The singer of metal band Gwar gave a TED Talk about how his music is secretly about togetherness.

Metal band Gwar is not usually associated with thoughtful social commentary.
Unless you’re already a Gwar fan, you probably think of the band as “that crazy group with the freaky costumes and elaborately vulgar stage shows.“ (Actually, even if you are a Gwar fan, you probably think of them that way.)

So you might be surprised to learn that the lead singer of Gwar recently gave a TEDx Talk.

Dr. Michael Bishop, who gave the talk, currently plays the role of Gwar’s lead singer, the berserker Blothar. More importantly, he has a Ph.D. in music from the University of Richmond, with a particular interest in ethnomusicology (basically, the cultural and social context around music).

The talk is about the intersections of regional identity, economics, slavery, and creativity — and how it all relates to the construction of Gwar’s mythology.









多くの研究者は三流を目指して去っていくし,なれたとしても三流は世間的な評価が低い.こうして二流ばかりが残る. 三流になるためには莫迦に徹しないといけないし,そこを突き抜けた大莫迦だけが一流(完熟柿)になれるのだから,割りに合う生き方とは到底言えないだろう.






A Personal Update: Thanks For the Support Everyone!

Hey everyone! I thought I would let you know that I’m going to be giving a TEDx Talk at my university! I’ll be talking about citizen science, scientific literacy, and the importance of making space accessible to everyone! I expect that you will get some sort of shout out.

Thanks for all the support everyone, I really couldn’t do it without you!


The people I met have endured terrible suffering, loss, heartbreak and fear. They look to Europe for protection. They look to Europe for safety. Yet they are too often met by prejudice, ill-will, hostility, intolerance and anger. I urge people to take some time – even just 5 minutes – to look beyond the headlines and get to know one of the millions of people around the world who have been forced to flee their home.” - Douglas Booth 

Thank you so much #WesternUniversity for having me at @tedxwesternu. It was great to meet so many of you even if briefly, you had great questions and amazing initiatives that you are collaborating on. The talk was livestreamed on @tedxofficial and will be available to watch later, @themrmilan also #periscoped it on my periscope if you want to check it out. Thanks Casie Stewart for capturing this and for her presentation. Special gratitude to Rishi who suggested me. 💕 #TEDX #tedtalk #femmesforjustice #London #speaker #writer (at Western University)

“TINY VICTORIES: What I learnt from painting a miniature every single day for 730 consecutive days.”

I’m so honoured to have been invited to be a speaker at TEDx UCT this Saturday (and yes, my nerves are shot). If you’d like to see me facing my giant fear of public speaking, you can grab a ticket at the link in my profile. 🐜 #tinyvictories #tedx #uct #uhoh (at Buchanan Square, Woodstock)


Consciousness – the final frontier | TEDxNoosa 2014

“Just as your own consciousness is the essence of your own mind, cosmic consciousness is the essence of the entire universe.” ~Dada Gunamuktananda

Many think the ‘para’ part of Paralympics means paraplegic or paralysed, but they would be wrong.

Speaking at TedX Sydney today Dylan Alcott, a Paralympic gold medalist explained the word Paralympic is actually just two words smashed together with ‘para’ meaning parallel and the ‘lympics’ bit just meaning Olympics.

“It actually represents the word parallel, meaning the Paralympics runs in parallel, or alongside, the Olympics. Every four years in the same venue with the same elite sports, with the same elite sports stars competing,” he said. “The only difference is that at the Paralympics everyone has a disability and is heaps better looking.”