There was a rumor going around that Chekov had lost his memory and being his friend, Anna wanted to make sure that she go and check on him. She wasn’t sure how much of his memory he had lost or if he even knew who Anna was at all. Her money was on no but she couldn’t be too sure. Memory was tricky like that. After getting the okay from his doctor that it was okay to talk to him after whatever had happened, Anna had made her way to his quarters and knocked on the door. “Chekov?” She called “It’s Anna. Lieutenant Hart?”

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Opinion on;

Character in general: Their Chekov is completely adorable fdkljhkldgj
How they play them: Once again, adorable. And I love how completely in sync both her and Dontcallmewillowtree are. Like they bounce off each other it’s so cute XD
The Mun: Only had a few chances to talk to her outside of character, but she’s really nice, I know that :)

Do I:

RP with them: One and off
Want to RP with them: Yes! I’ve been meaning to Rp with you using my other OC Isabelle, but you don’t post enough open starters fdljldfkjldf

What is my;

Overall Opinion: Cutie Patooies. Come, let me love you.

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty