The fact that Ed sees the hateful comments uneducated people have made breaks my heart, he shouldn’t have to justify himself to anyone. This REALLY annoys me.. the fact that people cant be fucked to look up what loop pedal means, is sad. He doesn’t have backing tracks, he has two mics, one for singing, one for harmonising, he builds the beat up with his guitar, then records that and his voice on that loop; that’s why it takes a while to get into some songs, and if you watch his feet, that’s how he’s doing the loop, he shouldn’t have to tweet this and the fact that he’s seen all the negativity on twitter pisses me off, he’s finally come out of his shell, it’s just jealousy, I’d love to see them get up there and do it! They’re all thick as shit, don’t even know how to shave their pubes let alone use a loop pedal.


Ed Sheeran’s Glastonbury set, June 25, 2017. (Thanks Ryan!)

I thought it’d be fun to get a Hogwarts uniform for my teddy bear, but was unsure if the bear should be in yellow like me, or in green like my boyfriend. My best friend thinks the bear should be one of the other houses. It’s a teddy bear, he can’t exactly go take a test. Trying to decide the best house without my own Hufflepuff bias has kept me awake at night far more often then it should.

(not responsible for this amazing photoshop, too bad! ~Taiga)