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Veranka’s “Lala Crop Tee” Recolored

I’m smitten with the adorable animal graphics that came with the full body outfit in City Living, but I needed more versatility and decided to transfer them to Veranka’s amazing little crop tops. There’s twelve swatches (with both the puppy and kitty designs) but you need to grab the mesh here for them to show up!


I added 13 new designs from various EA textures for a total of 25 swatches.

Minions are small, yellow creatures who have existed since the beginning of time, evolving from single-celled organisms into beings who exist only to serve history’s most villainous masters

DIY Cross Stitch Shirt

I like finding “new to me” crafting supplies like the “Waste Canvas”, used to make this DIY Cross Stitch Pixel Art Shirt. I can see it being used to create badges, small cross stitch pieces for jewelry etc…

Waste Canvas can be basted onto material, stitched through to the fabric, then removed from the fabric thread by thread.

Find lot more unique Cross Stitch DIYs here.

Find this DIY Cross Stitch Shirt Tutorial from AmytheLamey on Imgur here.

*The photos below show the waste canvas basted and cross stitched to the tee shirt*

One night stand | Dan Howell

A/N : This imagine was inspired by the song Tee Shirt by Birdy. 

“Hi, I’m Dan. Can I buy you a drink ?”

My friends had previously persuaded me to go out and party with them. A fancy club opened somewhere in town. I enjoy staying home or doing funny stuff much more then trying to not being vomited on by drunk people. But here I was, 2 hours of dolling up later. I danced a bit, had a few glasses of whatever that was and maybe even enjoyed being here. My friends were pretty funny when they were drunk to be honest. We were sitting at a huge table and Mel, one of my friends, had paid a round of drinks for all of us. “Y/N” Mel ,who was sitting next to me , whispered in my ear.

“What ?” I asked. She started to giggle before she answered. “This guy over there has been staring at you all night”

She nodded her head towards the dance floor. I followed her gaze and  blushed as I caught a handsome guy staring at me. He quickly looked away and continued talking to his group of friends.

Now it was my time to stare. He was like the hottest guy I’ve ever seen : tall, dark haired, cute smile…the list goes on.

We kept staring at each other for another hour until it was my time to get the drinks. I walked up to the bar to give the bartender my order but as I was about to shout it over the loud music somebody tapped my left shoulder. “Hi, I’m Dan. Can I buy you a drink ?” the handsome guy from the dance floor asked me. I couldn’t help but blush and accept his offer with a nod. My friends could get their drinks themselves anyway. “I’m Y/N” I shouted over the music. We talked and danced for the rest of the night. I had already forgotten the fact that I was here with my friends and not Dan. We got on pretty well. Dan was funny, kind and smart, we also had a lot of things in common. As it got later we both got drunker. I couldn’t even remember how many drinks Dan had already paid for me.

All I knew was that he was breathtaking. At 2am Dan started to make dirty remarks and jokes. At 3 am he had grabbed my bum at least 5 times. At 4am we started making out somewhere sitting on a couch. At 4:30 we were on the way to my flat. At 5am Dan was in his boxers and was about to unclasp my bra…

At was now 10 am and I just woke up. As I remembered the previous night a huge smile appeared on my face. I haven’t felt so alive in ages. Dan was everything I could have ever hoped for, not just his looks and personality were great, no he was also amazing in bed.

I opened my eyes and rolled over, expecting to see Dan sleeping next to me, but to my disappointment he wasn’t there. My heart sunk. ‘This was just a one night stand to him’ I thought and immediately felt stupid because I wanted this to be so much more. God, I have just met this guy and I already had feelings for him. I looked down and saw that the only thing I was wearing was the t-shirt he wore underneath his jumper yesterday. It looked huge on my body, because he was so much taller than me. The t-shirt smelled of him and although there were things I didn’t remember about last night, I definitely still knew how good he smelled. I wasted the rest of the morning imagining the future me and Dan could have had. I’m pathetic I know, but there was just something about him that made me feel alive and complete. I tried to remember as much of last nighht as possible, what he said, how we danced, the way his body felt against mine… It drove me crazy knowing that I would most probably never see him again. All I had left of him was the t-shirt I wore.

I stayed in bed until my stomach growled so loudly that I couldn’t ignore it anymore. I made my way to the kitchen, that was unsurprisingly empty too. I poured myself a bowl of cereal, still just wearing his t-shirt. “I hate parties” I said in a sad voice.

I placed my glass of orange juice on the kitchen table and started eating breakfast. “Now I know how terrible you feel after an one night stand” I whispered to myself. I guess I’ve sunken low.

I was close to tears as I saw a little note lying on the table. It was a white small piece of paper. It said : Sorry, I had to leave. I had an appointment, that I couldn’t miss. This is my number :12345678
Please call me. I need to see you again Y/N.
- Dan