Excerpt from an essay I’m working on called Christmas Claymation and it’s Effects on my Mood.

Figure 1.0: Doctor Finklestein, Best known for his work in Tim Burton’s - The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993).
This character makes me: SAD.

Figure 1.1: Teddy Pierce, From Dan Harmon’s - Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas episode of Community (2010).
This character makes me: HAPPY.

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Scared of the future ~ part 4

Scared of the future ~ part 1
Scared of the future ~ part 2
Scared of the future ~ part 3

Bonjour mes amies! This fic is getting more interesting with the minute :) I’m sorry for when you are experiencing an overload of feels. There might be a flush of fics coming up.

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The only thing that had interrupted the silence, was the sound of the doors falling shut. Further, there was only silence.
Teddy fellt goosebumps on her skin, and she Tried to focus on the only light in the room.
Somewhere deep on the inside, she was scared of what she would find. Would he still be the friend she had left behind in Grey Sloan Memorial?
When Teddy approached the platform in the middle of the room, she saw this platform was kinda different.
At the side of the platform, there were screens within her reach, monitoring Owen his vitals, and giving her a clear vision of everything that was happening right now. Owen himself, was laying in a bed on the platform, still deeply asleep.
He looked peacefull. Teddy knew that was a lie.
“Oh Owen,” Teddy sighed. She looked at his vitals, and realised everything looked normal. Everything still looked like that.
“What the hell happend?”

Amelia was curled up in a ball, wishing she was dead.
God, she had never wanted to die more then now. Something was terribly wrong with her.
She had Hurt Edwards. She had Hurt a lot of people, and her entire body was on fire.
The space she had found herself into was quiet, but it still felt like someone was bashing into her ears with too loud music.
The light… God, it was so bright. The only way for her not to scream, was to stay into her little ball. Her safe, little ball.
At least, if her head wasn’t going to explode at first.
The sound of a door that fell shut, and Amelia moaned.
Whoever had entered the room, Amelia really hoped the only reason of coming here was to sedate her. Otherwise, she wasn’t sure about what she would do.
The sound of high heels coming into her direction made her scream internally, and when she heard someone touch the screens next to her cage, she decided to raise her voice.
“Go away.”
Her voice wasn’t more then a soar sound, but she knew the other person had definitely heard her.
In a rush, Amelia jumped up, and looked in the scared eyes of Addison Montgomery.
“Oh, Amelia…”
Addison came closer to the Invisible wall, and looked right into the mad eyes of Amelia.
“Don’t talk.”
“But Amy-”
Electricity went through the entire compartiment, and put the pillow Amelia had been sleeping on on fire. The sprinklers made the fire go out.
Addison slowly stepped back from the platform, back in the shadows from the room, and Amelia could see in her eyes that she was terrified.
Somewhere in the room, heavy iron doors opened and closed again. Amelia sank down on the ground, back in her little ball, tears streaming down her face.
She had made her sister terrified of her.

“People- Please… Oh, come'on!”
Many people were talking through each other, because they wanted to hear the truth about the rumors. Rumors were going around that Arizona, Owen, Callie, Amelia, Meredith, Maggie and Bailey had been taken by people in cars with colors of the army, and everyone wanted to know where they were right now.
“Why has the army been seen near the hospital?” Someone asked. “They behaved strange, and now they’re gone!”
“People… People!” Webber yelled. “I am very sorry to say, but even I don’t know what is going on. When I know what is going on, you’ll be the first to hear.”
Webber left the hallway, but Ben, Alex, and April, who had been standing near to each other, didn’t trust it.
“Not knowing what is going on?” Alex said. “My ass.”
“He kept yelling to Bailey that she had to call this in,” April said. “Last night, when they brought Torres in, he kept saying that. If she wouldn’t do it, then he would. I don’t trust this at all.”
“You’re right,” Ben said. “I know my wife. She sounded devistated on the phone, when I last spoke to her, and it’s pretty damn difficult to get her scared.”
“Something isn’t right,” Alex continued. “It’s up to us to find out what.”

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Little lion man ~ part 2 (preview)

Little lion man ~ part 1

Hey guys. It took me a while, I’m writing too many fics at the same time, buuuuuuuuuuuuuut I hope you all enjoy it.

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Leaning against the wall, Miranda Bailey sighed deeper then she had ever done.
Crap. Today was nothing more then crap.
Owen Hunt, her “on temporarly leave” head of trauma surgery, had died in Iraq.
Her collegue, someone who she had always respected, and a good man, had died in Iraq, because of a freaking bomb.
Today was going to be very crappy.
The only ones who knew the news until now, were Webber and Karev. Bailey was sure that Richard was going to keep his mouth shut, but she wasn’t really sure about Karev, so she had to handle fast. 
There was only one way to do this right, so they wouldn’t hear the news from anyone else.
Bailey pressed some stuff on her Phone, and sended a paige out, calling out for a direct meeting in the nearest attendings lounge. When she went to the lounge herself, she already found Arizona there, reading in some patient files.
“Hey chief, you paiged?”
“Yeah, just… Wait until the others are here.”
She took a deep breath, and tried to speak some courage into herself.
She, Miranda Bailey, was the chief of surgery.
She could do this. She had to do this.
To give her a bit more power, Bailey poored herself a cup of coffee, and slowly, the others came in. April was the first one, followed by Alex, Meredith, Richard, and Torres was the last one to enter the room.
“Are we all here?” Bailey asked with a shaky voice.
“The only ones who aren’t here are Riggs and Pierce, but they are in surgery with a patient.”
“Then… I think we can start,” Bailey answered slowly. She went to the other side of the room, to stand in front of her people.
She took a deep breath again.
“What’s going on?” Torres asked. Bailey ignored her.
“As some of you might know, Pierce and Riggs are in surgery with Evelyn Hunt. Doctor Altman brought her in.”
A few people gasped. Others could feel what way this was going.
“I am affraid I have some very bad news for all of you. As someone who did her internship and residency in this hospital, I know how fast gossip can go around here, so I decided it would be better if you guys would hear this from me.”
“Who died?”
Amelia had decided to cut the cord. She had seen the face Bailey was giving them a lot of times in her life, and the only thing she wanted, was getting the words out.
“Our old-collegue, doctor Owen Hunt… He died in action in Iraq. Mrs. Hunt got a heart attack when she heard the news.”
At that moment, a lot of things happend at the same moment in the room.
Callie put her hands in front of her mouth, and started to cry in Arizona her arms, while April slowly sank down on the ground, muttering this could not be true, with tears streaming down her face. Meredith was busy looking down to the ground, while Amelia… Amelia only looked straight in front of her, with a quivering lower lip.
When Richard put a hand on her shoulder, she ran out of the room. No one went after her.