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“I mean, pasta isn’t that hard to cook right?” Shawn’s body moved closer to the camera; eyes roaming over the screen and taking in the heart warming comments sent in by his supporters.
“Thanks! I love you too” he answered a few more questions and continued to tell his fans he loved them before his eyes zeroed in on one comment in particular.
“What? Y/N’s in here?” He self consciously ran his hand through his hair, oh god! Why hadn’t he made more of an effort for this stream?
“oh wow, haha, this is-uh, I’m nervous now an don’t know what to say, how embarrassing!” His face grew flushed and he was shocked at how nervous he had become; get it together Shawn!
You wrote your own comment and sent it in, the words flashing up and standing out to the very embarrassed boy.
‘I hope you can cook more than just pasta, I want a mouth watering meal for our first date’
His face grew redder but his laughter was loud and his embarrassment was fading away. Cook for you? On a DATE? He definitely wouldn’t mind that.