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Happiness and love within Teddy. 

Picture this:

Teddy sees how they all treat her with his own eyes. They pass her around like salt at the dinner table and they make fun of her size, lack of brains, lack of beauty, puniness. Teddy wishes he could do something, but he is just a stuffed bear. He remembers how she always makes sure to stitch him back together every time he falls apart. 

Now she’s about to fall apart. 

Then one night, he finally gets the power to move after one of the twin’s accidentally spilled some potion on him and he becomes gigantic Teddy. He rescues Yui. The vampires try to stop him, but Giant Teddy swats them away with his paws. He punches a giant hole in the wall (that puts Subaru to shame) and walks out with Yui safely tucked inside his pocket. 

They never see them again.

Barney gives teddy a cuddle!

Barney’s been doing the “Hug” trick with other objects for a while, however, holding the bear up has proved difficult - it’s quite big & bulky but very soft. Taken him a few practice sessions to manage this - a lot of rewarding tiny steps in the right direction. Today was the first time I’ve been able to step back & take photos. He’s a good dog :)

The camera shots in Westworld

Steadicam shots indicate that hosts are doing what they’ve been told to do, but handheld shots indicate that they’re acting on their own. Jonathan Nolan explains:

In the finale, when Maeve gets onto that train … the Steadicam is leading her over. Now, it’s just keeping pace with her as she makes the decision. What we understand in the moment is it’s the first real decision she’s made all season. Which is, she’s not going to fulfill the script she’s been given, which is to take this train wherever it’s going, and do whatever else she’s programmed to do. She can get off the train. At which point, we shift to handheld camera, which we’d held back on throughout the entire season until one moment with her, and one moment with Dolores, when Teddy comes to rescue her. We get Maeve off the train with a handheld camera. And I remember watching the dailies and almost being shocked at how effective a cinematic technique can be if you hold off on it for long enough. If you dial it in at just the right moment, that suggests she’s literally like a train coming off the tracks. We’re no longer in programmatic or prescribed behaviors. She’s improvising, and we’re right there with her.

Gangsta Luv (G Dragon fic/Ch.2)

A/N: Ch.1     Ch.3     Ch.4     Ch.5     Ch.6     Ch.7     Ch.8     Ch.9     Ch.10     Ch.11     Ch.12     Ch.13     Ch.14     Ch.15      Ch.16

Chapter 2 of my arranged marriage/mafia G Dragon fic! Enjoy! ~Ad.Red

Genre: At one point or another there will be everything. Also, gun and drug mention/use in the future. 

Word Count: 2,161

Summary: What does one do when their future is already picked out for them? Try to escape over and over again or accept their fate?

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✦ embrace the glorious mess


The weather was particularly good that day as the cooling breeze eased down the heat brought on by the sun. Jongkook sat by the table located on the porch of the café, next to the huge tree blooming with white flowers whose petals would flutter and dance along with the light wind. There was only a handful of patrons in the café at this time of the day, while most of the people are still stuck in their work.

Jongkook belonged to that handful of patrons, as his unpredictable shift schedule as a firefighter doesn’t allow him a normal working hours routine. Sometimes he has all three shifts in a day, other times one or two shifts. Occasionally he has no shift at all, but he would still insist on coming to work to help out in case of emergency. Today was not the day though, after being forcibly thrown out of the station to take a rest by the Chief directly in charge of him, which he thought was so absurd to the point of being ridiculous, even though he knew it was for his well-being.

Sipping his drink absentmindedly through the straw, he moved his finger across the screen of his phone, looking idly endless list of pictures in the feed consisting mostly of food, selcas, artsy landscape, and some random shit. He sighed and got out from from the app, before locking his phone and looking out to the peaceful scenery in front of him instead. That was when he heard a soft crying, and thought he was imagining things until he spotted a little girl by the side of the road close to where he was seated.

A few seconds later he was by the girl’s side, trying to calm her down as he checked for any injuries. She seemed to be fine, except for her knees where the skin was lightly scraped. Probably fell and grazed against the ground. “It’s okay, uncle will help you make the pain go away, all right?” He cooed, and then almost magically, whipped out bandaids of various design ranging from cartoons, to cute animals and even superheroes. “Which one do you want? Uncle will stick them on and they can protect you,” he smiled softly.

This is Teddy.

He is the kind of asshole cat that gives cats the asshole name. He bites visitors if he doesn’t like them, if he doesn’t want to be rubbed or if he is just in a grumpy mood. He slaps too, with claws extended. He can’t jump very well and uses his claws for everything. We gave up on furniture a long time ago. He vomits his dry food up to make room for wet food. He vomits if you shut him outside a door or room. He strikes at the neck of his other cat siblings when he wants to throw his weight around. He doesn’t shut up if he wants attention or if you don’t give it to him upon his demand. He wants to sit beside me always, even at the dinner table he must have his own chair beside me. He often doesn’t cover his pee or poop properly and expects one of the cats/us to cover it for him. He demands to enter the bathroom with you and sits and stares at you the entire time. He has no idea of personal space and will sit on your face while you sleep. His favourite sleeping place is your pillow. He nibbles on your toes in the morning when he decides it is his breakfast time, though there is always a bowl of dry food available. When you put a clean water bowl and fresh water he sticks his dirty paws into it just for the fun.

But you can probably tell all this from his face.

He is the youngest and most spoilt of our furfamily.

But wherever I go he follows and cuddles beside me. I never read alone because my bear is cuddled next to me. Whenever we foster or rescue a cat or kitten he is always the first to accept, welcome and play with them, so long as they don’t become too friendly with me. He loves my cuddles and kisses more than anything, and never bites or cuts me. He comes running when called, he brings the ball or mouse to play fetch, he cries when we leave for work and is at the front door waiting for us when we enter. He talks to us.

And we adore him and all his naughty ways.

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Clint finding out the government has taken Kate because she's not a registered hero and Sam coming along with him to pick her up, but she's already beaten up all the guards and is finding her way out with an army of unregistered heroes that they've all never met.

Yes! Interestingly, while on their way, Clint and Sam discover that there were four rescue parties coming for Kate.

Rescue party #1 consists of Clint and Sam, who, by their own admission, have no plan and not nearly enough training. What they do have, however, is a bond that’s avian in nature.

Rescue party #2 consists of Steve and Nat, who have just come back from a separate mission in Brazil. (”We know that Kate can take care of herself, but Captain America here wanted to make sure she doesn’t leave a mess, as Hawkeyes tend to do.” Clint tries and fails to glare at Nat.)

Rescue party #3 consists of the Young Avengers, who have also come to get Billy. Tommy is part-excited because he gets to play knight in shining armor to Kate (a thought which, if expressed, may cause him to lose an arm) and because for once he’s the one breaking Billy out from somewhere. He is also feeling part-vindictive because how dare the government take both Kate and his twin? Are they trying to provoke him specifically? (”They’re really not,” Teddy assures him.)

Rescue party #4 consists of Deadpool. Just Deadpool. (“You can’t have a Hawkeye-Deadpool reunion if you’re one Hawkeye short!”)


5 YEARS AGO TODAY I brought home my tiny little wobbly kitten TEDDY!!!

Teddy was rescued from a hoarding situation in New Jersey, and I got him in pretty bad shape. The first two picture are from his petfinder listing and the bottom one is him today.
He is, by far, the happiest and sweetest little boy. He just loves everyone and everything. He’s a special needs cat and he doesn’t care in the slightest. He does his best!

Adventures in Babysitting

Characters: Sam, Dean, Reader (no pairing, only friendship)

Warnings: Mention of abuse and alcoholism at the end. Nothing too graphic.

Request: Hi! So I have a request for a supernatural one shot where the reader has been with the boys for awhile but they don’t know much about the readers early life. Somehow she gets turned into a little kid (like 5-ish) and she keeps running away and hiding from them and starts freaking out if they get too close and she explains to them that her childhood wasn’t good when they finally get her back to normal. Thanks! (Sorry if it’s too specific).

A/N: So this is like 3,600+ words. Sorry, my hand slipped. It was just so cute, writing the boys interacting with a small child. And yes I stole the title from a real book, so sue me:) I hope y'all like it!


“Boys! I’m home!” you shouted as you ambled down the steps of the bunker. It was then that you saw Dean walk through the door, beer in hand followed by Sam.

“Hey. You take care of that witch?” Sam asked.

“No actually. She was a little harder to handle than I thought. She got away after she knocked me out with some kind of spell.”

At the mention of the word spell both men’s eyes shot up to yours, Sam’s looking wide and worried and Dean’s squinted as he studied your face for anything that seemed out of place.

“What kind of spell? Are you okay?” Sam queried as he walked to you, his hands ghosting down your arms before they came up to rest against your cheeks as he turned your head this way and that, inspecting every inch of you.

“I’m fine,” you said, laughing as you stepped out of his grasp. “I’m pretty sure it was just to knock me out so she could get away.”

Then Dean walked over and set his beer on the table before placing the back of his hand against your forehead, like a mother taking her child’s temperature. He pulled it back after a second and circled around you.

Dean’s voice was still full of concern when he moved to stand in front of you again, his tone low and uneasy. “You’re sure?”

“Yes, Dean. I’m fine. Geeze you two are like regular mother hens.”

You laughed again and hiked your bag up farther on your shoulder as you made your way to your room, ignoring the stares you felt directed at you as you left.

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Genderfluid demi-sexual Teddy and trans women pansexual Victoire being Hogwart’s power couple and activists, with their relatives and friends all being extremely supportive. Victoire later being voted in as Minister of Magic, where she immediately starts passing laws to break down racist, ableist, classist, heteronormative standards within the wizarding world, while Teddy opens a rescue/wildlife reserve for magical and non-magical creatures that even panromantic asexual Hagrid feels comfortable sending injured animals to when he finds them.

Giving Teddy some loving!
Teddy was rescued as a calf at a few days old, he was going to be killed because the dairy industry considers male calves “wastage” (will not make them money)
Please go vegan and stop contributing to killing calves!