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Do you have any other Ed Sheeran blogs?

Yup, I have two other Ed blogs. One of them is @edsheeran and the other one is @teddystimeline, but the teddystimeline one just redirects to Ed’s old blog. I still have hope that Ed will return to tumblr one day, or at least set up his instagram to automatically post here like it used to, but that hope is growing fainter all the time… 


MYSWEETAYNGEL’S NEW YEAR FOLLOW FOREVER (also we got to 3k!!! thank you!)


sorry if i didn’t include everyone as i compiled this list quite awhile ago and i have followed many more people since then so just message me if i forgot you or you want to be included!! okay so everything’s organized by url unless i know for sure that you’re multifandom also i am wayyy too lazy for alphabetizing haha so sorry if things get a little mixed up and thank you for being amazing!! bold is for amazing people and i love you a lot :)

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i was fortunate to meet/get closer with so so many of you this year and thank you for all you have done for me if we have ever talked or if we haven’t i appreciate your blog so thank you so so much also a big thank you to taylor for being a constant source of happiness where it’s a struggle to find it and here’s to a great 2015 :) -steph (and maya (and lila))


So a year ago today, on February 8, I changed my url to edsheerans-iguanabeanybaby and it honestly changed my life! Over the past year I’ve learned to not only love Ed more, but love his fans more! I’ve had nothing but wonderful experiences with all of you and it’s been lovely to in a community of people who will laugh and cry and obsess over Ed with me! So thank you all my 1,727 followers for putting up with my blog!

I’m also doing a follow forever for some of my favorite people I’ve met or hope to talk to more:(in no order and I’m sorry if I forget someone!)

@alwaysbepluss @coffeesheeran @drinkingcoldcoffeewithedsheeran @edsheeran @edsheeranedits @edsheeransdaily @edslover @edstubble @edsverybadthings @eat-some-chocolate @ed-sucks-at-maths @ed-sheeran-af @fuckyeahteddysheeran @gingerpawfection @grahamthecat @ginger-food-lover-ed @hellomynameis-edsheeran @holysheerios @howtotrainyourginger @holyshititssheeran @iwritethingsaboutedsheeran @ijustwriteschemes @jamielawsonmusic @littlebitofbass @lego-house @live-laugh-ed @liareen @literally-sheeran @multiply-ed-x @pouring-ed-on-my-cornflakes @palefacebreathingincocaine @shheran @shheeran @sheeran @sheerito @shermination-squad @sheerious-sheerio @sheeranslittlethings @sheeranteddy @teddystimeline @tenerifesea @teddysheeranfics @teddyspizzaslice @snazzy-edsheeran @unofficialedsheeran @waughysheeran