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Surprise Visit, Part 2

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Peaky Blinders:

You’re a dancer and Tommy falls for you

You’re a party girl but when you meet Finn, he tries to get you to see how bad it really is

Raised by Maids (Tommy x Reader)
 - Part 1
 - Part 2

You’re dating Michael Gray and end up pregnant

You fell in love with Finn, but you have a secret

“I can’t do this without you” (Finn x Reader)

Bittersweet (Michael Gray x Reader)

Beautiful Disasters (Finn x Reader / John x Reader)

     -Part 2

Cuddles (Alfie x Reader)

Control (Arthur x Reader)

Visiting the Past (Finn x Reader)

New to Small Heath (Michael Gray x Reader)

Jealousy (John x Reader)

Where were you? (John x Reader)

Attention and Comfort Zones (Tommy x Reader)

Visits (Alfie x Reader)

Teen Wolf:

You were childhood friends with Derek

A Diamond in the Rough

Author: Polomonkey

Rating: Teen

Setting: ModernAU

Word Count: 2k

Summary: Merlin and Arthur are jewel thieves. Not every heist goes off without a hitch…

Comment: This story was hilarious. I loved the mix of fluff and comedy with the slightest hint of angst. I also loved how sassy Arthur was, especially when he described when and why they decided to become jewellery thieves! Merlin needs to work on the type of puns he makes in the heat of the moment though.

Okay but what if there was PBSTeens?

Not PBS, not PBSKids/Go. PBSTeens. And while there are some new shows, what if old ones came back in a new way? Think about it, teenaged Cybersquad is helping you solve Algebra and Geometry, teenaged Wordgirl is teaching a higher vocabulary, Greek and Latin roots, and translating Shakespeare, and Arthur and the gang are going through highschool, facing and overcoming/coping with several of the same problems you are going through.


My OTPs always put their hands on each other..just in the wrong way

Thanks anon for the amusing rec!

Acting Can Get the Best of Us

Author: Jamallywaljaffa

Rating: Teen

Setting: ModernAU

Word Count: 48k

Summary: Merlin was not about to be pawned off. “Wait just a minute-” Merlin interjected. “I am not finished!” Uther barked. “The reason I called you in was; because of your little publicity stunt our fan base has gone from millions to hundreds of millions and if they find out your little thing was just a misunderstanding the Pendragon name is ruined, so you two better suck it up and face your consequences because you two are getting engaged for real!”


The one where Arthur and Merlin are both actors who don’t really like each other and get a picture taken of them that looks like a proposal. The two have to bear with each and get over their hate to save the Pendragon name.