As a part of our study of the Civil War Reconstruction period, I gave my students this question-Who was Jim Crow?  The quickly found that Jim Crow was not actually a person.  My students learned so much more than they would have ever learned from a teacher created powerpoint.  This lesson reminded me how much I love the constructivist philosophy of teaching/learning. I plan to do many more SOLE sessions in my class.

At first I was concerned about students surfing to websites that were inappropriate.  My class discussed what to do if that happened.  I was still slightly concerned so I gave my students some websites where they could find information.  However, since the government was shut down, some of the sites were closed.  Thus, they found other sites to answer the question. 

Suzanne Osborne- Rome, Georgia 


“I have been working with the development of SOLE student work areas and used the SOLE teaching/exploration techniques for a few years now.  Last year, I constructed SOLE units using Herman miller devices in Sir John A Macdonald Sr PS in Brampton, Ontario.  Students worked in groups on rich tasks while sharing access to a digital device.  This promoted rich, on-task discussion and a better understanding of the topic (in general) before individual evaluations related to the topic occurred.

In these video clips, you will see the structures in some of the scenes (circular desk units with a tall central column with charging ports attached).  You should also see students sitting and discussing topics together while using a shared digital device.”

Andy, Grade 6 NorthSciTech