teen age days

Why hello there Mr. Mystery <3


yes this is me as an airbender yES this is shameless, shameless self-insert but BEAR WITH ME i did it for an atla contest which idek how to link to you guys idk?? what im doing??? also i put mad effort into this like my hand was hurting bc as always i left it all at the end and i designed like my whole bender outfit and shit and drew myself with WAY more hair than i actually have so idk i like it even if i dont win?? it was p cool ye a h


have this been done yet?

kate argent in now canonically 30/31 and she aged derek back to 16 to regain his trust and affection. excuse me while i vomit in my mouth. 


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Rat race.

Well lately i have been coming across with this term over and over. What is a rat race ? Well I kept thinking over it, the thought was stuck with me like a bad word uttered from a fellow classmate during our teen age days, so I kept thinking over it even when am skipping channels on my TV and I stop over some
Channel with titanic being played on it, coincidently the film had reached over a part where the ship is about to get sunk and all the rats are running out, it’s a nano second scene but to me it felt like a connection with the universe, you know that secret thing??? Ok So I observed that a rat race is something where people just run and run, they are chasing something, they wanna reach somewhere, just somewhere and they are so busy at it that they don’t even know what they are running for or where do they want to reach. So they get into a race where getting ahead of each other becomes an indirect life’s purpose, they are not happy while running because they feel they are behind so what happens when they beat their competitors ??? Well they are still not happy because there are more rats ahead of em, so guys lets just pay attention to this, don’t look at life like a race because it’s not, it’s a journey and we all are tourists. There goes an African proverb - if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.
PS - this is my perspective