teen angers

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This video gives me goosebumps for some reason xD 

I’m constantly doubting myself. I’m constantly in my mind, wondering a million different things all the time. What if I’m not a good friend?
What if I’m not pretty enough?
What if I’m not nice enough?
What if I’m not approachable?
What if I’m not sweet enough?
What if I’m not skinny enough?
What if I talk too much? Maybe I don’t talk enough.
What if I don’t smile enough?
What if I smile too much?
What if I’m too closed off?
What if I’m an open book?
Am I too clingy?
Am I not clingy enough?
Am I a good person?
Do I deserve happiness?
Will I ever get to have you?
—  October 27th @ 10:34pm// am I the only one?
Fuckin ridiculous

Malia tate was seen riding that new guy Nathan and everyone starts hating. Why? Because Malia is having some fun for once? She deserves to just hook up with some guy and just have some fun. She’s a strong woman and I can’t believe people are hating on her for doing something Lydia Martin has done aswell. Lydia has also slept around with random people and nobody said anything. I also think it’s incredibly stupid to hate on a character that you don’t even know yet! Ross Butler has already gotten hate over teen wolf even though his first episode hasn’t even aired. I am ashamed of some of the people in this fandom. For fucks sake come on people grow the fuck up!


“That’s the pack I want. Unfortunately, it doesn’t include Scott.”

I’m so excited to see if Theos goals will change with this new quimera pack and how Scott will take every single one of them back! I mean, they’re probably the most troublesome pack ever, they keep secrets from each other and doesn’t know how to use their powers propebly… but together they’re invencible. ♥

Anger-Brett Talbot

Teen Wolf Imagine: #97

Prompt: I’m Angry. I want to break something.

Word Count: 557

Warnings: Death, anger, raging reader.

A/n: No real author’s note this time. But I hope 2017 is treating you well!

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