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From the moment Stiles sat down in his seat, he was grinning widely. He was just so excited and so proud of you. You were on Broadway and he was probably the happiest person there.

You came out on stage and Stiles sat up straighter, holding back from cheering out, and instead leaned to the woman next to him and whispered excitedly, “I know them!”

4311. Tameranians do not menstruate. When the concept was explained to Starfire, she exclaimed that anyone who sheds their blood monthly must be very strong to cope with it. She has since developed a bizarre sense of respect for all human women.

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A prompt w/ Scott McCall: "Aw, c'mon, Scotty! My parents are gonna love ya! *gives puppy dog eyes to Scott* Please?"

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“Y/N…no.” Scott looked at you sternly. Well…actually it was more like a look of dread at what you were suggesting which you guessed was fair, but you really, really wanted him to finally say yes. You’d been dating for long enough!

“Aw, c’mon, Scott! My parents are going to love you!” You pleaded, all he needed to do was meet your parents, that’s all you wanted! Besides they were total softies and really wanted to meet him. “Please?!” You begged, bringing out your final and totally secret weapon-the puppy dog eyes. 

You’d been working on getting them perfect for a situation just like this and it seemed like you’d managed it because his stance faltered and he gulped harshly as if he was trying to get past some great big hurdle set in his path. 

“I…fine…fine…but if one of your parents kill me then this is your fault, okay?” He slide a hand down his face and looked at you with complete and utter resignation, you knew he’d be completely nervous about the whole thing, but you were just glad he’d finally agreed.

“Of course!” You closed the distance between the two of you leaving a chaste kiss on his cheek before skipping happily down the school corridor. 

Mason, Liam and Tracy being friends.

Liam and Tracy wolfing out on full moons, with Mason helping them to control their shift.

Mason being the only human in their group, but not caring because he loves these two wolves with everything he has in him.

Mason discovering that he’s not human after all, tracing his family history back to New Orleans and realizing that he’s a witch.

Tracy and Liam making Harry Potter references to tease Mason.

Mason learning how to do spells from his grandmother and finally not being helpless when another danger is coming for them.

Mason, Liam and Tracy being the three musketeers for Halloween.

Scott and Stiles seeing so much of them in Mason, Liam and Tracy, remembering how it all started out for them: with Scott, Stiles and Allison.

Mason, Liam and Tracy hanging out with each other the most, even though Liam is officially Scott’s beta and Tracy isn’t even supposed to exist.

Mason, Liam and Tracy studying at Tracy’s place, falling asleep on her bedroom floor and staying the night.

Mason, Liam and Tracy.