tee music

Most other groups: *basically live on music shows with their five costume coordinators but get either amazing outfits or everything from the second hand store five minutes before the show no in between*

Day6: *gets one week of music shows per year*
“what we wearing?“
“shit I don’t know I thought you knew”
“what about jeans?”
“should we all match?”

harry’s the type of person to interrupt your typical neck bearded radiohead tee wearing music snob going off about Real Music and the influence of the beatles everything that came after them with “uh actually teenage girls made the beatles what they are so jot that down” and that’s one of 5454478 reasons why i love him


First Day Out - Tee Grizzley

KHH Song Recs pt.1

We’ve noticed a lot of people asking for KHH song/artist recs since they don’t know much or anything at all so we decided to collate a little recs post to help. There is so much good music out there it can be overwhelming so here’s a list of some popular artist and songs to try.

(We’re working on a pt.2 post too so keep an eye out)

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Music Series: Tee Shirt by Birdy

A third Music Series story in one day? What? Unheard of, you say?…but yet, here it is. It’s been a rough day today and these little music series stories make me happy, so another baby created.

This one was written for Birdy’s song called “Tee Shirt”. Here is a link to the song on my Spotify playlist called I Love You Long Time: https://open.spotify.com/track/3C5in0EVdoGepp5bA6lhlE

Thanks for reading! xo



In the morning when you wake up

I like to believe you are thinking of me

And when the sun comes through your window

I like to believe you’ve been dreaming of me

Dreaming mmm mmm

You lay in bed, listening to your Spotify play a sappy love song, unable to pull yourself out from under the covers quite yet. Harry is away with work and his side of the bed is cold and empty. Only two more weeks, you keep telling yourself. Two more weeks and he will be back home again.

You grab his pillow, pulling it to your face and inhaling deeply. His scent is the same as gone, but it didn’t stop you from trying to breathe him in every time you were in bed. You grab the neckline of his t-shirt you are wearing and clutch it to your body, wishing he was there for you to hold. It was one of Harry’s favorite t-shirts, but after realizing how much he loved seeing you in it, he relinquished it to you to sleep in.

I know ‘cause I’d spend half this morning

Thinking about the t-shirt you sleep in

I should know 'cause I’d spend all the whole day

Listening to your message I’m keeping, and never deleting

Harry finished his morning interviews and went back to his hotel room for a couple of hours of relaxing until he was due to leave once again. He looked out the window of the chauffeured car, his eyes blearily glancing at buildings and people and cars, but his mind was only on one thing…you.

You had been on Harry’s mind since he woke that morning, every morning really, and even through interviews and meeting people, his mind never strayed from you…what you may be doing…who was lucky enough to be spending time with you in that moment…what you were possibly wearing?

That t-shirt. My t-shirt, he thought and smiled. It’s early morning where you are, and he knew you would still be lying in bed, sleeping in the t-shirt he had given to you to wear. One more week, his mind wandered as he closed his eyes, lying on the bed in his hotel room. One more week until I can hold her in that t-shirt again.

He pulled out his phone to check for messages and saw you had called while his phone was silenced during interviews. He smiled and clicked the little voicemail play button to listen.

‘Hey, handsome. Just wanted you to know, I’m thinking about you. Lonely here without you. I miss you. Can’t wait to see you next week. I love you!’ he heard your voice say through the earpiece. He wasn’t really sure how many times he listened to your message, but he was never going to delete it from his phone.

When I saw you, everyone knew I liked the effect that you had on my eyes

But no one else heard the weight of your words

Or felt the effect that they have on my mind

Falling mmm mmm

As his jet landed and found its way to the designated spot on the tarmac, Harry grabbed his bags, making sure he had everything, then started walking down the steps, saying goodbye to those he traveled with. He saw the car that had been sent to take him home and began walking toward it as he saw the door opening. A smile came over his face as he saw you step out, already smiling at him with tears down your face. He dropped his bags near the car and quickly grabbed you into his arms. Everyone stood and watched with a smile, knowing how much he had missed you and couldn’t wait to see you.

Harry hugged you tightly and you heard him sniff, his breathing catching a bit. He kissed you almost frantically, planting loving pecks on your face, your lips, anywhere his lips could find to leave them.

“I missed you,” he whispered into your ear. “So much.”

He held you for a moment longer then pulled away, looking into your tear-worn, but smiling, eyes.

“Let’s go home,” you tell him.

I know 'cause I’d spend half this morning

Thinking about the t-shirt you sleep in

I should know 'cause I’d spend all the whole day

Listening to your message I’m keeping and never deleting


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