tee recon

The SquidForce logo tee is one of the most iconic in Inkling fashion. At one point, it became so popular that it was made the official brand for Turf War battles! With smart, simple designs and practicality in function, you can be sure any squid who’s stepped on the battlefield has worn SquidForce at some point.

On Models:
White Headband - Ink Recovery Up

Camo Layered LS – Special Charge Up
White Layered LS – Special Saver
Basic Tee – Quick Respawn
Black Anchor Tee – Recon


Hi guys!
I made a dress out of a couple t-shirts. Who doesn’t love Llama Tsunami?!


Also, let me know if adventure vlog type videos are something you’d like to see again! They’re easy to throw together, I just assume nobody gives enough of a shit to watch them, haha.