20 Questions 

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Name: Rae

Nicknames: Rae.

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Height: 5′9″

Orientation: I am a Pandroid

Nationality: ‘Murrican

Favorite season: Spring/Autumn

Favorite book: Watership Down

Favorite flower: Hydrangea

Favorite scent: I don’t know actually.

Favorite color: Oh that is too hard a question. I can see so many, how am I to pick just one?

Favorite animal: Cats. Doggos are a close second. 

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: Tea. Teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeea!!!!!!!!!

Average sleep hours: Like…7ish.

Cat or dog person: I’m overrun by both. Catdog person.

Favorite fictional character: character? As in singular? Nonsense. We’ll start with Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell’s entire cast excluding Lascelles and Drawlight. Fraggle Rock and Labyrinth in their entirety. Data, Lore, Q, and Warf. Zaphod Beeblebrox. Hoban and Zoë Washburne, Gonzo. Invader Zim. Snitter and Rowf….okay I’m going to stop now, this will not end and this is taking up too much time.   

Number of blankets you sleep with: 2

Dream trip: Where ever, as long as I’m in good company I don’t care.  

Blog created: Ugh, my friend just told me and I’ve already forgotten. 2014? ish?

Now I have a question for you. Did you notice there were only 19 questions?