Negasonic Teenage Warhead comes home and finds Colossus.
“A local band is playing at the coffee shop this friday night and someone asked me to go. As a date. I should be home by 11:30 can I go?”

Colossus is overjoyed! His little teenage weirdo is making friends! He immediately gives her permission. But a few hours later he starts thinking about dates and how mature teenagers these days seem to act. He goes to find NTW to discuss this with her.

He awkwardly fumbles his way through an uncomfortable talk about “the bees and the birds”, and “peer pressures” while his charge just stares at him with her trademark smirk.

At last date night is here! The doorbell rings and Colossus answers the door to find an equally punk, equally tiny, equally *female* Japanese American. Before he can react she introduces herself and politely asks if Ellie is ready to go. NTW appears at his elbow, brushes past with the biggest smirk of all “see-ya pops, I’ll try not to get pregnant.”