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TIMELINE: February 2012

Wow. Your eyes are not deceiving you. I actually finally got this timeline done almost 6 months after I posted January 2012. That’s in part to album promo, the holidays, etc., but also due, in large part, to the scope and length of this timeline. As I’ve progressed through 2011 and into 2012, there are much more articles, tweets, pictures and videos to wade through and make sense of. 

But I think this one will be worth it.

August 2011 was what I call “bulletproof weeks.” February 2012 had a similar feel. Harry had “broken up” with Caroline at the very end of January (the same day he flew to America to start his American career wow what a coincidence) and Louis and Eleanor were barely half-assing it. These 4 weeks are so important, as I believe they were the last weeks they had where they were able to publicly display the reality and nature of their relationship without a lot of negative consequences. 

And they did not hold back.

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Louis & Harry Paris Interviews

How many interviews are there of just Louis and Harry? I’m talking video interviews of L + H, sans Niall, Liam or Zayn to babysit them. There seem to only be a grand total of 2. And both took place on the same day. (February 14, 2012…Was it really on Valentine’s Day??) The Teemix interview below is broken up into 4 parts, but it’s all one interview.

This post actually took me longer than you might think because I tried so hard to find other video interviews of H + L. There aren’t any. Shocking, right?

L’Interview Paris - Fan2Fr

Highlights include: 

At 4:30 Louis reading Harry’s Hot and Dangerous on the fan-art: “Of course he’s hot” 

4:51 Harry says of Louis, “I would describe it more as funny and handsome and rugged…A bit more manly” and Louis gives the brightest most amused smile to the camera.

The looks they give each other at the end of the video with the whole ‘dangerous dave(?)’ thing. Many people hear Harry say ‘I’ll get you for that tonight’ in response. I suck at deciphering these things, but it would make sense given  Louis’ laughing reaction to it.

Teemix Interview 1 of 4

Louis’ face at 3:24 when waiting for Harry to describe Niall’s characteristics.

Louis softly pushing Harry’s hair back at 3:40 when describing him as ‘curly.’ He just..keeps..going..oh my god it’s adorable.

Teemix Interview 2 of 4

The way they finish each others’ sentences, talking about being normal lads. They seem so in sync and sound so relaxed about it.

At 0:38 – L: We still pop down to the shop every now and again– H: Bread and milk. L: Yep, the standard.

Teemix Interview 3 of 4

At 0:20 when describing their ideal girl, Harry corrects Louis’ ‘good sense of humour’ comment with ‘GREAT sense of humour’ and Louis nods ‘yeah’ with the most earnest, serious agreement I’ve ever seen from a person in a boyband answering a generic question. They’re clearly describing each other.

This entire segment is a ridiculous display of how calm and in sync these two are. Telling the story of Liam’s chat up lines, agreeing on their favourite date spots (1:35), Louis proudly suggesting ‘cook them their favourite meal’ (2:12), they’re so at ease with each other and so willing to agree on every little thing.

At 2:42 Louis tries to figure out how long he’s been with Eleanor and Harry suggests ‘a year?’. Harry’s just straight-up laughing at this point and again, clearly talking about him and Louis.

‘I would definitely say Harry is the most confident with girls’ and then he GRINS.

The way they’re smiling at each other at the end is too much. Louis tells Harry, ‘you’re on a whole new level of charm, man’ and can’t stop grinning.

Here’s a slow-mo gif of Louis’ cute head roll, when faced with having to choose his favourite love song. 

Teemix Interview 4 of 4

They cut off Louis at 1:52 here and it makes me realise I can’t even imagine what the unedited version of these L + H interviews is like…

A post of gratitude

I’m grateful for many things when it comes to Harry and Louis and the many ways, both obvious and subtle, that their love has been shown. Sometimes, though, I feel the need to thank the often unnamed people who brought us some of those moments, so here are some of my favorites, in no particular order:

The Wellington “narrator” - Given that Wellington was filmed using a toddler’s toy video camera and focused through a 1957 Coke bottle (sideways, with the liquid still in it), I’m so glad there was someone seeing it live and unblemished to tell us what was actually going on (“Ohmigod Harry’s kissing him”). Thank you, Wellington talker.

The person who asked Harry if he and Louis were dating. I would never, EVER advocate anyone asking anyone associated with them this ever again (in fact I cringe at the mere thought of it being brought up nowadays), but in March 2012 things were a little different, and this one moment in time still brings the sound of angel song when I see/hear it. Thank you, O Curious One.

The person who asked Louis if he was engaged to Eleanor. Again, I don’t advocate doing this and in fact strongly recommend NOT doing this. On the very rare occasion, though, such things have given us some truly golden moments. And Louis’ appalled “no. No. NO.” was absolutely a golden moment for us. Thank you, random interviewer.

The person who gave the green light for Harry and Louis to do the teemix Paris interview. Seriously; we should all be incredibly grateful to this person since they probably lost their job as soon as The Assholes in Charge saw the footage and quite possibly share an underpass with homeless!harry. Thank you, former employee. 

Both the girl who tried to dance with Harry in Cardiff and the person who filmed it. Louis’ jealous bitchface still makes me giggle, and given how “locked down” they were during TMH I’m thankful for every fun, cut-loose moment. Thank you, nightclubbers, and party on.

And, of course, thank you to all those who have found and shared these moments with the rest of us. And the gifmakers. And the analyzers. Y'all rock.