Get To Know Your Followers

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I was tagged by the beautiful @satchp​, she’s a gem. Go follow her now ♥

Nickname: Tayls, Tay and oddly, Teebag.

Zodiac sign: Pisces

Favourite colour: Blue

Current time: 9.30PM AEST

Average hours of sleep: About 7 on a good night.

Last thing you googled: Trainwreck bloopers cause a smiling, squinty-eyed Bill Hader is what I need right now.

Current number of followers: I think it’s about 300 followers but oh my lord @satchp, SO many porn blogs. Glad it’s not just me then. I’ve tried to tell them that I am not THE Master of Sex - its a fandom FOR Masters of Sex guys. Put ya tits away please and you young lady take that our your mouth this instant!. 

Height: 165cm last time I checked which was a couple of years ago 

YOU get a tag, YOU get a tag, YOU ALL GET TAGS!! : @mosfanfiction @michaelsheen @gettoknowlizzycaplan @viechbaderin @mastersofsex-fantastic @sheenlandia @muldersgirlyscream @i-mikri-rallou @sosmayer