Udon at about 6 months old. It was bin cleaning day, and this was my temporary solution - to place him in a box while I cleaned - before getting him a playpen.

Sometimes, when Udon was awake from his deep slumber and doing his daily activities, I would open the lid to his bin and just watch him. After a couple of minutes, I would puff my chest, put my hands on my hip, and take a deep breath and lovingly (and of course not so loudly) yell at him: “WHO MADE YOU? WHO MADE THIS CUTE AND FAT KID? HOW AM I SO BLESSED TO HAVE YOU AS MY FUR BABY!?!?!?!?” … or ya know… somewhere along those lines. At times, Udon would respond by stopping what he’s doing and looks up with a questioning look.  And sometimes… it almost looks like he’s judging me, “Oh its you, mum. Please stop being crazy, you’re embarrassing me.”


Udon, the mama’s boy.

I would classify Udon as a people hamster. He can interact and play with people, as long as they’re not noisy and overwhelming (he gets skittish and agitated afterwards - then I have to remove the poor boy from the person). But after a couple of minutes, he would always make sure to sniff and look for me to hide and snuggles. Someone always laugh and say he’s a mama’s boy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Look at him! Who wouldn’t want this cutie to love you?