tee music

Most other groups: *basically live on music shows with their five costume coordinators but get either amazing outfits or everything from the second hand store five minutes before the show no in between*

Day6: *gets one week of music shows per year*
“what we wearing?“
“shit I don’t know I thought you knew”
“what about jeans?”
“should we all match?”

I need help with rent 😔

I hate to do this again but I really need help with rent again. I haven’t been back to work in over a month because of my depression and I’ve been trying to go back but my job has not approved my leave of absence yet hopefully they do within the next few days so I can start working again. In the mean time I’m trying to get another job but I don’t think I’ll be in time enough for rent and I need about $600… if you could please donate and share this post I would really appreciate it! Thank you ❤️️

PayPal: tee_music@yahoo.com 

I need help with rent

I haven’t been back to work in a while because of mental health reasons and rent is due by this Thursday, I have more than half of it covered from money I had saved but I still need about $150. If you can please help out my paypal is tee_music@yahoo.com or you can send the money to cash.me/$kingnefertiti

If you are unable to donate please reblog this post. Thank you in advance ❤️️

Band tees..

Don’t you just hate those people who wears band tees and have no clue what is on their shirt. Some girls thinks Nirvana is a clothing line..

I remember when I saw this girl who was wearing a nirvana shirt and I was like oh hey you like nirvana? She was like uh what is that? Like what ??

You should reblog this if you ACTUALLY listen to the bands on your shirts..