I think my mom either was offered or paid for a photoshoot of our bulldog, Teedo. A family friend took a bunch of glamour shots of him. They are all over facebook.

Studly Teedo. So good. Miss you.

Teedo is the worst at Skyping.

I can also check off the achievement of taking furniture off the street. Free bookcase from neighbors who are moving!


Ruby had to be put to sleep. It happened earlier this week but mom wanted to wait until I was with Keunseok to let me know. Good choice, mom.

Ruby wouldn’t walk, couldn’t hear, could barely see when I left three months ago. I knew it was only a matter of time, but this still hurts. My little Ruby.

Mom says Teedo is just really confused and sad, he can’t figure out why Ruby isn’t around anymore. 

Ruby (the pug) is pretty old. While I was in Korea something happened to her and now she can’t really move her back legs very well. She also has breathing problems and can’t really hear. I don’t want to face what is going on because I don’t want to have to think about putting her to sleep. I will be a wreck if that happens. But I want to be with her if it comes to that. My little baby pug, Ruby. I want to be with you until the end because she was with me when it was really bad and she deserves having me until the end. But I also hate puting animals to sleep because what if they don’t WANT to die, even if they are in pain?

I thought about that when we put the labrador we have had since I was 5 to sleep a year ago. I bawled my eyes out. Pets are really important, and I wish we could communicate more directly. What if Dolly (the labrador) didn’t want to sleep but was content with suffering so she could be with us? What I keep thinking about is how her tail would wag happily when she knew we were around even when her arthritis was so bad she could barely walk and her cataracts were so bad she could hardly see anything and she had tumors all over her body.

Sorry, I am really sensitive to animals who love people unconditionally.

(I’m ok, though. My personal life and everything is ok, I promise; I’m just busy with work and school and job applications. I don’t mean to complain on here so much!!)