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is it just me, or does some of the ace discourse, or ace culture or whatever seem... weirdly, almost creepily childish? like, "tee hee, cake!" and "tee hee, why on earth would someone ask for a PHONE number? ohhh RIGHT, it's a SEXUALS thing, i didn't even know about phones." like they're almost infantilising themselves.

this has been sitting in my inbox for ages and i have thoughts but all i can make myself say is i agree

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hello i got an idea for a prompt :) could do one aboout rae dad comes in the pub and tries to talk to her and her reactions was quite bad, but no one in the group knows who he was ....( i'm not sure if it is a good idea or not through xx


Choruses of ‘Happy Birthday Rae’ echoed around the table as she blew out the candles. Eighteen candles. She could hardly believe that she’d made it; it had been a tough road getting there. Two suicide attempts and several scars later, she’d made it through the bullshit of teenage years. She was an adult. She could do what she wanted and nobody could stop her.

“I can’t believe you’re eighteen girl! Finally!” Finn said, placing a sweet kiss against her cheek and sending coos and ‘ahs’ around the table.

Rae smiled sweetly at her boyfriend. She still found it hard to understand what a fit, mouth-watering sex god like Finley Nelson was doing with her. But there he was, looking proud as punch as he began to cut into the birthday cake for her.

“I want a bit of Rae’s boob!” Izzy squealed.

Everybody laughed at her forwardness. Izzy had discovered an unknown talent of cake making during a food-tech lesson at college. Three cakes later and her parents had invested in cake lessons on a Saturday morning. Izzy dreamed to open her own cake shop one day and it suited her down to a tee. She’d made Rae’s birthday cake, modelling it to look like Rae. Rae had expected it to look terrible. She’d been able to ignore the jibes about her weight and looks with simple ‘You are perfects’ and ‘Everything is going to be oks’, but it would be impossible to ignore when the cake was placed in front of her.  

She’d been pleasantly surprised, her eyes being drawn towards her beautiful face rather than her body. There was something about the fondant smile and frosted eyes that made Rae realise something; she was happy, and when she was happy she looked good.

Rae laughed as Finn began to hand out slices of cake; making sure that Izzy got a part of Rae’s breast and telling her that was one of the best bits, with a little wink.  Finn’s soulful eyes turned to face her as he handed her a bit. She’d confided in him about her eating struggles and he’d been completely understanding, never putting pressure on her or being nasty about it. He just reassured her silently in the same way he’d reassured her the night that she’d slept with him for the first time.

Everything is going to be ok.

She grinned at him as she took a bite of the cake, feeling grateful as the moist sponge filled her mouth and flavours exploded on her tongue.


She paused mid-mouthful, turning with a hand hovering underneath the cake to catch any falling crumbs. She turned to follow the voice and her face hardened as she saw her father standing to the right of their booth. Immediately she put the cake down, her eyes never leaving his.

“What are you doing here?” she asked.

“I came to see you. Y’know, it’s your eighteenth birthday and I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday and give you your present,” Victor replied.

“I don’t want your present,” she said simply, turning away from her father.

“Rachel…” Victor said with a weary voice.

“It’s Rae!” Finn snapped, an incredulous look on his face, “who the fuck even are you?”

“I’m…” Victor’s voice trailed off and Rae had enough.

“He’s not important,” She said, before swiftly standing up, “I’m just gonna go. Thanks for the cake Izz, it were really nice.”

She pushed her way past Finn, walking out of the pub and ignoring the shouts that followed her. Trust Victor to ruin her day. It’d been such a good one as well; her mum had been in a good mood, despite the tears of ‘my girl’s all grown up’ before having a hot flush because she was actually going through the menopause this time. Karim, or Dad as she now called him, had surprised her with a pretty necklace; telling her that it’d had been his late mother’s. She’d spent the afternoon drinking her first legal drinks; they seemed to taste even better when she couldn’t get arrested for drinking them.

She made her way to the park opposite the pub, pleased that it was a cold November afternoon and there were no kids in sight. She sat herself down on the swing and begun to gently move to and fro.

“You didn’t come by to see me.” Victor’s voice rang out and her head shot up, his voice being the last thing she’d expected.

“You didn’t call.” she replied sharply.

Victor groaned loudly at her response and sat down on the swing next to her.

“Come on Rachel, you’re killing me here.”

Rae looked at him in disgust, “No. I’ve actually tried to kill myself and it doesn’t feel anywhere near as good as you’re feeling right now.”

She felt surprisingly triumphant as her father took a sharp intake of breath, clearly winded by her admittance.

“…I didn’t, I didn’t know.” he stuttered.

“Yeah, well. You wouldn’t. You know nothing about me,” Rae said as she looked away from him and over to the pub.

The gang were standing at the entrance to the park, just in front of the pub. They looked unsure of whether to approach or not and Rae was glad they’d decided to linger behind. She didn’t want them to have to deal with any more of her baggage; especially Finn.

“I brought you a gift.” Victor said, reaching for a bag by his side.

“I don’t want your presents,” Rae retorted with a roll of her eyes, “second hand record players aren’t really my thing.”

“Oh,” he paused, “I wondered why it was on my doorstep when I got back from holiday.”

“I hope it was ruined by the rain.”

“It was.”

“Good.” Rae stated.

An uncomfortable silence lay between them; Rae was getting tired of his rubbish, she’d hoped that he’d stay out of her life. Clearly not.

“Look-“ Victor started but Rae interrupted him.

She turned to look at him again, “look, can you just go? I don’t really want you in my life. I wished for a Dad a long time ago and I got one,” her hand unconsciously reached for the pendant that hung around her neck, “and he didn’t walk out on me when I was seven years old either.”

“Oh,” Victor moved around uncomfortably in his swing, “I’d better go.”

“Yeah.” Rae whispered as Victor got up to his feet and gathered up the ASDA plastic carrier bag that Rae presumed carried her present.

He began to walk away before lingering for a moment or two, “Rachel?”

“My names Rae!” She huffed.

“Rae,” Victor paused, “If you ever get back in contact, you know where I am… yeah?”

Rae didn’t respond; she didn’t need to. Victor walked out of the park, past the gang and out of Rae’s life. Rae waited for relief to come to her but it didn’t. Instead, there was a numbness where she couldn’t quite figure out how she felt.

She could hear footsteps coming towards her and she looked up to see Chloe coming closer. This time relief did come to Rae. For some reason, she was glad that it was her best friend who’d come to speak to her first. It just felt right.

“Hey.” Chloe smiled small at Rae as she leaned against the swing post.

“That was my dad,” Rae looked at her best friend and Chloe nodded.

“I thought so,” Chloe replied but paused, “he looked like you.”

“Oh cheers Chlo!” Rae let out a course laugh, “I look like a man.”

“At last she realises!” Chloe teased, winking at Rae.

Another silence fell, but this one wasn’t uneasy like the one with Victor. Rae knew that Chloe understood. Chloe’s father had left her mother six months earlier, trading her in for a younger and blonder model. Chloe didn’t know what side of the fence she belonged to; fiercely loyal to her mother yet also a Daddy’s girl.

“I told him that he wasn’t my dad, Karim was.” Rae finally spoke.  

Chloe smiled at Rae again, “Good.”

Rae let out a shaky sigh and a single tear fell down her cheek. Chloe didn’t rush forward and hug her, soothing her and telling her that everything was going to be ok; she didn’t need to. Instead, she walked up to Rae, bent down and placed an arm around her shoulder.

“Who needs dads-that-are-twats anyway?” She asked and Rae nodded with a teary chuckle, “Anyway, we both have Karim.”

Chloe pulled Rae up from her swing seat, laughing as she made some jokes about how Karim had unintentionally gained three daughters instead of one.

“Four if you count Izzy!” Rae laughed.

They approached the rest of the gang with big grins on their faces, a few tears still clinging to Rae’s eyelashes.

“Alright?” Finn asked, looking at her with his puppy-dog eyes.

“Yeah,” Rae smiled at him reassuringly. She slipped her hand into his and they followed the gang out of the park and back into the pub, “that was my dad.”

“Knew it,” Finn replied.

“Why do people keep saying that?” Rae complained.

Finn smirked at her, “he told us just before he ran after you.”

Rae nodded in understanding. She looked at Finn with questioning look on her face.

“So I don’t look like him?”

“No!” Finn scoffed, “why would you ask that?”

“Just something that Chloe said.” Rae giggled.

Chloe lingered back and linked her arm through Rae’s spare one. Her long hair swung to her left as she giggled with Rae. They entered the pub and Chop turned around to announce something to them.

“Guys,” the gang fell silent, “it’s time to get FUCKIN’ wasted, and y’know why?”

“Why, Chop, Why?” Archie replied sarcastically, rolling his eyes and knowing full well where Chop was going with it.

“’Cause Raemundo’s fuckin’ eighteen!” 


So I’m well aware this stuff happens all the time to those of us who are “unknown internet artists”, but I’m genuinely curious if there is some kind of suing process I can take here? On the left is a shirt made by a company called Tee & Cake, the right is Missguided’s, and on the bottom is a photo I took in first year of a friend’s banner. It’s not that I’m obsessed with the photo (I usually don’t care about selling my art), it’s just the general thought that this happened, that somebody would blatantly do this that has shocked me and made me seek reimbursement. I was told the first time it happened that I can’t sue because I never trademarked the photo, but it still is plagiarism. Not only once, but stolen from two people - I took the photo, but the sign isn’t mine and was actually personally designed by the girl whom it belongs to. So they are taking something that was created by and belongs to two other individuals, and benefiting financially from it. And myself and the other girl receive zero credit. Is there really nothing I can do here?   

If you are interested in helping me out, my friends and I have started the hashtage #missguidedsteals art on that Instagram post - I know it’s a measly gesture, but I’m curious what the power of voice can do. I’m a university student who pays tuition, rent, and daily life supplies and has two jobs in order to make that money. I would just like to be acknowledged.

I wasn’t going to do this, but I couldn’t resist. Besides all my daughters boyfriends are busy helping with Christmas scarves and mittens and I had a few free minutes, I thought I would give it a go. Just kidding.

Everyone just loves to ask questions about MM. Some are so sure they are together, some want reassurance they aren’t. The reason you can’t put the puzzle pieces together is you don’t have all the facts. Will you ever have them, no. Not unless the Christmas bunny leaves them under your tree. Nope, not happening.

I have my own reasons to disbelieve this SM romance.
I will start with Abbie. I won’t go further back than that.

Abbie showed up at Cannes. Everyone was doing the mouth drop saying WHAT? Pictures of them getting into a car, on the red carpet, but her behind him.

We then had the we are together at a hotel, in Paris. Pictures of a breakfast in your room and drinks at the bar. Not them together, but innuendo so thick you had to get your boots on.

This went on and on and then the picture of Abbie in Sam’s kitchen with the “Heart Breaker” tee on. Making a cake and looking so happy. The picture of Sam skeet shooting and of course she was suppose to be there. The meeting they had for breakfast at 26 grains, where she was pictured going in, a maybe it’s them picture of them talking together.

So, if anyone says what is going on now is the BIG romance. I think not. After watching so much go down with Abbie, the moment I saw the wine bar with them I knew. Here we go again.

MM is in need, so was Abbie. Abbie had a movie coming out. It had a screening in Hollywood ( which everyone thought she had been there for Sam) but when it was released it flopped. Abbie needed exposure and she got it. MM was making a new film in Montreal and had a film coming out on DVD. Exposure for MM was needed. MM had a series that started on TV and it only went one season. Movies are not going anywhere. She needs the fans. She is sliding down hill. Hope Sam doesn’t go with her.

So now MM shows up in a picture with Sam at a winery, and not a random fans picture.A link to the studios. Un huh, right. A baseball game and she is running behind Sam to keep up. Ok. We then go to Montreal, where Sam just happens to be seen walking around the street, two days in a row. Not trying to be seen are we Sam? I could go on, but most of you know the rest.

If this is such a wow he is in love thing, then why is it so important for MM to keep throwing innuendo out here for us to see. If your with a guy, it will say that for itself. If the guy really likes you, the fact he is seen with you in a grocery store won’t make it so. People have gone to awards with friends, coworkers, even siblings, this does not make them GF and BF. If Sam went to NC to see MM where are the pictures? More innuendo, more guessing. He said he was there for the production and checking out places. If he came to see her what’s the big secret? Why not just say, I’m here to see a friend, GF whatever. Nope, we get to guess and fill in the blanks.

If this is love, I must of missed something. Do I think it is serious? Well if plastering your love life all over your fandom and SM is serious. I can’t see it.

What I do see is, actresses in need of exposure. More likes and followers to build their fan bases. Hope that knowing who they are will bring people into a theater to see them in a movie. Know who she is and say yes, I know her, she is with Sam Heughan from Outlander.

Do studios use their most popular actors and actresses to promote others they want noticed. Why not? It’s free PR. Just a few pictures a couple of airline tickets etc.

If MM doesn’t step up her game, if won’t matter if we see her with Sam. The studio will get tired of investing in an actress that isn’t moving anywhere.

Meanwhile, I am still wondering how Ron’s wife, Terry just happened to get bumped to the side (she is part of Outlander and its crew) to put a so called GF in the picture. That my friends was the show Runner and you won’t convince me it was Sam. If Sam wanted her there, he would of been more accepting of her presence. GF, but no red carpet? A date? Yep, sure, ok. Ron is a promoter and this brought gossip. Exposure all over the place. Just doing his job. Strange he was sitting at the table and watching the show from a front seat and next to MM. If Sam brought his mom, no notice, a friend, no, but a date. YES. Even Cait with Tony was second in the PR department that night.

I was told once to never believe anything you read about regarding events in Hollywood and doubt 50% of what you see. I got that info from a very reliable source. If that’s the case. All this is BS.

All of this and WS, fit together. It’s a matter of control. Just imagine control of a fandom. Thousands of people you can tell whatever stories you want to and they will believe it. You could sell them a failing actress and they would think she is great. Get rid of the non believers and you have them believing what you want. Promoters is what they will become.

I know, it doesn’t seem possible, but if you read all that Albrecht has said……he is looking forward to using SM as one of the new promotional PR platforms for the studio. Wow, imagine that. Now why would he say that?

No wonder I think this is a made for us, fandom, Droughtlander story. A new Sam romance on SM and no place else. And no, I don’t think he is gay.

Got to go, the guys are fucking up the scarves. Bye.



NU'EST’s ‘Sleep Talking’ comeback was one of the menswear highlights of k-pop’s 2013. With the visual aesthetic of the comeback very much in sync with the layered, complex and accomplished track (recorded in both Korean and Mandarin) and the iconic, complicated choreography (including that wonderful 'alarm clock’ move), NU'EST had an exciting year. 'Sleep Talking’ was slightly more put together, mature and thoughtful than the hot pink, bow bun, bleach blonde, silver leather days of 'Face’ and 'Action’ but no less youthful or striking or visually detailed. Using iconic pop culture labels like Joyrich LA, Giza, Tee and Cake & Boy London teamed with classical streetwear brand Nike and layers of beaded bracelets, stud earrings, chunky watches, thin necklaces and ear cuffs for added effect, 'Sleep Talking’ was a delight. One of NU'EST’s most defining visual details is the way they use hair and beauty. Androgynous Ren, in particular, drew many eyes their way when they debuted in 2012. Ren’s hard edged, assertive femininity of 2012 seemed softer and more laidback in 2013. Ice blonde fringes, winged eyeliner, pink leather and silver spikes had given way to pretty plaits, eye-catching hairbands, soft brown eyeshadow, pastel highlights and circle lenses. 'Sleep Talking’ was released at the end of August of 2013 when summer was just coming to a close for most of the world, but for me it will always be deeply connected to springtime and the haze of summer with all it’s pastels, florals and L. O. /\ . E stomach tattoos… 

compiled by myself and claddaghstrong, (idea from claddaghstrong) here are the phrases in french you’ll need to survive in Montreal!
(ps I think we’re taught in different accents so I hope you don’t mind but I changed your pronunciations a bit to match mine i.e. you say che-vo and I say che-veuh)

expression française (french phrase) [phonetic sound: ex-press-yon fron-sez]


- je (I) [je]
- j’ai (I have) [jeay]
- je suis (I am) [je swees]
- je vais (I want) [je vay]
- j’aime (I like) [jeme]
- j’adore (I love) [jadoor]
- ça (it, that) [sa]
- je n’ai pas (I do not) [je nay pa]
- quel est ton nom? (what’s your name?) [kell ay tawn nom?]
- je m’appelle (my name is) [je m-apell]
- j’ai/(je n’ai) besoin (pas) d’aide (I (do not) need help/I have (no) need of help) [je-ay/(je nay) bes-wen (pa) d’aiday]
- quel est le directions à (what are the directions to) [kell ay le dee-rect-shons a]
- est-que je peux (can/may I) [es ke je peu]
- aller a (go to) [allay a]
- le toilette/la boire de l’eau/mon hôtel (the toilet/water fountain/my hotel) [le twa-let/ la bwoare de l’oh/ mon otel]
- où est le/la (where is the) [oo es le/la)
- je suis malade (I’m sick) [je swees malad]
- je (ne) peux (pas) trouver (I can(‘t) find) [je (ne) peu (pa) troovay]
- avon (before) [avon]
- après (after) [a-pray]
- lundi, mardi, mercredi, jeudi, vendredi, samedi, dimanche (monday-sunday) [loon-dy mar-dy mer-cre-dy, je-dy, ven-dre-dy, sam-dy, dee-mansh]
- juillet (july) [jwee-et]
if you’re using a negative, always put “ne” or “n’ai” in front of the verb, and “pas” after it. (get—reel)


- bonjour (hello) [bon-jer]
- merci (thank you) [mare-see]
- pardon/excusez-moi (sorry/excuse me) [par-dawn/ex-que-say mawh]
- parlez-vous anglais? (do you speak English?) [parlay voo onglay?]
- je ne comprends pas francais (I don’t understand french) [Je nuh com-prawnd pa fron-sez] Say this when people start speaking french to you and they will happily switch to english!
- oui (yes) [wee]
- non (no) [pretty much no with a french accent, idek] (claddaghstrong)


- je vais prendre un/une/le/la/de/du ________ s’il vous plait (I’ll take/I’ll order ______ please) [je vay prawn-dre un/oon/le (not lay)/la/de/doo see voo play]
- végétarien(ne) (vegetarian - add the extra ne if you’re female) [veg-e-tair-ee-en(n)]
- salade (salad) [salaad]
- sandwich (ok duh a sandwich) [sandweesh]
- poulet (chicken) [poo-lay]
- petit gâteau (cupcake) [puh-tee ga-toe]
- gâteau (cake) [ga-toe]
- biscuit (cookie) [bees-kwee]
- jus de pomme/orange/raisin/canneberge (apple/orange/grape/cranberry juice) [joos de pom/oRANje/ray-san/can-berje]
-(boire de) (l’)eau (water (bottle)) [(bwoare de) (l’)oh]
-café (coffee) [ka-fay]
- thé vert/décaféiné/regulaire (green/decaf/regular tea) [tay ver/day-caff-ee-nay/reg-u-lair]
- sucre (sugar) [soo-kre]
- lait (milk) [lay]
- je suis allergiques à ____/arachides (I am allergic to ____/peanuts) [je swees all-er-jeekes a ____/ar-a-shides]


- 1 un [un]
- 2 deux (deuh)
- 3 trois (twoz)
- 4 quatre (catre)
- 5 cinq (sank)
- 6 six (sees)
- 7 sept (set)
- 8 huit (wheat)
- 9 neuf (nuf)
- 10 dix (dees)
- 11 onze (owns)
- 12 douze (dooz)
- 13 treze (trez)
- 14 quatorze (catours)
- 15 quinze (kains)
- 16 seize (says)
- 17 dix-sept (dees-set)
- 18 dix-huit (dees-wheat)
- 19 dix-neuf (dees-nuf)
- 20 vingt (vaint)
- 21 vingt-et-un (vaint ay un)
- 22 vingt deux (vaint deuh) etc.

- 30 trente (trant)
- 40 quarante (care-aunt)
- 50 cinquante (sank-aunt)
- 60 soixante (swuss-aunt)
- 70 soixante-dix (swuss-aunt dees) (i.e. 60+10)
- 80 quatre-vingt (catre vaint) (i.e. 4x20)
- 90 quatre-vingt-dix (carte vaint dees) (i.e. 4x20+10)
- 100 cent (sawn)
- 200 deux cent (deuh sawnt) (etc. etc.)

when the french say numbers such as 21, 31, 41, 2561 etc, they say vingt-et-un, trente-et-un etc, but only for numbers ending in one: all other numbers don’t have “et” (ay) between the ones and tens place. Also, you pronounce the “t’ in “cent” (100) for every hundred except for one hundred (i.e. 200, 300, 400, 700, etc. except for 100). You also wouldn’t call 100 “un cent”- you’d just call it “cent”


- tête (head) [tet]
- bras (arms) [bra]
- mains (hands) [men]
- estomac (stomach) [es-toe-mac]
- jambes (legs) [jomb]
- genoux (knees) [je-noo]
- pieds (feet) [peeay] (get—reel)


- non, ce n’est pas mes vrais cheveux (no, this is not my real hair) [no, se nay pa may vray she-veuh]
- comment est mon bronzage? (how is my tan?) [ka-mon a mon bron-zaje?]
- une autre bière s’il vous plait (another beer please) [oon o-tra beer see-voo-play)
- merci, Gavin a fait. (thanks, Gavin made it) (mare-see, Gavin a fay)
- quand est les rappels/les prix? (when are recalls/awards?) kawnd a lay ra-pell/ lay pree) (claddaghstrong)
- qui a gagné/quels sont les résultats (who won/what are the results) [kee a ganyay/kells son lays raysulta] (get—reel)