…Zoom telling you that he would never hurt you.


Zoom loomed before you, his black eyes piercing straight through the tough façade you had usually worn. You could feel the instinctual fear creeping up your spine as your heart raced in your chest and your breathing grew shallow.

You knew this would be the end. You were a part of Team Flash and had been seen with them on numerous occasions. It made sense that Zoom would have targeted you. Though you didn’t do much for the team, you always did your best to contribute. Which made the Flash’s enemies, yours. Which made sense. What didn’t really make sense was why Zoom had slowly approached you in an alleyway on your way home from a walk in the park.

Standing only a few feet away, Zoom sparked in the darkening alleyway, the sun sinking lower beneath the horizon with each step he took. You were backed up against a brick wall of a building, fear keeping your feet firmly planted beneath you and silencing any screams that might try to make their way out. Your heart crashed against your chest and your sweaty palms flattened against the rough brick.

There was a flash of blue as Zoom came at you and stopped, standing no more than an inch away from you. Your heart jumping to your throat and tears beginning to brim on your lashes as the realization of your death began to settle in your bones. You looked up into his dark eyes as your heart began to sink. You knew begging was pointless and even if it was the only thing you could do, depriving him of the satisfaction of becoming a desperate mess would be your final act in the land of the living.

His black clawed hand rose slowly and your tears silently spilled down your cheek. You closed your eyes, waiting for the inevitable pain your were about to endure, your heart racing faster than it ever had before, only to come to a crashing halt when you felt a cold leather softly brush across your cheek.

Your eyes opened to see his hand, softly cupping your cheek, his thumb brushing a tear away as his other hand joined and cradled your face. Your body almost immediately relaxed beneath his touch as all fear began to fade away. He gently brushed the remaining tears away, his voice softly ‘shh’ing you.

“ (Y/N), don’t be afraid.” His voice reverberated through your body, your breath slowing as a strange warmth grew in your chest.

“I would never hurt you. You…are special to me.” His whispered, his growling soothing whatever ill emotions lingered in you.

Then, almost as soon as he appeared, there was a flash of blue and Zoom was gone, like he was never there.