Fun fact: Vex has always been an abrasive nuisance to everyone around him, especially if they’re an Asura.

Ok well maybe not everyone. But, his abrasive rebellious personality has proved to be a difficult thing to make friends with. Not that he’s ever wanted any. It’s great for making enemies though! :D 

If you didn’t know, Vex has strong discrepancies with standard Asurans. That is, the egotistical intellectual types that sometimes have questionable morals and priorities.

Tid-bits about Vex’s ages/backstory below! ^-^  ↓ ↓ ↓

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Vox Draconica

Critical Role Dragon Age AU
Character Studies (part one, part two & three)
Rated: T

Percival Fredrickstein Von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III is the heir to the seat of Whitestone in the Anderfels that was, until recently, held by two Magisters from Tevinter of exactly the type horror stories are told. Percy himself didn’t know he had magic until after his family fell, and now hides it to maintain his claim to the regained lordship. The rage demon Orthax once stalked him as he walked the fade at night, and by day he uses his study of dwarven and Qunari engineering to construct handheld weaponry. Percy revels in the Game of the Orlesian court, but Diplomacy is just another weapon in his arsenal.

Keyleth is a Dalish first establishing connections between far flung clans before the next Arlathvhen, when she is to become Keeper of Clan Ashari. Her vallaslin is that of Ghilan’nain, keeper of halla, but she herself is unsure of the place of gods in her and her people’s future. Her magic the primal, natural magic that comes with innate, unstructured ability without arcane rigor. She weeps for the charred remnants of Clan Pyrah in the north, more casualties in the ongoing struggle to maintain elvhen heritage.

Scanlan Shorthalt is a traveling bard who—he swears—once travelled with the Hero of Ferelden. At home in taverns and luxurious homes alike, Scanlan Shorthalt is exactly the kind of surface dwarf you want on your side. While part of the Artisan Caste himself, his affair with a casteless woman ended poorly for their child, who inherited the lowest strata as per her gender. She once sought vengeance against her father, who she thought abandoned her mother and her to dust town and begging, but begins to change her mind when she finds him on the surface.

Pike Trickfoot is a spirit healer and arcane warrior, attuned to her spirit of faith as much as she is shifts on the battlefield. While she worships Andraste and wears her symbol at her neck, the Chantry would consider her an apostate… an abomination who rose from the dead. The spirit within her allows her to spectrally project herself to her allies, but only where the veil is thin.

Vax’ildan and Vex’ahlia are elf-blooded twins of a Bann, looked down upon for their heritage even after receiving all of the education befitting noble children. They were plucked from the alienage by their father just before it was purged by another noble. Their mother was not so lucky. They blame Bann Syldor for his supposed rescue and his treatment of their mother. Just before leaving her makeshift home with the Bann as a teen, Vex stumbled upon a Mabari puppy—a runt she named Trinket and watched grow into a big, happy, affectionate dog. The twins find allies and a common cause with Red Jenny, frequently finding the solution to little peoples’ problems is “arrows” or “dagger, dagger, dagger.“

Grog Strongjaw is an Avvar warrior from the Frostback Mountains, warpaint smeared across his chest and a snarl on his face. While the fighting tradition of berserkers, who hone rage and pain in equal measure, began in Orzammar’s warrior caste, those techniques were passed to the Avvar barbarians Grog descended from. Avvar put loyalty to the hold before blood, so Grog’s blooded with his clan’s thane, Kevdak, has put a strain on any interactions he might have with other Avvar, but his legendmark, “strongjaw,” remains. Grog’s new hold is Greyskull Keep, and his new blood is Vox Machina.