy black heels to finish the outfit, then start on my makeup.

I hate to say this but getting dressed up is exciting. I feel like I can get used to going out all the time. Usually Shannon pampers me and makes me look great, so this is definitely a change.

I don’t want to come out of the room before Shawn because I want him to be surprised when he sees me. He is always a dick to me, so I just want to throw him off.

I hear a knock the door while I’m finishing putting my jewelry on.

“Come in.” I say. I’m not sure who would be here because Trevor and Shannon run really late all the time. For them to be almost a half hour early is insane to me.

“Hey Y/N. It’s looking great out there!” Nicole says shutting the door behind her. She sits down on the bay window and stretches her legs down. Glad she can make herself comfy that quick.

“Oh hey Nicole! Sorry I’m just finishing up.” I say before thanking her for the compliment.

“Thanks but that actually was all Shawn. I’m scared to look because he told me he would handle it.” I say her.

“Shawn throws crazy parties, I wouldn’t doubt that this one will make news.” She replies enthusiastically.

“Tonight you guys have to be hand and hand. I talked him just before, so he knows the deal. His close friends and celebrities will be at this party so make sure you mingle, dance and introduce yourself to everyone you possibly can. It’s a big night!” She says looking like she is ready to party. I stand up to go look at my full body mirror hanging on my wall.

“Hottie! This outfit is amazing! SO glad I got you this new wardrobe.” She says walking toward the door.

“I’m going to start drinking but I’ll catch up with you during the night. I’ll guide you two through the whole thing.” She explains before heading out the door.

I just nod my head, because at this point I’m not too worried with what’s going to happen. I look at myself in the mirror and flatten my dress out to look perfect. Everything seems to be in its place.

I hear crowds of people walk in so I guess that’s my que to go out. I take a deep breath because it’s so uncertain where this night is going to go.

Music starts to beat through the apartment and the lights turn off. Colorful lights start to flash and our apartment apparently is now a night club. There is about a hundred people hear mingling, which makes it hard for to hear anything. I guess noise complaints aren’t thing because we have this whole hall to ourselves.

More people pile in. Every person I pass gives me a look, maybe because I look unfamiliar or maybe because I look good, I can’t tell for sure but it makes me uneasy.

“Go find Shawn please.” Nicole says as she subtlety dances by me. I give her a weird look and continue walking through the crowd.

“Y/N!” screamed Trevor as he approaches me. He gives me a huge hug and Shannon follows right behind him.

“This is amazing!” Shannon says with Brad tied to her hip.

“I’ve never seen so many famous people in one room, and let me tell you the girls here are somethin’.” Trevor says looking around with such excitement.

“Are you guys drunk already?” I laugh, knowing I’m probably not wrong.

“And you’re not?” Brad says in confusion. He reaches over to a server that happens to be passing by. Shots were being carried around, so most likely no one is leaving here sober. He grabs two for me, and all of them shout for me to down them. It feels like we are back at a college party, and people are screaming for you to chug.

“Ah! Guess I’ll be feeling that soon.” I say cringing as the drink went down.

“Guys I’ll find you soon because I have to meet with Shawn.” I say rolling my eyes and passing through my friends dancing. It sucks because I want to be having a good time with them but technically I’m on the job.

I look around but it’s so hard to tell who is who. All I can see are the back of people’s heads, you would think it would be easy finding a boy that is six foot three but it’s not. I turn my head to the alcohol and I see Shawn taking body shots of some model. His lips suck on the girls belly as he gazes up at her. She seems to be enjoying it, but clearly he didn’t listen to what Nicole said.

I go up to where he is standing and just watch in keep happening until he makes eye contact with me. I don’t know what to do because he is clearly drunk and he is not going to listen to me. I’m not even going to try to be demanding because that will get me nowhere. I find some coke and Bacardi, and make myself a drink. I lean against the counter and wait patiently.

A girl comes up next to me and starts making a drink. I give her a smile because she won’t stop staring at me.

“Sorry, you look so familiar.” She said to me while bopping along to the music.

“Probably just have that face you know. I’m Y/N.” I say to her.

“Celine. What brings you here?” She asks me while we watch more people take shots off this poor girl.

“This is actually my place. How about you?” I ask. Her face seems confused.

“I know Shawn. He modeled for my magazine a while back. I thought this is his place?” She questioned. I guess she isn’t as drunk as I thought because our conversation is pretty normal.

“Yeah we sort of live together.” I say laughing. Shawn makes eye contact with me as he he peels his lips off the girl’s body. He runs his hands through his curly hair and his eyes get wide as his eyes scan me up and down. I can tell he is impressed with the way I look, so I awkwardly look away and tuck my hair behind my ear.

“Cool, didn’t know he had a roommate! How did you know him, from back home or something?” She keeps asking questions to get the conversation to keep going. I can tell she is a gossiper just by the way she is talking to me. I see Shawn traveling over to me in the corner of my eye. He is wearing a tight blue dress shirt that shows off his muscles, and tight skinny jeans with his dress shoes. His outfit was pretty impressive.

He finally gets close and stands next me. I try to act cool so it looks natural but I feel very tense. It doesn’t seem to bother Celine that he just walked in. He slides his hand on my back and begins to rub his fingers up and down. He leans over and whispers in my ear, getting really close to me.

“Just play along.” He whispered really sensually. It was really hot but I also could be drunk. I nod my head to reassure him that I understood.

He starts kissing my neck, which send shivers through my body. He gets close to my ear and starts whispering subtle demands.

“Say, ‘Stop Shawn, not in front of Celine’” he states.

I repeat what he says and she responds quickly.

“Oh I… I didn’t know you too were this close?” She questions.

“Hi Celine, I didn’t even see you there. This is my girlfriend Y/N.” Shawn says like nothing even happened.

“Yeah, we met. I didn’t know you had a girlfriend?” She asks in a jealous way. He definitely made moves on her before, so she probably thought it was going to be something more.

“Yeah. We were keeping it low key.” He says in a nasty tone. He keeps searching around like we are going to have to move.

“Excuse us for a second.” He says and he pulls me away.

“Bye.” I said while I waved to her. She shot me an angry look.

He intertwined his hand with mine, as he pulled me through people. Shannon saw me holding hands with him and she just laughed because she knows it’s awkward. I just gave her smile and continued on.

“Here, dance with me for a second.” He says turning me toward him, as he throws my arms around his neck. He grabs my neck and pulls his lips close to mine but makes sure they don’t touch.

“Listen, I’m only dancing with you because we have to. I’m going to introduce you to some of my friends and that girl you were talking to, is nothing but trouble. So let me do the talking.” He said and then pulled me away from him. He nodded his head to follow me over near the DJ where his friends were standing. It was a bunch of guys with girls hanging on their arms.

“Hey Shawn, who’s this?” A guy with long dark hair, and scruff said.

“Y/N. My new girlfriend.” He replied while giving him a handshake.

“Ha. Girlfriend! Yeah right.” His friend nudged another guy in disbelief.

“A beauty like this one would never fall for you. How about you let me get you a drink?” Another guy said to me. I was about to answer because at this point I needed one.

“Sur-“ I was cut off by Shawn’s lip’s. It took be a second to process that this is happening but my eyes slowly close and respond to his kiss. He gets more into it, because the kiss begins to get deeper as our tongues find a rhythm. His thumb rubs my cheek, as I run my hands up his back, finding a comfortable place to rest them.

He releases from the kiss and looks into my eyes. We both are shocked and not sure about what just happened. I rub my lips with my finger, and I’m in awe, pure shock that this just happened.

Shawn turned back around to his friends, trying to ignore what just happened.

“Dude, we get it, she’s your girl.”

Life Swap Chapter 9

Hi guys sorry I skipped a week of posting! I didn’t forget about it though! I’m going back to college so I don’t know what my posting schedule will be like! But I will do my best to post often! I went to Shawn last week and it truly was amazing and each time I see him he keeps getting better. This chapter gets steamy so I hope you all enjoy

Chapter 9

           It’s not every day when you get a phone call that someone so close is in an accident. I don’t know how to react. Should I be shocked, sad, or overwhelmed? I’m glad Shawn didn’t have a driver bring us to rehearsals or else we would be able to speed down the highway like he is doing right now. I hold on tight because my nerves are shot and I’m scared to see what Shannon’s condition is. Trevor didn’t tell me much because he could barely get out any words.

           Looking through the rearview mirror, Nicole is in the back frantically texting, probably her parents. She sets her phone down on her lap and stares out the window. A tear runs down her cheek and she wipes it away. She doesn’t usually show much emotion, so this is probably just as unusual for her as it is for me.

           I look forward again and I see signs for the hospital. I take a deep breath, trying not to envision the worst. Shawn notices glares at me through the corner of his eye.

           “Hey it’s going to be alright.” He softly speaks while he rests his hand on my leg. It’s comforting to know someone is there for me, because I don’t think I could handle this on my own.

           Shawn pulls to the front of the hospital to drop us off.

“I’ll meet you in there, I’m just going to find a parking spot.” He says before I close the door.

Nicole and I walk in to the hospital. As the automatic doors open, you can just feel the cold air hit your skin. Nicole isn’t her normal self, she keeps biting her nails and fidgeting whenever we stand still.

            I walk up to the front desk to check in. The lady asks for our ID’s, and hands us visitor passes with our names on it.  She directs us to the critical care unit.

Once we arrive upstairs, there’s an unsettling vibe to the unit. As we walk, I peek into the rooms, noticing other patients and how badly they were hurt with wires and tubes attach to their bodies. My mind just goes to the worst assumption that Shannon isn’t going to be alright.

           As we arrive to her room Trevor, walks out. He looks surprised to see us although we told him we were coming. He looks up at me and his face is beat red. His eyes fill with tears but he is trying not to let them out. He immediately runs into my arms as I give him a big embrace. I know he must be shaken up about the situation but still at this point my anxiety is filled because I don’t know what actually happened. Nicole wanders into the room while Trevor and I are hugging.

           “Oh Hey Shawn.” Trevor says as we let go of each other. He gives Trevor a hand shake and ask him how he is.

           “I’m fine. But Shannon is… well let’s go in you can see for yourself.” Trevor replies. Shawn presses his hand on the small of my back, comforting me as we walk into the room.

She doesn’t look as bad as I thought. Her left hand is broken with a bandage on her head, maybe from stitches.

           I look over at Nicole who is at Shannon’s besides holding her hand. Brad is in the corner hiding away. He looks at me and then looks at his feet, like the news I’m about to hear isn’t going to be good. I look towards Shannon, and her face looks confused. I search for Shawn’s hand so I have something to squeeze my nervousness into. I’m scared to say something because she doesn’t look to well.

           “Go on.” Shawn leans down and whispers into my ear, still holding onto my hand.

           “Hey Shannon. How are you?” I say softly as I approach her side. Shawn’s hand unlinks from mine. I reach out with both hands to grab hers but she pulls away quickly.

           “Shannon it’s me. Y/n. Do you not remember?” I look at her and then at Nicole that’s right beside her. She doesn’t’ answer me but just shakes her head in fright. I look around the room and everyone has tears in their eyes. Trevor turns away and Brad inches closer to me.

           “Can you get these people out? You guys and you. I don’t know you.” She says pointing to Trevor, Brad, and me.

           I look back at them, and we all are confused. Should we really leave? Should we do what she says? I’m confused why she didn’t tell Shawn to leave.

           I glance and her before we all leave in unison. I tap Shawn to follow me as I walk toward the door but Shannon’s voice stops us, hoping she remembers us that quickly.

           “Wait Shawn Mendes! Not you. I have questions for you!” She says to him. He looks at me and then Shannon like he doesn’t know what to do. I don’t know what to tell him so, I let him decide.

           “I’m sorry I have to go with y/n, she needs me.” He says directing his thumb in my direction. I look up from the floor to Shawn and let out a smile because his reaction surprised me. He approaches me, quickly gazes into my eyes and tucks my hair away from my face.

           “C’mon, let’s get some air.” He says. We walk side by side, as Trevor and Brad talk silently behind us. I think Shawn can sense that I’m bummed out. My hands are folded across my chest and my eyes are all glassy. I just can’t help but think about losing my best friend. Having someone so close to you, forget about you in an instant. It’s so scary, it feels like someone just has be ripped out of my life for reasons I can’t explain.

           I wipe away the tear on my cheek and glance up at Shawn, who is watching me break down. He rests his arm around my shoulder, as I nuzzle my head into his side. I wrap my arm around his waist trying to pull him closer. He rubs his soft hand on my shoulder, hoping to soothe my stress.

           “Hey guys, I think I’m going to take her back to the apartment. If you want to join you guys are more than welcome.” He says stopping in our tracks and turning toward Trevor and Brad.

           “Go back. What if-“ I was cut off by Brad. Which is unusual because he is a quiet guy.

           “Y/n, I wish I could say there is hope right now but she just threw out some of the most important people in her life. The doctors said that her memory would come back in time but for now we have to wait.” He takes deep breath and runs his hand through his buzz cut hair. “Just go back with Shawn. Trevor and I will wait and if something happens we will call you.” He rests his hand on the side of my arm. Just to reassure me to relax. Even though all of us are so far from being relaxed.

           I sigh because I want to be there for them but I also don’t want to sit in a hospital hoping that news will come fast. Shawn is right, and I hate when he is right. I know I’m going to be thinking all night no matter what, so it mine as well be in the comfort of my own home.

           “Let’s go.” Shawn says softly as he leads me to the car.

The car ride was silent because he knew I didn’t want to talk. He knew I wanted to just be deep in thought but there was some moments I could see him trying to comfort me, just no words came out of his mouth.

           When we get to the apartment, I throw my purse on the hook and head straight to my room.

           “Wait… where are you going?” Shawn asks confused. I thought it was quite obvious that I was heading for bed.

           “I’m just going to go to bed.” I say sulking.

           “Come on and relax with me. You had a long day. Let’s have a glass a wine.” He says smiling at me. Trying to make the mood lighter.

           “I don’t know. I’m not in the mood for drinking.” I admit. I’m tired from being sad, and mixing sadness with alcohol is never a good choice.

           “Just one glass. It won’t do much.” He says it a pouty voice.

           “Fine. Just one.” I say while smiling. I can’t help but smile when he is being silly. I never get to see that sided of him. I like finding out his personality.

           We head toward the kitchen. I take a seat on the stool while he places to glasses in front of me and fills the red wine to the rim.

           “Holy shit, if I didn’t know any better I would think you are trying to get me drunk.” I joke to him. He takes a seat on the other side of the island and pours the same amount in his glass.

           “Ah Ha! Now that’s the y/n I like.” He says while holding up the glass to say cheers. I’m not in the cheers kind of mood. I kind of want to just chug this to relieve the pain, but I raise it anyways.

           “Although today was a rough day, I’m glad we are starting to become close. So here’s to new friendships.” He says while clinking our glasses together.

           “Oh wow that’s good. I guess I really did want wine.” I say to him, admitting it was a good choice.

           “See! Not all my ideas are bad!” He say taking a larger sip.

           Hours passed and before we noticed the bottle of wine was finished. The conversation between us to hasn’t stopped, and I can just feel myself being so comfortable around him.

           “So tell me, what is your family like? I feel like you know my whole life and all my friends but I don’t know you.” I say trying to pry information out of him. He looks up at me and leans back on the stool, folding his arms across his chest.

           “Well, my family is from Canada, so that’s where everyone is. I visit a lot and my apartment is in Toronto if we ever wanted to go.” He says to me.

“Whenever WE wanted to go. Hmmm don’t get sappy on me now.” I say. He rolls his eyes but lets out a smile.

           “I have a sister. Who I’m super over protective of but she hates when she reads shit about me in the news and she can’t do the same things as me.” He admits. I can tell by his eyes that he really cares for his family.

           “That sweet that you protect her like that though.” I say reaching for his hand on the table. He begins to intertwine our fingers and a stroke them in a playful way. I let him continue because it makes me have butterflies in my stomach. I haven’t been close with a guy like this in forever, so I just enjoy the flirting.

           “So what made you want to get into entertainment?” He questions.

           “I just like the creativity and how you can pretend to be someone you’re not, It’s like I’m escaping reality. Although my life is kind of a movie right now.” I let out a giggle.

           “Oh so you like being my fake girlfriend huh?” He antagonizes me. He lets go of my hand and rests his hand on the chin.

           “I guess I’m getting used to it.” I blush.

           He gets up from his stool and takes his last sip of wine. I don’t know why he got up but his eyes get intense as he looks at me. I straighten my body and become more attentive.

           “What are you doing?” I question letting out a confused laugh like something weird is about to happen.

           “Shhh! I just want to try something.” He demands and I fold my hands on my lap. I become tense because I realize what is happening now.

           His hands slide around my waist, holding onto my hips. His hot breath tingled against my neck as his soft kisses touch my skin. I close my eyes because I can’t help that this is feeling so good, and that this is actually happening. He spins me around on the stool and crashes his lips to mine. He wraps his arms under my legs carrying me into the bedroom. His kisses get deeper as we approaches the bedroom. I run my hands through the back of his hair as his lips move perfectly with mine. He throws me down on the bed, and peels his shirt of his body revealing the abs, I knew he had.

“Like what you see?” He says positioning his body on top of mine. His hands slide into mine as he forces them over my head. His kisses get more intense and he asserts his dominance. He’s so strong but his kisses are the opposite. So tender and sweet but taking control. His hips begin to move against my body. It feels good but some part of me, knows this has gone too far.

           “Shawn” I say softly trying to grasp air from the kiss. He didn’t listen, as he continues to leave a trail of kisses on my neck to my ear.

           “Okay Shawn,” I say pushing him off from on top of me. He rolls to the side and looks at me with confusion. Particles of sweat shimmer on his body, making him glow. It makes me wonder why I even stopped, but I continue on with what I have to say. “As much as I’m enjoying this. We got to stop.” I say tucking the small piece of hair near his ear away. He sighs knowing I was right, because it was escalating quickly.

           “Sorry I just couldn’t stop myself.” He says scooting closer so that his legs can intertwine with mine. His foot rubs up and down, giving me a little shiver.

           “I can’t believe that just happened.” I say drawing circling on his bicep with my finger.

           “I kind of liked it though.” He states. “Come closer.” He slides me to the side of his body, as I snuggle into his chest. I hear and feel his every breath, as I use his chest as a pillow. I place one leg over his and wrap one arm around his side, getting as comfortable as I can. His warm lips place a gentle kiss on my forehead, making my eyes close gently. It feels good to be close to somebody, and it was much needed after the day I had. But I can’t help thinking if this is going to be a onetime thing.

Life Swap Chapter 8

Hi guys! Hope everyone is doing well! Here is chapter 8! I saw all of Shawn’s birthday party post and it makes me want to write something about a drunk Shawn. Who seems so fun by the way! Only if we could all party with him. Anyways im super pumped cause i’m seeing him next week. So i’ll probably post chapter 9 next weekend! Hope you all enjoy and if any of you are going to see his shows have sooo much fun!

Chapter 8

           My eyes flicker open, to the sound of the TV playing in the background. I try to move but I didn’t realize that Shawn was using my body as a pillow. He looks so peaceful when he is asleep. The blanket is snuggled up to his chin and his hand gentle placed around my leg like it’s a pillow.

           I find my phone which is shoved inside the couch cushions. I just look through while Shawn is sleeping so I don’t wake him up. Since I had no service yesterday, none of my messages were received, so I didn’t bother to look at my phone. The red circle by my messages read the number seventy five. I never get this much attention but I have a ton group chats which always adds up when you don’t keep up.

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Life Swap Chapter 7

Hope everyone’s having a lovely day! I love hearing about what you guys think, it means so much! I’m always here to talk about other things too, whether its Shawn, one direction (if you go on my blog its basically them and shawn), even personal problems you need help with i’m here. But i do really enjoy the comments that some people have said so thank you. Hope everyone enjoys this chapter! :)

Chapter 7:

           “Shawn am I going to see you and Y/N at the after party?” One of Shawn friends asks as he pats his shoulder from behind, and walks by as we are exiting the theater.

           “Yeah, I’ll see you later bro.” He responds.

           “Wait there’s an after party?” I question. I have come to the realization that I will never know what is going on until it actually happens.

           “There always is, Nicole didn’t say you had to go. But judging by that, people are expecting you to.” He says.

           “I have nothing else to do, so why not?” I answer.

           There is a crowd of paparazzi crowding the vehicles ahead of us. Shawn’s body guard is leading the way, trying to shove anyone who is in our path.

           “Come on, hold on to me tight.” He says putting his hand out behind his back so I can latch on to him. I squeeze it tight because there’s a lot of pushing and shoving. The lights are flashing so bright I can barely see the back of Shawn’s head, even though his hand is intertwined with mine.

Everyone is shouting, more specifically, in my ear asking me question I don’t know how to respond to.

           “Shawn is this just your one night stand?”

           “Shawn who’s the girl?”

           “Shawn finally found a girl for more than a second!”

           I don’t know how, but Shawn ignored all the ignorant comments thrown his way. I was shocked that people can just shout rude stuff like that into people’s faces. I must have gave so many people dirty looks because of the unnecessary comments.

           Once we got to the car, we slide right in.

           There’s silence between the two of us for a while. Shawn lounges back as he browses through his phone. His legs rest in a comfortable position while his head leans back on the seat. I couldn’t help but still think about what the people were saying to him. It was like he was an object that couldn’t respond.

           “Hey… I have a question.” I say directing my attention from the window to him. His head turns toward me but his expression looks nervous for what I’m about to ask.

           “I really hate when you have questions, but okay, what is it?’ He jokes.

           “I was just wondering how you handle that negativity towards you.  Didn’t you find any of those questions offensive?” I questioned, in all honesty. Maybe I’m not use to this life but shouldn’t it be a natural human instinct to be respectful and kind?

           “I just block it, sometimes I lash out but other times if it affects me, I just write about or bottle it up. Whatever comes naturally I guess.” He explains. He looks at me and he can tell I feel sorry for him. I can’t process how he feels because I’m the person who says I’m fine but really is affected anyways.

           “Hey listen, if I was really bothered, I don’t think I would continue on with it. So don’t worry about me, I can handle it. I just hope you can, because you haven’t seen anything yet.”

           His comment made me feel nervous because all that just happened was overwhelming, I couldn’t imagine what the rest consists of. I turn toward the window again, trying not to think about what he said too much. I dramatically look out the window as we drive on.

           The driver pulls to a curb and opens the car door for Shawn and me. A night club appears in front of us. You can’t tell it’s a night club because it’s on a very discrete side road with barely any lights. All the clubs I have been were flashing lights and crowds of people fighting to get in. This one is probably for outrageously expensive, but it will be interesting to experience.

We head straight to the VIP area where people invited to the after party go. The club had a misleading representation because as we climb up the stairs to the VIP area, I peer down and notice crowds of people dancing on each other with barely any room to breathe.

           I’ve never been in a VIP area until today and I don’t know what to expect. A girl with a clip board unchains the rope and allows us in as soon as she recognizes Shawn. Her face became red as she let out a giddy laugh and smile when Shawn said hi. It’s so interesting to see how people react to him. People look right through me half the time because they are confused who I am and why I would be with Shawn.

           As soon as we walk through people shake Shawn’s hand and ask him how he is. We just move along like usually because it seems like Shawn never wants to converse with random people other than his friends.

           “Shawn how are you mate?” An Irish man appears from the bar in front of us.  His casual look makes him stand out from everyone else, but it doesn’t matter to me because I’m in complete awe. I couldn’t believe who was in front of me.

           “Niall man, how are you?” They do a quick embrace before Niall notices me. I don’t know what to do or how to act.

           “And who’s this?” He questions. I smile and stand there silently so Shawn can introduce me.

           “This is Y/N…. oh my girlfriend.” Shawn says almost forgetting to keep up the act. I’m polite as always and shake his hand. I don’t say anything because it was a quick exchange.

           “Did you want to grab a beer for a sec? Y/N grab a seat on the couch over there.” He points to a long couch filled with barely enough room for us. “We will meet you.”

           I stand their awkwardly. Even though he told me where to go, I didn’t want to be left alone in an area I really don’t belong in. Of course I agree anyways. Apparently ‘no’ is word that isn’t in my vocabulary.

           Shawn turns around before I can say anything else, which leaves me standing alone. Until it seemed like he forgot something. I hoped he ask me to join but of course it is never anything I think he is going to say.

           “Oh, did you want anything?” He asks.

           “Vodka Sodas good.” I say and head towards the couch where he told me to go. At least he asked me for a drink because I could go for one right about now.

                       I look around and everyone is chatting and dancing on each other. I make my way over to the couch where Shawn told me to go. I try squeezing through people grinding on each other while downing drinks. I apologize as I continuously hit people but no one seems to care.

When I finally get to the couch, there is just enough room for the three of us, if Shawn doesn’t pick up anymore of his friends on the way over here. There’s a group of prestigious people next to me whispering, because they don’t know who I am. I try not to make eye contact because if I look in their eyes, my awkwardness might kill them.

           I just need Shawn to come back because my phone has no service and people are starting to look. I hate getting attention, especially this way.

           A girl makes eye contact with me but I look away. I can feel her looking at even though my attention is toward a different direction. She dismisses herself from her friend group and walks over to where I am. I think to myself ‘What could this girl possibly want?’, ‘Why me?’ Her long tan legs go on for days while her blonde hair flows even with no wind.

           “Hi there.” She says leaning her back against the wall while my eyes still wonder for Shawn. When I get a good look at her I realize it’s the girl Shawn had over this morning.

           “Hi.” I say and look away trying to search for Shawn once more.

           “I definitely know you.” She says trying to start conversation.

           “Yeah, I’m that girl you tip toed by this morning.” I replied.

           “Oh right. I’m April by the way.” She says.

           “Y/N.” I really didn’t feel like talking to this girl because she gave me a weird feeling but I gave her a polite smile.  I’m not trying to say more than a couple words, so she gets the hint I’m not up for talking without Shawn. It’s not that I don’t like meeting new people, it’s just these people have connections to other important people, and I don’t want to regret anything I might say.

           “So Y/N, where’s your roommate. I’d like to meet up with him again.” She goes on.

           “Oh Shawn? That’s a good question. I have absolutely no clue.” I answer honestly.

           “What are you two anyways? Cause I guy like him doesn’t belong with a girl like you. So what is it, just old friends?” She rudely remarks, not thinking anything of it.

           I didn’t think people actually acted like this, but I guess there is always a first. I just don’t understand what this girl is trying to prove, so I turn towards her to give her my full attention.

           “I feel like I shouldn’t be telling you anything?” I try to get up and away from her but she blocks me in.

           “I’ve seen pictures of you two. Don’t try to fool me. I’m just warning you, stay away because Shawn and I have been off and on forever now. Whatever you guys are doing, is obviously not real, so just warning you, stay away.” She says trying to threaten me.

           “I have no time for you or for this so please move.” I reply I say trying to shove my way passed her.

           She lifted her hand in the air and points to me. I stop in my tracks to look back at her and then back at a security guard coming my way. I don’t know what I did so I just stand there not knowing what to do.

           “Excuse me miss who are you here with?” The security guard hovers over me. People begin to look and I begin to try hide myself.

           “Shawn Mendes” I say timidly.

           “Do you have a pass?” He asks in a more aggressive tone.

           “I came as a plus one with Shawn Mendes like I said.” I try to back myself up. It would be great if Shawn just showed up.

           “Don’t listen to her she tried to sneak in, I saw her.” April said chiming in. I really felt like I was in high school with the drama this girl is starting but at this point I was willing to leave.

           “Come with me miss.” The security guard said grabbing my arm and escorting me out.

           “I’m happy to.” I say giving April a deviant look.

           The door slams behind me as I end up back by the front of the club. I search around for a seat but it’s just sidewalks with people roaming them. I find a step by the entrance and sit down.

           I should be mad at a lot of things right now but so many things just happened it’s hard to process. I was forgotten, than basically tortured by a random person, and my phone is still not working, so everything is just turning into a downward spiral.

           “Hey Y/N.” A man’s voice says coming out from the entrance of the club. “Can I sit here?”

Niall comes out all alone surprisingly. It makes me more curious to where Shawn was wondering off to.

“Hey Niall!” I say giving him a smile then leaning my elbows on my knees and resting my head.

“Why aren’t you inside? We just came looking for you.” He said while putting a cigarette in his mouth.

“Well I got kicked out because someone didn’t believe I actually came with Shawn.” I said letting out a laugh.

“To be honest I wouldn’t believe it either. I’ve met some of the people Shawn introduces me to and they are not half as nice as you.” He says nodding to me than blowing some smoke out of his lips.

“Aw thanks, I’m still mad that he ditched me though, I’m new at this if you couldn’t tell.” I explain to him finally starting to feel angry that I was just left alone.

“Give it time. Shawn’s always had flings with girls who only cared about themselves and what they look like. He doesn’t realize you would rather socialize with his friends then sit and gossip.” He explains to me. It’s weird that Niall Horan of all people is giving me advice.

“I guess I’m not used to waiting that’s all. Thank you for the advice though.”

“How did you guys meet anyways?” He asks.

“I work for his publicists.” I shortly state. I’m trying not cough as smoke drifts into my face.

“Oh okay. Wish I would have beat him to it.” He says flicking his cigarette to the street. He walks over to me with his hands in his pockets.

“Well I’m going to go back in. Nice meeting you Y/N.” He says and waves a goodbye.

I hear him open the door to the club but another voice sounds with it.

“Better not be hitting on my girl.” Shawn jokes to Niall while he makes his way over to me. Shawn stands directly in front of me waiting for me to say something. He takes his suit jacket off and tries to place it around my shoulders but I resist.

“I’m fine I don’t need your pity comfort” I say, clearly irritated.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t realize we would be gone that long.” He pouts and takes a seat next to me.

“I’m not mad that you left, I’m mad that you didn’t include me. I don’t think you realize that I will gladly socialize with your friends. It doesn’t have to be us to all the time just to please your fans.” I explain. I’m learning to be more honest because I’m not trying to be walked all over.

“I’m just not used to people being actually there for me. I have my friends but I build my walls up because people tend to use me.” He says, actually letting his feelings out.

“Oh like your little girlfriend April, who got me kicked out.” I jokingly remark.

“April? Like this morning April? She was here?” He says trying to process what I just said. He looks out in the distant and then it clicks in his head that I got kicked out.

“Wait why did you get kicked out?” He says hysterically laughing.

“April said I snuck in, and I told them I knew you but she made him believe that I didn’t so here I was sitting on the curb by myself until Niall came out.” I explain to him. I let out a laugh because it’s funny that all that stuff just happened.

“Wow, I’m an ass. Sorry I wasn’t there.” He apologizes.

“I guess your karma for leaving me is having a psycho model stalking you.” I say while I watch him stand back up. He lets out a laugh, and nods his head over to the direction of the driver.

We both get into the car, and Shawn nods off taking a ten minute snooze until we get back.

“Y/n we are here.” The driver whispers to me trying not wake up Shawn.

“Shawn” I gentle rub his leg to wake him. “We are home.” It sounded weird to say those words.

“Oh how long was I sleeping?” He asks me with confusion. He lets out a little yawn and stretches his arms up revealing his stomach just a bit. I tried to look down quick but look back at his eyes.

“Ten minutes. Come on.” I say telling him to hurry.

He slides out of the car and places his arm on my shoulder. We still have to make our apartment building believe we are dating so little moments like this make it believable.

“Have a good night.” The door man says. I wave him goodnight and Shawn gives him a small smile.

Once we get into our apartment, we both put on comfy clothes and sit on the couch to watch some TV.

“Why aren’t you going to bed?” I asked Shawn.

“I just needed a little nap, what are we going to watch?” he questioned getting comfy with a blanket and a pillow.

He keeps moving around, trying to find a position to lay in.

“Are you done yet?” I say getting thrown off with all the noise he is making.

“Now I am.” He says resting the pillow up against my legs while he is still snuggled with the blanket. I don’t know if I should be uncomfortable that he is this close to me willingly, so I just continue on to Netflix.

“Netflix. Hmmm don’t think of making moves on me Y/N.” He says trying to be slick.

“Never in a million years.” I say.

“Should I be offended?” He lets out a laugh. I slap his shoulder and let out a laugh.

“I didn’t mean it like that… ugghhh” My cheeks become blushed.

“Alright, we are going to watch Greys Anatomy.” Trying to change the subject.

“I secretly love this show!” Shawn admits, and becomes more focused on the screen.

“This is my second time watching it.” I say shamefully.

“Oh wow I’m definitely not that obsessed.” He says trying to push my buttons.

Ten minutes in Shawn begins to breathe heavy. I notice his eyes are shut tightly and his head has inched closer into my lap. He must be comfy because he hasn’t flinched. I inspect every detail on his face and how his beauty marks a line. His curly hair stays in tact while his head presses against my leg. I’m not sure where to place my hands because even though it’s comfy for him it’s an awkward position for me.

I hesitate to put my hand on his chest but it seemed the most logical place. My hand rises up and down with every breath he takes. My other hand strokes through his silky hair when I begin to get restless from watching the show.

For the months I’ve known him, I never thought we would be this close.