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*huggles you* I just wanted to tell you that I am still so happy to see you on my dash everyday and even happier when I see you reblog stuff from me. We don't talk anymore, but you are one of the few people I would genuinely miss if you stopped blogging, because you have become a part of my daily casual life and I feel we understand each other without having to communicate really ... so here, have some random love and a good day, hun <3 hope you are happy where ever you are atm

*huggles back* This made me smile so much, Nina - thank you <3 I know we pretty much don’t talk anymore but I always love seeing your work and seeing you on my dashboard. I’d really miss you if you disappeared, too ;^; I hope you’re having a good day and I hope life is good to you wherever and whenever you are~

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Friendly reminder that I am always happy when I see posts of this blog on my dash <3 Take care and smooches for the muse and the mun


“I am always happy to see you as well! Not that I did not stalk you from my personal, not at all.” [ Look suspiciously left and right and lean in for a quick smooch. ]

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Yess write all the Miles, it would make my day even more perfect (actually I am checking everyday if there is new stuff from you :'D)

I don’t even think I have an appropriate gif for this - Do you, really? O//w//O

First off, thank you so much because that is such a compliment *SCREAM* and secondly, I have three days off from school now so I’m going to try to get at least a couple ideas done before I go back ^^

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Yes please, write Miles Fan Fiction :'D I am already thinking about making Fanart but aksdjbsajkfb I don't know if it would be okay to give him a real appearence

Go make fanart and I will go write and we will both roll around in feelings yes~

I feel like Miles is a little like Cecil (from WtNV). We have things that we know about him but (for right now at least, with Miles) a lot is left up to the fans, like his background, his face, his hair colour (because it looks pretty short from his shadow). I don’t even think they gave us his age. So, I would think you’d be fine to do that - have your own headcanon.

If I had kept up with my art years ago, I would be drawing all the things for Outlast right now.

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I think they are both lovely! Aery’s features look better in the lighter one whilst the darker one is more punchy. Though I am hungover and on my phone walking, so prob not the best person to judge! Looks beautiful x

outofcharacter: “Thank you. I’d agree on Aerith there. I think it is because the lighter one also seemed softer? And that’s how Aerith seems always to me, the gentle flower girl. Walk with a phone, hm? Better take care of yourself, my sly and cunning cat.” ;)

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i prefer the high contrast <3 and this is really pretty

outofcharacter: “Oh, thank you for taking your time to comment. I am partial to the higher contrast as well because how the yellow on Vincent’s side seemed to glow golden, and that reminded me much of some Nouveau style.”

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oooh my god … happy birthday, baby, i didn’t know!!! *needs to draw something for your bday urgh* good to hear that you’re okay and have a nice day <3 keep it that way

asdfghjkl; Thank you so much, Nina~ <3 I’ll do my best to have a good rest of the day ^w^

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:/ *hugs*
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Aww baby I’m so sorry. Don’t feel bad though, I have really bad eyesight as well. *hugs*

*hugs you both* You are both very sweet and I thank you with this snuffly bunny gif ;.;

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ahaha i always fear to be creepy or something. But really ... like for outlast it's hard to find people who care about the character on this level, so i am a bit over-excited. I really like your drabbles and I like Terry too :'D Silly baby. Also your analysis-post. Awesome and painful. Thank you for this.

Not creepy at all ^.^ It’s a little like that for me too. I always smile so much when I find friends I can really talk to about things. I’m so glad you like them~ especially Terry since he just sort of popped into my head one day and I know I lot of people don’t care for OCs. (He’s so head-over-heels - I just want to hug him <3) No, thank you. Really. I was sort of nervous posting that analysis - I thought maybe I was way off base or it would get me into a fight - but people seem to like it ^^