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Heart Won’t Forget | Theo Raeken Imagine

request: 1. Hi I think your amazing writer. Ive fallen in love with your stories. I was wondering if you could write one were the reader is one of Scott’s betas and has a relationship with him but has dark past with Theo and Scott confronts the reader about it. It was just a thought.

2. Hi, can you write a smut with Theo, where Y/N is Scott’s sister. Scott’s pack is plotting something against Theo and his Chimeras, and they send Y/N to distract him for few minutes. Y/N knows that Theo is evil, but she can’t help herself and feels atracted to him, so when she’s trying to distract him, he can sense how she feels about him… sorry, English is my second languege, so I hope that this make sense ;)

word count: 964

warnings: a bit of smut i guess

A/N: hey guys so Im back with a new imagine and Im really sorry that its so short, you can request a part two! I hope you enjoy reading this, love you all xx

You were sitting next to Scott who was discussing about the chimeras. You tried to ignore Scott’s plan and focused at the stormy weather outside. “Y/N? What do you think about that?”, Lydia asked. You rolled your eyes. Although you were a beta of Scott’s pack, you didn’t want to do anything against the chimeras.., because of one person. Theo Raeken. He used to be one of your closest friends, well maybe more than a friend, he was the person who you had your first kiss with. Although you would never admit it, when Theo appeared in Beacon Hills, your heart had been pounding in your chest. “Y/N, are you listening?”, Scott asked you vigorously. “Um sorry..”, you muttered. He looked at you in confusion and focused at the others again. You were staring at Lydia and Stiles who were holding hands now. Why was everyone falling in love except for you? Well, maybe because of your brother Scott.. he was always trying to protect you from everything and above all boys. Scott was sure that every boy your age is going to hurt you in any possible ways. “Hm, we all know that Theo is the most powerful chimera, so before we attack them we have to get rid of Theo”, Liam uttered. For the first time you said something: “Maybe someone could distract him.. for example Lydia, you’re good at such things” Everyone’s eyes landed on you. “That’s a plan!”, Stiles shouted. “Well, I’m not a fan of talking to Theo and I can’t really do something if he tries to attack me”, Lydia said. Liam looked at you. “Y/N can do it”, he suggested. “No way!”, Scott stopped Liam. You looked at him clearly annoyed. “I’m old enough, Scott”, you hissed. “I’m gonna do it” You were confident although you had mixed feelings about the situation with Theo but at least it would give the chance to talk to him. Scott explained what you were going to have to do and after that Lydia dragged you to your closet. “So you’re gonna have to dress sexy to get Theo’s attention”, she explained. “But it should not look like I dressed up for him, right?”, you replied and took some stuff out of your closet. You put the things on and looked at Lydia. “That’s perfect”, Lydia smirked. In the evening you left the house. “Good luck, Y/N”, Scott shouted while you closed the door. You made your way to Theo and his chimera’s hiding place and found Theo sitting on a large chair, his legs crossed. “Y/N?”, Theo looked at you in confusion. “Hey Theo”, you whispered. You knew that your voice sounded just as nervous as you were although you tried to cover up. You didn’t know what to say. Theo got up and stood in front of you. “What is it?”, he wanted to know. “I just remembered the old times and wanted to talk to you, I guess”, you mumbled. “And you’re taking that big risk just to ‘talk’ to me?”, Theo smirked. “Um, yeah..”, you answered shyly. Theo slowly took your hand. “Why are you being so shy, Y/N? In my mind you used to be completely different”, Theo wondered. You realized how your heart started to pound like crazy again. “I used to know a different side of you, baby girl”, he completed and let his fingers slide up and down your arm making you shiver. You looked at Theo, the light was barely lighting his face but you could still see the outlines of his face, his perfect jawline and his full lips. You could feel Theo’s breath against your neck before he softly bit the skin of your neck. One of his large hands was resting on your waist while the other one made it’s way down to grab your ass. You bit down your lip to stop yourself from moaning. Although you knew it was wrong, you couldn’t get yourself to stop Theo. “You look so pretty, baby”, Theo groaned. Suddenly Theo’s lips crashed into yours and it felt like a thousand fireworks exploding inside of your chest. Theo gripped your waist and pulled you closer. “Theo”, you moaned. “Oh I missed you so”, he replied moaning. Suddenly a loud noise distracted the two of you. “Y/N”, Stiles shouted. You let go of Theo and looked at Stiles in shock. “What the hell is wrong with you?”, he shouted. Stiles grabbed your arm and dragged you out of the room.
Later at McCall’s -
You were sitting on your bed and thought about what happened. You hoped that Stiles wouldn’t tell Scott about the thing with Theo but the chances were very low because Stiles was still Scott’s best friend and you were his little sister. When your door opened, Scott stormed in. “Please tell me that Stiles is kidding me, Y/N”, he shouted. You weren’t able to answer him because you knew he was going to kill you. “Y/N McCall! Answer me!”, he shouted again. “Yes, Scott. It’s true”, you mumbled. “Explain it to me! How the hell did that happen? Y/N, you’re MY sister and Theo is the enemy here, don’t you get that?”, Scott was really angry. “Well.. Theo and I.. we have a past. Do you remember the boy I always used to meet up with in middle school?”, you asked. “Huh?”, he was confused. “Of course you don’t, well that’s Theo. He was my first love, Scott”, you explained to him. “That is no excuse for making out with him and distracting yourself, Y/N. That was important to me and the pack and you only cared about yourself”, Scott hissed. “I don’t get how you can be so selfish, Y/N”, he added and left the room with anger.



Eren loses his parents and his innocence in the fire. His father carries him and Mikasa out before the fire trucks arrive and runs back in for his mother. The firefighters get there in time to grab Eren before he can run in after them. They find Grisha and Carla huddled up near the cellar door.

Eren spends his childhood and most of his teen years misplacing anger with well placed punches. At least he tells himself they’re well placed. He doesn’t learn how to aim them properly until he’s 13 and takes a beating from a girl named Annie. She teaches him afterwards as an apology. She is his first and last girlfriend.

Eren calms some the year before Mikasa’s uncle finds them. They’re nearly 17, but Levi adopts them anyway.

He doesn’t raise his fists for almost two years, until some toolbag named Jean Kirstein hits on Mikasa at a party. Moments after she rejects him, Jean trips and ‘accidentally’ grabs one of her boobs. Eren is on him before he can apologize, before Mikasa can swing at him herself. They beat the living hell out of each other before Mikasa pulls Eren off of Jean to have a go at him herself for making him bleed. Armin has to throw himself in front of her and explain that he knows Jean and he really isn’t a bad guy, insists that if Jean says it was an accident, it was an accident. Eren is unconvinced, but he walks away nonetheless.

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I’m constantly doubting myself. I’m constantly in my mind, wondering a million different things all the time. What if I’m not a good friend?
What if I’m not pretty enough?
What if I’m not nice enough?
What if I’m not approachable?
What if I’m not sweet enough?
What if I’m not skinny enough?
What if I talk too much? Maybe I don’t talk enough.
What if I don’t smile enough?
What if I smile too much?
What if I’m too closed off?
What if I’m an open book?
Am I too clingy?
Am I not clingy enough?
Am I a good person?
Do I deserve happiness?
Will I ever get to have you?
—  October 27th @ 10:34pm// am I the only one?

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For tree bros, could you do paint me or amuse me? Your writing is so so so good!

(I’d normally do both but I’ve been having lots of bad days lately. I decided that getting one would be better than neither. Hope you enjoy, paint me.)

This was how they spend most of their days in the summer, in the orchard. Evan loved the outdoors and Connor loved to see Evan happy, he loved Evan. So there they sat, under a tree in the heart of the forest, Evan staring happily at all of the trees and Connor staring happily at Evan. 

Evan glanced over at Connor and noticed that Connor was staring, a blush crept over Evan’s freckles. This made Connor smile softly. 

“Hey Evan?” Evan made a small noise to signify he was listing, “Can I draw you?” Evan tilted his head to the side slightly and lifted one eyebrow, “I have my notebook here and I was wondering if you would climb up in a tree so I could draw you?” 

Then came the sputtering and awkward rambling about how Evan would be a terrible model and why on earth would Connor want to draw him, etc, etc… 

To stop Evan Connor leaned over and kissed Evan softly. Evan melted into the kiss, as he always does. That’s all it takes and Evan is headed towards a tree. 

“This one?” Connor nods and Evan begins to climb, he pauses ever so often to see if he’s where Connor wants him. Eventually Connor signifies that Evan is at a good point so Evan stops and perches himself in the tree. 

Connor begins to sketch, looking up at Evan and smiling at him. After a few glances he realizes that Evan is attempting to stay completely still. 

“Evan, you can move a little if you want. You’re just a reference. Sit however you’re comfortable babe,” Evan blushes at the affectionate name but adjusts himself so he is comfortable. 

It takes Connor about an hour of sketching before he snaps the notebook shut and calls for Evan to come down from the tree. Evan jumps down and walks over to Connor, surprising Connor by pulling him into a hug. 

“Can I see it?” Connor shakes his head and explains he needs to finish the details later, Evan just nods and they head back to the car. 

Connor lied to Evan. The sketch is done. It was done before Evan climbed the tree. But Connor doesn’t think it’s good enough so he thought if he had Evan as a model it could get better. He was wrong, he’s not talented enough to show Evan’t beauty. After he drops Evan off and gets back to his house he storms up to his room. 

He drops down at his desk and pulls out the sketchbook. He opens it to the page. It’s not good enough. Connor wants to cry because it’s not just the drawing, he’s not good enough for Evan. He’s just an angsty teen with anger issues and Evan is an angel. A being of pure good, always putting others before himself, and Connor is so selfish. 

Connor laces his fingers into this hair and rests his head on his palms. He starts to pull at his hair and he feels tears falling. His face twists into an expression full of pain and hatred, hatred for himself. 

Just then his phone buzzes. 

Evan: You seemed off in the car. I hope you’re not thinking those thoughts again. But if you are you know I’m here for you, I love you Connor. 

(Sorry! This turned into angst. I just have this idea that Connor has a lot of self doubt especially when it comes to art, specifically showing Evan his art) 


“That’s the pack I want. Unfortunately, it doesn’t include Scott.”

I’m so excited to see if Theos goals will change with this new quimera pack and how Scott will take every single one of them back! I mean, they’re probably the most troublesome pack ever, they keep secrets from each other and doesn’t know how to use their powers propebly… but together they’re invencible. ♥