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I’ve seen other artists do this as of late (okay, so just Atryl), so I thought I would hop on the trend and do the same.  And now that it’s been a few months since I ended the drives, it’s time to release the pics.

This is a collection of all the donation drive pics that I have done, in order to help me get through some really tough times.  I thank everyone so much again for all the help during the bad times, and thankful for them and that I’m back on track.

The first one came from August of 2013, then they go in order from February to June of this year, and then the last pic is the ‘thank you’ pic from August of this year.

Hope you guys enjoy the gallery!  I’ll leave it completely up to the others that added a pic if they want to post their pics, have me post them, or keep them secret.


She’s keepin’ them buckos.

External image

((A week of voting to find out if the wings would stay, and it really wasn’t close at all.  The closest it ever got was a 75-25 split, which is how it ended up.  So Bookworm is now an alicorn.

But that’s going to be really the only change with her.  She’s still going to be the same pony as before, still getting annoyed at PD’s antics but loves her as a best friend deep down, and be the sane one on the ship. Although she could use some more character development, to the point where people know who I’m talking about when I mention Bookworm >.>

So thank you to everyone who voted!  Was a fun week of waiting to see what the result would be.  Also, a hat tip to Fractured Loyalty’s mod for helping me out on Bookworm’s eyes.))


((Bookworm as the buzzkill XD

Honestly, I have no idea how to react to this.  At the very least, this is very cool and superb and all that jazz.  I’m not going to go around and scream ‘PIRATE DASH IS CANON, PIRATE DASH IS CANON’.  But it’s really sweet to see that comic book preview.

And yes, I will be getting it for sure XP))


Bookworm: Not so brave now, are you Dash?

Pirate Dash: …shut up.

((Yes, it’s ‘Talk Like a Pirate’ Day, and of course the occasion must be marked here.  But, that doesn’t mean that I have to like all things pirates.  Why, if you’re confused about today’s entry, here’s a pic to explain:

External image

Why those dastardly Pirates aren’t choking at the end of the season like they usually do.  They’re still in the race, and I would prefer my Cardinals not play in the Wild Card Game again.  So Cardinals good, Pirates bad.  Hence the comic you see before you.

So have fun celebrating today, and go Cardinals!))

((Sketch by me, colors by Kid Discord/Twyla))

((So we’re all having fun today with the MLP S4 premiere, and I have an announcement coming later this weekend.  But there’s something going on in my hometown area that I wanted to touch upon.

If you haven’t heard (and it was national news), on Sunday, tornadoes made their way through central Illinois.  It left a devastating impact on the towns of Washington (hardest hit), Pekin, East Peoria, Morton, and Metamora.  The EF4 tornado is estimated to have left a billion dollars in damages to the area.

And as a native and resident of Lacon, a small town about a half hour from ground zero of the damage, I’ve seen the impact first hand.  I’ve also seen the response first hand too.  Tons of charitable support, and tons of rallying around the communities affected.

That’s the purpose of this pic.  PD and mod pone are wearing shirts in support of the area.  It’s a quick idea that I wanted to get out there.  And to show that the area is still in need.  It’ll take months, maybe years before the area can get back on its feet.

I want to thank Twyla for coloring this for me as well in a collab effort.  She is the only person I wanted to do this with me, as she is an Illinois resident too, and has offered to color sketches while my laptop died.