teddy's arm is just

best friends || isaac lahey

word count: 3350

warnings: none

prompt: isaac and y/n are best friends, but get in a fight before a mission. y/n almost gets attacked by the villan and isaac saves her.

author’s note: probably seems familiar because it’s been posted, this is a repost because my old blog is now deleted.

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“A Day At The Potters”  ~  Teddy x reader

“can I request a Gryffindor!reader x Edward Remus (Teddy) Lupin? Reader is a family friend of the Potter’s and ends up at their house over the summer holiday. Reader is really anxious and keeps to themself a lot and calls Teddy ‘Edward’ usually. He’s one of the only ones who can get through to the reader emotionally. You pick where it goes from there.” ~Anon

Oh. My. Goodness. Let me just say that this imagine request is so cute! I’m sorry that it took me forever to write this. I’ve just started back to school, and I already have a ton of assignments to do. I finally found some extra time, and I have enjoyed it so much (just because writing requests is one of my favorite things to do). I hope you like it!😊😘


Y/n took a deep breath. There she was, standing at the front door of the Potters’ residence. She felt a bit nervous, though she’d been here many times before. She didn’t really like being surrounded by a lot of people. All she wanted to do was hang out with her best friend, Teddy. Finally, she knocked.

Y/n opened her eyes to see a little redheaded girl standing in front of her. Before the both of them could speak, a voice interrupted the silence from inside.

“Lily, what have I told you about answering the door?”

“But, Mummy!” She smiled sweetly. “It’s y/n!”

The woman turned to her. “Oh! Y/n! It’s so nice to see you!” she said, giving her a hug. “Come in, come in!”

Y/n walked inside and looked around the living room with interest. The room hadn’t changed, but it always felt different each time she visited. Sh couldn’t understand why, though. It was a mystery.

“Just set your bags down by the sofa.” Ginny directed. “I’ll take them up after dinner.”

Footstep were heard running around upstairs.

“Did mum say dinner?” James asked Albus, who seemed just as ecstatic.

The two boys ran down the stairs and straight into the kitchen.

Teddy wasn’t too far behind. He chuckled at their excitement and rolled his eyes as he walked over to y/n.

“Y/n!” he exclaimed. “It’s so great to see you!”

“It’s great to see you as well, Edward.”

At dinner, Harry and Ginny told everyone about Fred and George’s pranks on Umbridge and how McGonagall didn’t seem to care.

“So, y/n.” Harry began, “What’s one thing your going to miss after this year at Hogwarts?”

She froze in her place. She hadn’t really thought about this being her last year. “Ummm…” fidgeting with her fingers, Teddy answered in her place.
“Definitely not the moving staircases.”

Harry and Ginny laughed at his response. However, James looked horrified.

“The stairs move?”

Teddy smirked. “You get used to them after a while.”

Dinner seemed to go on forever. Y/n kept to herself mostly, besides the few times when she would get asked to pass the salt or the usual questions about her past school years. She let out a silent sigh of relief when dinner had finally ended. Ginny took her bags up to the guest room, and at last, she was alone, until someone knocked on her door.

She got up from her spot and opened the door to see Teddy with a huge grin on his face. “May I come in?”

She nodded with a small smile, shutting the door behind them. Sitting back down, she waited for him to talk.

“You seemed really quiet at dinner.” he stated, sitting down beside her. “Is everything alright.”

Y/n nodded. “I’m fine.”


Again, she nodded.


The room was silent. The both of them sat there, staring at the floor. James, Albus, and Lily were heard in the hallway, running back and forth with echoing laughter.

Teddy chuckled. “They’re so loud.”

Y/n remained silent.

“Are sure you’re okay?”

Y/n sighed. “I’m just nervous is all.”

“Why are you nervous, y/n?”

Shrugging, she spoke again. “I just hadn’t thought about this being my last year at Hogwarts.” She paused, taking a deep breath. “And, I just… you know…

Teddy took over their conversation. “It is unnerving, yeah. I don’t know the least about living on my own, providing an income, or even finding a job for that matter. Now you’ve got me thinking about it!”

She giggled lightly.

“So…” He brushed his fingers through his hair. “What will you miss most about Hogwarts?”

Y/n knew exactly what she’d miss most. She just didn’t want to say it. Her stomach tightened more and more as each millisecond passed, causing her to fidget with her fingers like she had done at dinner.

Placing his hand on top of hers, he gave her a warm, reassuring smile. “You can tell me.”

She took a deep breath. “You.”


Biting her bottom lip nervously, she continued. “Yeah. Like, hanging out with you by the lake and in the library, partnering up in classes for projects, and just… you.”

To y/n’s surprise, his smile only got bigger.

“Don’t you think, for one second, that we’re never going to see each other again after this year, because you know that I’ll be over all the time to eat chocolate and talk about why Hufflepuff is better than Gryffindor.”

Knowing that last part was a joke, she giggled slightly.

“Besides…” he continued. “We still have a whole school year full of adventure waiting for us.”

The door burst open and the three Potter kids ran in.

“Teddy!” Lily exclaimed, grabbing his hand and trying to drag him from his spot. “Come play with us!”

James rolled his eyes annoyance. “Please…”

Albus walked over to y/n. “I want y/n on my team.”

Teddy laughed at the chaos going on in front of him. “What if I want y/n on my team?”

James eyed the two of them carefully, knowing that something was going on.

Y/n smiled sweetly at Teddy. “Albus already called me, Edward. I’m sorry.”

Lily raised her arms from her sides. “Who’s Edward?”

“I am.” Teddy stated. “‘Teddy’ is just a nickname.”


James slowly left the room, trying to hide his laughter, but failing.


James came back in. “Not telling.”

Lily’s shouting continued. “YOU HAVE TO TELL, JAMES!”

While the three children argued about James’ secret, Teddy placed his hand back on top of y/n’s. She bit her lip with a small grin as she turned her face toward the wall next to her.

James took notice, and soon enough, told his secret in a sing-song tone.

“Teddy has a girlfriend.”

Lily looked offended. “HIS NAME IS EDWARD!”

He laughed. “OKAY!” He took a deep breath and went back to his chanting. “Edward has a girlfriend. Edward has a girlfriend!”It didn’t take long for the other two to chime in.

Teddy’s face turned red with embarrassment. “Guys…”

Albus looked at y/n with a cheesy smile. “He talks about you all the time.”


Y/n giggled. “Is that true?”

Lily nodded over dramatically. “All. The. Time.”

Y/n continued to giggle as she stared at the floor nervously.

“This isn’t how I intended to ask you out, but…” He paused. “Would you like to be my girlfriend?”

She looked up from the floor and into his currently blue eyes. “I would like that very much.”

Without hesitation, he kissed her cheek.

Lily gasped from the cuteness. “Aww!”

James simply giggled and started chanting again. “Edward has a girlfriend! Edward has a girlfriend!”

Albus and Lily soon chimed in, and the three of them quickly made their way into the hall so the whole house could hear the news.


Teddy and y/n laughed with embarrassment and happiness.

Maybe y/n’s last year at Hogwarts wouldn’t be as sad as she thought it would be.

An Ed Sheeran Oneshot, AKA Couch Fluff. 💙💙💙

So I stumbled across THIS Gif a few days ago, and the comment about imagining Ed stroking his fingers up and down your arm, and underneath your sleeve totally got me and it spiralled into a Cuddly oneshot that I’m kinda in love with. Hope you guys like it, and no Smut this time around! 

“Edward Christopher….” Your voice is soft, yet a touch of wry exasperation flavours the words you aim in his direction.  “You’re absolutely NOT helping, you know.”

You’re splayed across one end of the overstuffed, navy blue sectional that occupies your living room, well-worn plush throw pillows propping your legs up.  Your MacBook is open in your lap, textbooks, mounds of handwritten notes and references stacked beside you. You were thisclose to finishing your last semester of school, and this last, final paper, along with your final exams, had consumed every moment of your time and energy for the past 2 weeks. The topknot that resides atop your head probably hadn’t been let down in days, and your ever-present sweatpants were probably becoming a little TOO well-worn.  You’d abandoned your contacts 4 days ago, and resorted to the glasses that Ed so lovingly referred to as your “Potter Specs”.  You were BEYOND ready to be done, and to rejoin the world of the people that slept. And bathed. That’d be a good idea.

Your eyes were beginning to cross as you attempted to keep focus on the screen in front of you, and your fingers were beginning to forget how to spell.  A deep, exhausted sigh falls from your lips, and only a moment later, you feel his weight shift from his position to the side of you, on the opposite side of the sofa, to now against your hip.  You feel, suddenly, warm fingers gently tracing along the outer bend and crease of your arm.  They drift slowly upward, gently, softly stroking under the sleeve of your jersey.  Slowly up and down, a soft, soothing pattern drawn against the warm give of your flesh. A soft hum of contentment rumbles in your chest, the slow stroke of his slightly calloused fingertips sending waves of warmth and relaxation through your tense, exhausted body.  However heavenly his fingers were though, they were NOT helping your already stretched-to-capacity brain to prove your hypothesis. Hence, your half-hearted protest.  

“Sooo not helping me concentrate, Teddy.” You sigh.  “Feels SO nice, but I gotta finish this SOMEHOW, and soon.”

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Dear Journal,

This morning, Teddy was feeling better. He was still a bit on a low but his smile was back. I gave him a bath and put him in freshly clean pyjamas. Since it was sunny outside, I let the sheets and clothes dry on the washing line. They smelt fresh and had a hint of a flowery smell. Sirius carried Teddy around all day long. He wouldn’t leave his arms. He just stayed cuddled into his fathers neck. Sirius eventually gave up his tasks and sat on chair on the balconny, enjoying the beautiful weather with a tired Teddy in his arms. Sirius kept pointing all the colourful birds flying around our backyard and hiding in our bird house to Teddy. It was our unique birdhouse. Sirius made it with Teddy the other day. While Teddy painted the bird house in pretty colours, Sirius had carved some words into the wood. “Black-Lupin’s Bird house”.

“Look Teddy, a Blue Jay! Isn’t it beautiful!” Sirius said, showing Teddy the flying animal.

“Blue!” Teddy said.

“Yes! Good job my teddy bear!” Sirius chuckled, kissing the baby’s cheek.

“Padda?” Teddy asked.

“Yes love?”

“I lowe you.”

“Oh I love you two Teddy. I love you so so so much. You are my little treasure. I would do anything for you..” Sirius smiled, his eyes not leaving Teddy’s.

And Teddy made a kissy face and left a kiss on Sirius’ nose. They both giggled and Sirius hugged him tighter. They looked so adorable. My heart was slowly melting. Sirius’ strong arms were holding Teddy’s small figure. His face burried into the baby’s neck. He slowly brushed his big hand on Teddy’s small back, making him fall asleep in minutes. I walked outside and stood behind Sirius, letting my hands travel on his bare shoulders.

“You two are too cute for me to handdle..” I whispered, trying not to wake Teddy up.

“I love him so much Remus. I can’t imagine what would’ve happen if he stayed at this orphanage…” Sirius said, getting emotional.

I sat in front of him and carressed his cheek. His eyes were glossy.

“Pads.. Don’t think about that.. He won’t get back ever.. He’s a part of this family now.” I smiled, trying to make him think about something else.

“I just can’t imagine life without him.. He’s my new love now!” He quietly chuckled.

“Hey! He can’t take my place!” I laughed.

“What a weird family we have… A son who’s a baby metamorphagus, a father really hot who’s actually a werewolf, and a pureblood-bloodtraitor who can change himself into a dog.. isn’t it the perfect family?” He chuckled.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better one.” I smiled.

“Me neither.. I love you Re.”

“I love you too”

May 7th 1998

simon jr.

Summary: Jace misses Simon while he’s on tour.

read on a03

Jace looked at his cell phone waiting for his boyfriend to call from tour, he’s happy for Simon, truly, he’s getting the exposure he deserves for his solo career, someone signed him at the last gig at the Hunters Moon and he’s never been so happy besides the time Jace asked him out of course, Jace threw him a party for it.

His phone finally rang seeing Simon looking adorable as always with his little soft smile, he cleared his throat, “Hey!”

Simon smiled widely laying on his bed, “Hey baby! How are you?”

Jace shrugs with a long sigh, “Nothing just missing you.”

Simon smiled softly, “Are you sleeping with the bear i got you?

Jace chuckled nodding picking up the velvet black bear holding it close to his chest with his free arm, “Yeah!”

Simon smiled giggling remembering going to the drug store and seeing this adorable teddy bear, he doesn’t think you can have an instant connection with a stuffed bear, but he did, leave him alone, he bought it for a going away gift to keep Jace company while he did a few tours.

He leaned back on the bed then rested his head on the pillow staring at the ceiling, “Well it won’t be too long okay, and people are enjoying my music, so that’s a plus, but it sucks cause I wish you were here.”

Jace sighed shutting his eyes, “Sa-”

Alec burst through his bedroom, making Jace glare, “Demon attack on 24- oh don’t glare at me like that.”

Jace grunted on the phone making Simon giggle, “No he doesn’t deserve a hello.”

Alec waved awkwardly, “Hey Simon.”

Jace continued to glare at Alec, getting up off his bed, throwing a pillow at him, making Alec pat at his watch then running out.

Jace sighed dramatically, “I’ll talk to you tonight.” They said they’re goodbyes and “I love you’s” then Jace followed with a waiting Alec and Izzy, who were smirking, “Don’t!”

They both put their hands up in surrender, still softly giggling.

As they walked out Jace began to whine, “I miss HIM!”

Alec sighed rolling his eyes, patting Jace on the shoulder, “Yes but it’s good he’s getting this attention for his solo career isn’t it?”

Jace frowned folding his arms, “I know Okay!The teddy bear he gave me just….isn’t enough at night.”

Izzy held her hand to her chest, “Awwww!”

Jace blushed then rolled his eyes, this is why he doesn’t talk about this relationship with his siblings, they’re horrible.  

Alec snorted pointing to the demon hovering over an innocent mundane, oh great.

They made it back into the institute, covered in demon goo, that’s fine, Jace planned on taking a warm bath then…he stopped Alec and Izzy who groaned, then stopped looking in the direction he was, they smirked.

He saw Simon standing and talking with Clary who was giving him the biggest bear hug,

“Lemme go Fray, Can’t breathe.”
Clary giggled shaking her head “NO! I missed you! And you’re a vampire, nice try.”

Jace and Simon made eye contact making Jace drop his seraph blade running to towards them.

Simon moved out of his hug with Clary who was smiling at them.

Jace lifted Simon up in a hug twirling him, making him giggle, jace put him down enveloping Simon into a passionate kiss.

Simon pulled away when Jace looked like he needed air making Jace whine; he giggled the scrunched up his face, “Eww, you’re all gooy.”

Jace chuckled at a squealing Simon still lifting him around, “W-what are you doing back?”

Simon smiled at Jace kissing all over his face making him blush, “I missed you so much, and the next tours are close to home….so I thought…maybe my boyfriend wouldn’t mind me staying with him and being bac-”

Jace kissed him once more making Jace wrap his arms around Simon’s waist, “You can stay here as long as you want.” He looked over at Alec who just shrugged, “Duh we kind of discussed that on the phone.”

He pulled back from the kiss, “You two knew he was coming?”

Izzy sighed in relief, “Yes it was so hard! You know I can’t keep a secret!”

Jace smirked nodding, pointing at her, “True.”

Izzy gave him the finger, then smirked at Alec and Clary, “Let’s give them privacy.”

The all walked away with a waving Clary following.

Simon moved hair that was falling into Jace’s face, “Are you mad?”

Jace scoffed inhaling in his boyfriends scent, “Hell no!”

Simon grinned then hugged him despite the goo, that means they can have shower time, as Simon likes to call it, he’s a dork in love okay back off “Now you don’t have to cuddle the bear tonight.”

Jace gasped holding his chest, “I can’t cheat on Simon JR.”

Simon scrunched his face up, “You will NOT name your bear that.” Simon pulled Jace by the hand towards Jace’s bedroom with a smiling Jace behind.

IT 2017 AU Chapter 2

Georgie reached in for the boat in the drain and the clown revealed his fangs. The clown chomped down on Georgie’s arm, biting his arm clean off. Georgie screamed in agony as he broke away from the storm drain and bled profusely from where his right arm used to be. Georgie cried helplessly as he crawled away from the clown as fast as he could with his remaining limbs. But the clown managed to stretch his arm out of the sewer to grab the poor boy. Georgie yelled his final word as he was pulled into the drain by the monster, “BILLLLLLYYYYYYYYYY!” And there was silence…

“G-G-G-G-G-eorgie…No!” Bill half-screamed in his sleep.

His heart broke into pieces as he saw the monster kill his little brother. Bill felt that a part of him has been destroyed when he experienced that nightmare.

Bill sobbed in his sleep as he experienced his parents neglecting him because of Georgie’s death in his bad dream. Bill knew deep down without Georgie, their family could never be whole again.

He cried more and more as he was shown more of what would happen if Georgie was killed by that monster-clown. He felt more useless and worthless as he was trapped in that horrifying and heartwrenching nightmare.

Bill was about to drowned in the dark, muddy depths of the sewers before he was suddenly transported somewhere else.

Bill woke up in his bedroom.

It was no longer raining, the sun shined bright through the window with no clouds in the sky. His room did not smell of rotting corpses like in the sewers. It smelt of fresh cotton and of autumn leaves.

As Bill tried to make sense of the situation, he felt a small warm body nestle against him.

Bill looked down and his heart lifted when he saw his brother sleeping peacefully beside him.

Georgie wore the same pyjamas before he left the house and got attacked. He was holding the boat Bill made for him like a teddy bear as he slept.

But his right arm was still missing, it was just a bloody stump from where his arm was bitten off.

Bill stared at the stump before reaching out to touch it. His fingers gently caressed the stump as he looked at Georgie’s sleeping face.

Bill thought about the happy times he and Georgie shared together. The time when his parents announced to Bill that they were having a baby, he felt so excited to have a sibling. He recalled the time when he laid his hand on his mom’s belly and felt the baby move. He even remembered putting his ear to his mom’s belly while she slept, he heard the baby’s heartbeat for the first time. Bill recalled hearing the baby’s first cries after he was born and the feel of the baby in his arms.

That baby…was Georgie.

Before Bill realized what was happening, the stump was growing. The skin, bones, and everything underneath were regenerating rapidly. The ripped off sleeve of Georgie’s pajama top was repairing itself with the arm too.

While all of that happened, Bill felt as if his body was becoming warmer and lighter. His hands felt like they were glowing and his fingertips were tingling. It was a weird sensation Bill never felt before, but it made him feel happy inside.

Bill watched with wonder as Georgie’s fingers came next, growing like branches on a tree. After Georgie’s fingernails and fingertips grew back, Bill cautiously took the regrown limb and caressed it.

Bill then felt the new limb for a pulse to see if the arm was well connected to the rest of Georgie’s body.

It was a miracle! Bill happily rejoiced to himself as he hugged his newly-healed brother. His heart leaping with joy as he slept peacefully next to Georgie.

Unbeknownst to everyone else in the hospital, Georgie’s wounds were healing rapidly as Bill unconsciously touched Georgie’s injured arm.

Even though Georgie didn’t know that his wounds were healing faster than they should be, he felt extreme warmth from his brother rush through him. Georgie instinctly reached onto that warmth and found it immensely comforting to him. His psychological wounds from his encounter with the clown healed too.

Georgie smiled brightly as he continued to latch onto his brother.

The doctors and nurses let the two brothers both be as they continued tending to other patients.

When Bill woke up from his dream, he found himself in a hospital bed. Everything was a blur when he suffered a fever attack. He felt a familiar small body cling onto him and he looked to his side to find Georgie sleeping peacefully next to him.

Georgie was smiling and was clearly intent on not letting him go. The boat Bill built for Georgie was resting between their heads.

Bill stared at Georgie’s bandaged arm before touching it with his fingers. He couldn’t feel that buzzing warmth again like he did in his dream. He felt that warmth again, but it was faint.

He sat up from his bed and snatched a tissue before blowing into it. He tossed the snot-covered ball of tissue into a nearby wastebasket.

Bill covered his mouth with another tissue as he coughed into it.

He felt slightly better but his muscles still ached a bit, his nose congested, and his throat sore.

The staff were moving around the hospital and tending to the patients as always.

Bill carefully carried Georgie and his boat against his chest as he walked outside the room to see his parents.

His parents were sitting a couple seats from each other, asleep. Their tear-ridden faces suggested that they had been crying for hours non-stop. The way they were sitting apart from each other also suggested that they have argued angrily over something.

Bill’s eyes went watery again as he saw the clear rift between his mother and father. His parents were never this separate before Georgie almost got killed. They were altogether a happy family for 6 years and now…it was doubtful they would ever be a happy family again.

Bill sat Georgie down next to their mother and put the boat onto his brother’s lap. Bill sat between his father and his brother. The hall was dark and the sound of rain and thunder boomed outside. The storm from earlier came back and was more unrelenting than before.

Bill checked the analog clock that hung on the wall in the dark. It was 8:10 PM. It was already past curfew. The whole family would have to stay inside the hospital till morning, no exceptions.

Bill felt sleepiness waft over him again as fell asleep against his brother, Georgie for the second time.

“Bill?” Bill felt a tiny finger prodding his cheek. “Bill, wake up.” A small hand on his shoulder shook him. “Biilllllllll.” A familiar voice echoed into one of his ears.

“M-m-m-m-m-mhmm…” Bill struggled to open his eyes has he saw the familiar face of his brother, Georgie.

“Mom and dad says we’re going home.” Georgie told him.

Bill finally woke up as he sat up in his chair, stretched his arms, and yawned loudly.

“Ar-ar-are y-y-you fee-fee-feeling al-alright, Georgie?” Bill asked him blearily.

“Uh-huh, I feel a lot better now. My arm doesn’t hurt anymore.” Georgie happily replied.

“Th-th-th-that’s gr-gr-great to h-h-hear.” Bill smiled, relieved as he yawned again.

“H-h-how’s sh-sh-sh-she doing?” Bill gestured to the paper boat in Georgie’s uninjured hand.

“She’s fine so far. I haven’t had the chance to try her again so far, I’ve just woken up.” Georgie answered.

“W-w-w-we c-c-c-can te-te-te-test h-h-her once w-w-we g-get ba-ba-ba-back ho-ho-home. B-b-but no more rid-rid-rid-riding her in the str-str-streets. W-w-we don’t want h-h-her falling into the sew-sew-sew-sew-sew-sewers again.” Bill warned Georgie with a worried look on his face.

“Okay, Billy! I promise! I won’t ride her onto the streets ever again!” Georgie chirped reassuringly to his brother.

“G-g-g-good! And d-d-don’t go out-out-out-outside w-w-w-w-without me, mom, or-or-or dad!”

“Yes, Billy! I won’t go by myself from now on, I promise!” Georgie hugged his brother tightly.

Bill hugged his brother back happily as revelled in how happy Georgie was.

But unexpectedly, the atmosphere in the hall rapidly went from cheerful, loving, and warm to somber, hateful, and cold.

As Bill stared past Georgie’s shoulder while still embracing him, Bill saw something that shook him down to his core.

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There was a man standing in the hallway. His fists was clenched tightly and his legs were slightly apart. On his ID name tag attached to his shirt was his name “Robert "Bob” Gray.“ The man wore the Derry Hospital uniform like the other hospital staff but it was covered in blood and entrails. The man was darkly glaring at Bill as he continued to stand there in the hallway. His facial expression was vengeful, murderous, and belligerent.

What even was more scarier was that the rest of the Derry Hospital staff passed by the man as if HE DIDN’T EVEN EXIST!

Bill’s breathing and heart rate quickly rose as he continued to stare in horror at the mysterious man standing a few feet away from him.

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The man sensed his apparent FEAR and his eyes became a glowing yellow like how Georgie described the clown. The man smiled a creepy smile with his long, sharp teeth showing for Bill to see. Drool fell down the man’s mouth as Bill continued to look on in sheer fright.

The man, Robert Gray was more pleased to see the brother of one of his escaped victims being DEATHLY AFRAID of him. He felt utterly satisfied watching Bill shake in fear as he hugged his brother closely to him.

Robert was UTTERLY FURIOUS when the child named Georgie managed to escape his grasp and run safely to an adult. He had just woken up from another 27-year hibernation and was already STARVING. He roamed around the Derry sewers for any kids unlucky enough to run into him until he smelled a lone child near him.

Robert catched the paper boat before it floated away deeper into the sewer and tried to entice the child with it. He took the form of his favorite persona, "Pennywise The Dancing Clown” in order to lure the child into a false sense of security before consuming him. But unfortunately for him, the child saw through his illusions and snatched the boat away before Robert could chomp down on him. The child managed to run away from him to safety and he was left EVEN MORE STARVING THAN BEFORE!

Even worse was that Georgie managed to reveal Robert’s existence to the police and in turn, THE ENTIRE TOWN OF DERRY! He had to constantly be out of the sewers so that the police wouldn’t find him and apprehend him. To have his existence exposed, being out of his lifelong home, chased around by people who didn’t believe in him before, and starving due to long periods of eating little made him DEEPLY ENRAGED for the first time in his life.

He had to stay alive by scaring and eating the very few policemen who were stupid enough go alone by themselves. The policemen were hard to scare since they were adults and trained to handle dangerous situations. Scaring them was like trying to scare a lion roaming out in the wild. He suffered gunshots to the head and taser shocks to the chest but it only served to weaken him rather than hurt him. When he finally managed to kill them, they tasted rather bland compared to the children he scared and eaten before.

Robert decided to target the child that made his life turn sour in revenge for his current situation. He wanted to make Georgie suffer for his current predicament. He even wanted to kill his big brother, Bill to add more salt to Georgie’s wound. How he yearned to see these two cry in fear and dread as he walked towards them. How he yearned to taste their fear-covered flesh and salty tears as he prepared to eat them. Vengeance was sweet.

The heavy smell of Bill’s fears was almost too much for the monster to handle, but he knew that he would take them if they were ALONE. He would attract the attention of the hospital staff and alert the police of his current location if he took the two brothers. So Robert turned around to walk away and disappear from Bill’s sight while sinisterly smiling back at him.

Bill struggled to breathe as he watched the scary man walk away.

“What’s wrong, Billy?” Georgie sensed Bill’s distress and looked up at him with worried eyes.

“N-n-n-n-n-nothing, Georgie.” Bill lied so that Georgie wouldn’t be afraid again. “L-l-l-l-l-l-let’s go see mo-mo-mo-mo-mom and da-da-da-da-dad.”

Bill led Georgie down the hall by the hand protectively and called out for their parents.

The staff told them that their parents were in the lobby and escorted them down the elevator.

When Bill and Georgie came out of the elevator, their parents were at the checkout desk. They had just signed themselves out of the hospital.

The parents had to gather their sons together and walk all the way back home. Zack and Sharon Denbrough hardly spoke a word to each other. Bill kept holding Georgie’s hand while keeping an eye out for anything suspicious.

So far, so good. There was no sight of the creepy man in the hospital or the orange-haired clown. The weather was chilly and it was partly cloudy. Bill kept sniffling as his nose continued to get stuffy.

The Denbroughs stopped at a nearby diner to eat breakfast. The clock read 6:30 AM and the diner just opened so there was not much customers there.

Bill was not allowed to eat dairy or egg products because of his flu. Bill decided on a glass of orange juice and a bowl of oatmeal with sliced bananas, sliced apples, and blueberries on top.

Zack and Sharon drank coffee, ate French toast, and fried sausages. Georgie drank milk, ate a sunny-side-up, and tater tots.

Bill kept careful watch out of the glass and inside the diner the whole time. He didn’t want ANYONE coming after his little brother again, almost losing Georgie to that sewer clown was traumatic enough.

Everyone else inside the diner, including his parents did not notice the obvious worried expression on Bill’s face. So far, the only people who noticed Bill’s concern was Georgie and a mysterious old man with a long gray beard sitting across from their table.

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The old man had green eyes that glowed a bit. He was wearing a forest-green button-up dress shirt and black slacks under a dark teal coat.

Unlike the malevolent and purely evil aura Bill felt from the creepy man at the Derry Hospital, Bill felt that the old man’s aura was benevolent and purely good.

The old man smiled at him and Bill felt that same warmth he experienced before in his dream.

No one seemed to notice the old man, only Bill and Georgie did.

Bill thought he was going crazy. He shook his head as he tried to make sense of the bizarre events he saw so far: Georgie was almost eaten by a clown in the sewer, Bill saw a creepy man in the hospital with glowing yellow eyes, and then he was now seeing an old man with glowing green eyes.

As Bill tried harder to make sense of the situation, he tripped on one of the table legs and accidentally pushed his glass of orange juice off the table. Bill watched with horror as the glass landed on the floor with a loud crack. Before he knew it Bill was already on his knees picking up the broken pieces of glass while cutting himself on them.

Youtuber!Jin as a Father

It is time for the next series, which I’m s o excited for !!! I’ve wanted to do this for a couple weeks now so I’m rea d y as fuck, to start us off, as he always does is our prince himself, the cutest sweetest lil muffin with super cute eyes and an adorable personality and a pRECIOUS SMILE (fight me I love his smile his so much) Kim Seokjin aka Jin

  • For the original youtuber!Jin post, click here, for his proposal, click here and for father!Jin, all of the father related posts are here
  • For everyone that hasn’t read the original father!Jin post, he has one daughter aka his princess
  • Just a quick summary of original youtuber!Jin post, he has a cooking channel where he does recipes, food reviews, mukbangs/eating shows, all the food related things
  • His channel has the Nerdy Nummies/Feast of Fiction feel to it
  • Most precious duo tbh
  • Super tiny and super tall
  • Forever carrying her, he has to learn how to cook using one hand bc she wants to see everything he’s doing and he spoils her a l o t
  • Always always always has a mini apron on, even if she’s not doing anything but watching
  • She’s a stylish lil bby too and his viewers l o v e seeing her in his videos bc they know she’s gonna look super cute as always
  • She’s always in dresses if she’s not in her pajamas and her hair is always in really cute hairdos, lots of braids, lot of buns, lots of pigtails and she almost always has some form of a hair accessory, a tiny bow, a bigger bow, a hairband, a flower clip, a heart clip, anything
  • She’s in almost all of his videos once she’s old enough
  • Even if she’s off camera, you’ll still hear her lil voice that’s so soft and cute and Jin’s a pretty loud person so she’s equally as loud but then bc she’s a toddler, that gets amped up even more so silence is a rarity
  • There’s literally one moment in a video where she just screams off camera (she had gotten excited about her favorite show coming on) and he doesn’t even blink
  • During the first year or so, he doesn’t have her on camera too much but she makes plenty of brief cameos, especially in his live streams bc then he can’t edit things in or out
  • You can see the exact moment you come into the room carrying her in his older videos bc you’ll just see him look off at something beyond the camera and his eyes will get all soft and he’ll always (a l w a y s) get a really wide smile
  • But after she’s able to walk around and talk more, she’ll normally be in his arms or looking at his set up in fascination bc there’s a camera and the viewfinder is turned towards him so she can see herself in it to keep her distracted while he goes through his recipe
  • They get to watch her grow up, which is one of his main reasons for having her in his videos
  • He loves his subscribers and he’s very close with them and they’ve been able to see a lot of his life journey, they got to see the proposal, the pregnancy announcement, they knew the gender of the baby and the name before she was born so they have a very close bond with him and he feels the same
  • But on top of wanting to share that side of him with them, he also wants to be able to look back in ten, twenty, thirty years and be able to watch his bby grow up, be able to watch the video where the two of you announced she was born and watch the video of her first steps that he’d accidentally caught on tape while he was filming a mukbang/eating show and have all of these memories to watch forever
  • She helps a lot in his videos, as much as a toddler can help someone cook
  • “I think we should add more sprinkles”
  • “Bby you added the entire bottle of sprinkles, we don’t have anymore”
  • She always gets a lil snack bowl that normally has a bit of whatever he’s making (a couple chocolate chips if he’s making cookies, some carrots if he’s making a stew, etc.) to keep her entertained for when he’s doing the actual cooking part and has to go near the stove/oven
  • Bc he’s v v protective over her and he is not about to let his bby near fire, that’s gonna take like another ten years tbh that’s not happening for a while
  • He spends half of the video just giving her chubby lil cheeks kisses and laughing at her antics like she could literally just blink and he’s giggling he’s so in love
  • Lots of zooming in on her face bc he R EXPRESSIONS ARE PRICELESS
  • We’ve seen some of the faces Jin makes, imagine a tinier version of that in a polka dot dress with pigtails
  • They make faces at each other a lot, he’ll look over at her and she’ll just make a face so he has to do one and then she does another and they end up standing there for ten minutes just squishing their faces around to make the other laugh
  • He teaches her how to do his outro (blowing a kiss at the camera bc Jin) and he spends about five minutes laughing every single time she does it bc she’s so cute she’s his lil mini me
  • Lots of dancing while waiting for food to cook, a couple of dance offs that he leaves in the video
  • There are a lot of really really sweet moments too, along with them goofing around
  • There’s this one moment where he’s stirring something and she walks up to him and hugs his leg just to hug him, there are a lot of moments where she’ll lean over and kiss his cheek to get his attention, there are p le nt y of moments where she won’t wanna be put down bc she loves being in his arms so she just lets her head rest on his shoulder and her tiny hands are grabbing onto his shirt and she looks so comfortable and happy
  • Filming with a toddler is never gonna be the cleanest event but he somehow always ends up with food all over his apron, he bakes a couple of sweets with her and he walks out with flour e v ery whe re, it’s in his hair, on his shirt, on his socks and he’s not fully sure how it happens he just knows after filming = bath time
  • So every year, Jin does a Halloween video where he dresses up as something
  • If you think he is not gonna take the opportunity to have family costumes, you’re in for a suRPRISE
  • His first ever video was a Mario themed video so for bby girl’s first Halloween, he dresses her up as Peach and he’s Mario and you’re Toad or Yoshi
  • And the next year, you all dress up as Toy Story characters and then the next is Finding Nemo and so on
  • And every year, he does a Christmas video as well where he’ll normally wear some reindeer antlers or a Christmas tree hat or anything Christmas related so he gets one for bby girl
  • “You’re my favorite present”
  • His favorite video he’s filmed with her is the video he makes for her birthday, where he’s baking her a cake bc there are so many precious moments in it
  • She’s got her lil birthday dress on, it’s all princess and her hair is done in such a cute style and she has the new teddy bear Jin had given her that morning in her arms and she’s just so excited about everything bc she’s starting to grasp the idea of birthdays so she knows she’s gonna get cake and lots of kisses and hugs and the entire day is gonna be about her (which is pretty much everyday bc Jin’s wrapped around her tiny finger)
  • She’s s o giggly in it and she gets to decorate her cake once it’s cooled down and he could honestly just watch the video over and over and never get bored
  • “Happy birthday princess”

Disney/universal park tips

Ok guys so I’ve just come back from staying in universal Florida and visiting the Disney side too. I’d seen a few Disney tips on here but none that actually outline the best ways to lift teddies and clothes.

So the Disney and universal parks were heaven to lift from. Cams only above cashiers, only ink tags and the sa’s don’t bother u at all.

I’ll do haul pics when I unpack but I lifted approx $2k worth of stuff!!!

The technique I used to conceal things on the floor was made up of 2 things which are vital- a hoodie/cardigan (something to conceal in) and one of the parks bags. I would conceal 2/3 items in the hoodie that was rested on my arm, then slip the hoodie in the bag as if I was just putting my jumper away. If I wanted a few more things I would take the hoodie back out making sure the lifted stuff was in the bag and then repeat. How I would get the item on my arm was simple, I would slip something off its hanger then hide it behind something on it’s hanger then hide It between my hoodie. The key is hiding it WITHIN your hoodie rather than just underneath because you want to walk around before putting it in your bag and you don’t want customers/ sa’s seeing it.

I concealed the majority of my stuff this way- including a bulky Jurassic park jumper which was tricky.

So I also took a few plushes - including the biggest size of Minnie Mouse (which I was soooo happy about) the key to this was going in the stores in the parks which have multiple rooms you can walk around, (my favourite being magic kingdom shop and Disney springs) pick up the desired plush and literally just pretend that it’s yours. Slyly rip the price tag off so it doesn’t look like you’ve just picked it up, walk around a bit then just walk out with the teddy under your arm. I did this with all 3 that I lifted and never got sussed once.

Keychains\ magnets and pins were pretty simple, I just held them in my hand and covered them or slyly dropped them in a bag I was already holding.

Sorry if this post doesn’t rlly make sense I’m super ill and jet lagged 😩😩

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But, WHY, can't I have the big pink fluffy teddy eat? It's just sitting there.

You crossed your arms in protest. “First, I can’t get fries because we have food at the base. Second, I can’t play a damn vendors game on the street corner. And now, you won’t let me have the pink fluffy teddy bear!” You groaned, trailing behind Tony.

“Because you don’t need it, (Y/N),” Tony sighed and continued walking.

You rolled your eyes. “Tony, Tonyoni, Tortilla,” You said, giving random nicknames. “But why can’t I have the big pink fluffy teddy bear? It’s just sitting there. On our doorstep nevertheless. What if it was meant for me?”

Tony sighed and turned to face you. “You know better. What if it’s a trap? Someone trying to spy on us, or get into the base?” Tony scolded.

You raised an eyebrow. “It’s a big pink fluffy teddy bear,” You told him, Tony bit his lip in response, unsure what to say. “I rest my case,” You said and took off running to get the stuffed animal.

send me a sentence and i’ll write a drabble!

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Hi!! Can you please to a nct reaction (ten, jaehyun, winwin, and taeyong) to their s/o having a giant teddy bear because they need to cuddle something in order to sleep? Thanks you! Take all the time you need, no rush.

And so begins my quest to do NCT reactions. 

I hope they turn out well, and thanks for being the first one to send in a request.



Taeyong: *Since Taeyong is well aware of the effect that cuddling a stuffed animal can give someone, and since he himself does this, he wouldn’t see much of a problem with it AT FIRST. You would cuddle your teddy bear and he would cuddle his during the nights, even when you’re officially living together, that is until he began wanting to cuddle something, or SOMEONE, else. As the both of you progressed into your relationship Taeyong would feel that stuffed toys just weren’t good enough, the effect just wasn’t as intense as it used to be and the little amount that it still had just wasn’t cutting it from him anymore, he wanted to move on to cuddling bigger and better things.The things he’d hear from other couples about cuddling each other, and the things he’d see from movies would further drive his urge to cuddle you, and get you to cuddle him in return, the only problem however is that you had too much of a connection with sleeping with your teddy bear and he knew you’d be hesitant to get rid of it and try something new.He’d continue cuddling with his stuffed animal and let you continue sleeping with your bear because of that reason but you’d notice that he’d have fitful, restless sleeps and they’d get worse every night until he’d hardly sleep at all.* 

“Taeyong, is something wrong?” you’d ask him one night as you walk out of your shared bedroom to see him sitting on the couch, watching some sort of romance movie on the tv. He’d look your way with droopy, baggy eyes but wouldn’t say anything which worried you even more. “Taeyong you know you can tell me anything. If there’s something bothering you that’s causing you to loose your sleep please let me know so that I can help you.” Suddenly he’d point to the screen and you’d look to see a loving couple in the movie sleeping together, you’d be confused about what the message he’s trying to send to you would be by making you watch that scene, until he spoke up as you continued to think about the possibilities. “I know you need that bear to sleep and I used to need mine but it doesn’t work for me anymore. I want to cuddle you but I know you’d have a hard time without your bear, even if it meant you were cuddling me instead.” Those words sank into your mind and you couldn’t believe just how considerate he had been to you to let you continue cuddling with your bear and get a peaceful sleep while he no longer could. “You are right” you confirmed “I would have a hard time but that doesn’t meant hat I’m willing to try this out because I love you and I want you to sleep well too.” He’ll look at you surprised, not saying a word, “C’mon, lets go to bed” you offered as you extended your hand. You both got up from the couch and headed to bed, wrapping your arms around each other  “good night Taeyong” “good night y/n.”


*Since Taeyong is well aware of the effect that cuddling a stuffed animal can give someone, and since he himself does this, he wouldn’t see much of a problem with it IN FACT he loved that you understood and dealt with the same situation.He’d see your over-sized teddy bear and be ecstatic about it.* “That’s large enough for the both of us y/n. Mind if I join your sleep/cuddle sessions with *y/ tb /n*?” “no it’s mine to cuddle and mine only” you say childishly, shaking your head at him. “No, but I want to cuddle it to” “no””yes” “no” “yes” “No” Yes”… and so it goes on, the playful “no” “yes” fight between you two until he just wraps his arms around your teddy bear and refuses to let go, “looks like I win, we both get to cuddle the bear” “oh shut it Taeyong.” 

Jaehyun: “Fine then, if that’s how you want to play, two can play at this game.” He declares as you continue to refuse cuddling him over the bear. “I gave you a chance to find out why people consider me to be a huge teddy bear but you’d rather stick with that one so now you pay the price, your loss, too bad so sad.”

*he’d spend a couple weeks cuddling with one of his pillows, even during the day time when he had days off, he’d cuddle the pillow over you just to make you jealous.*

“Oh C’mon Jaehyun!” you whined as he refused to cuddle you once again as you both laid on his bed, watching a movie since the other boys were hanging out in the city and wouldn’t be back for a few hours. “Nope, I like my pillow. It’s so soft and plush and it won’t refuse my cuddles unlike some cruel person that I know.” You only scoff and whine some more, pouting as he hugged the pillow tighter at his side. “Please” you beg, pressing yourself against him as best as you could without the pillow getting in the way “hmm, let me think about it… n…..” Before he could finish his sentence you quickly chimed in “I’ll get rid of that bear if you let me cuddle you P.L.E.A.S.E” he’ll look at you at that moment with an evident grin growing wider by the second on his face but still doesn’t let go of the pillow which is a Que for you to continue. “I’ll get rid of the bear and cuddle you instead and I’ll never refuse your cuddles again, especially when we sleep together now please let me cuddle you, I want to cuddle and this movie is scaring me.” Even if that was a lie and you were enjoying the blood and gore from the film you’d still tell that to him get him to cuddle you.  “OK” he says after a momentary silence “deal”. He’ll toss his pillow off the bed and wrap his arms around you, now, should we switch movies since you don’t like this one?” “No, I like it, we can still watch it.”

Ten:*This man would find it so adorable that you love cuddling and sleeping with a bear that large. He’d never get over, nor would you ever hear the end of it about how cute he thinks it is. From the first time you brought the bear over he couldn’t get enough of teasing you about it and nearly exhausting you with his constant “that’s so adorable, my precious y/n and her giant teddy” *

 “My word, y/n” he’d chuckle at the sight of your teddy bear, which you brought to your first sleepover at his place, “are you sure you like cuddling that thing? It might suffocate you someday.” “Oh hush up” you’d fire back but with a smile on your face “it helps me sleep, nothing has ever been this helpful to me in my entire life and nothing ever will be’ you say in a matter of fact tone as you lay on his bed, ready to go to sleep until you turn your head to look at him and see him smiling back at you “what? What are you smiling about?” you ask him. “You seem so sure about what you said” he says “are you really sure that nothing else has or could ever help you?” His question sinks in as you continue to look into his tired but squinted up eyes and happy face and you shoot up, trying to deflect on your previous statement “no I mean no no I didn’t mean…” “hush” he says, bringing on of his fingers up to your face and pressing it against your lips “I know what you meant. I was just giving you a hard time.” His fingers stay pressed against your lips, even as you lower yourself back into a laying position on his bed. “Good night y/n, I love you, and your titan sized teddy bear.” Those are the last words spoken before the lights are turned off and you both fall into a deep sleep.

WinWin:  *Just like Ten, WinWin would find it adorable that you love cuddling and sleeping with a bear that large but, unlike Ten, at the same time…..*

“you know I could be your teddy bear right?” he says as he looks at you with those beautiful, innocent looking eyes of his that show a hint of puppy-dog-ishness as he stands at the edge of your bed peering down at your laying form. You only laugh, hugging your teddy bear even tighter than before, hiding your face in the softness of the plush toy that’s large enough to nearly hide your entire body. “Is that a no? But I’m the same size, maybe a bit larger (way larger) and I’m warmer and can cuddle back and say soothing things to you that can help you sleep.” 

*…..This poor puppy would want you to cuddle him, it may be a bit awkward for the both of you but he wants to do it mostly because he’s jealous of the bear. He’ll continue listing off reasons why he’d be better to cuddle with at night than the bear until you either gave in and made room for him on the bed, pushing the bear off to the side, or until you acted out being asleep well enough that he gave up, placing a shy kiss on the little bit of your forehead that wasn’t hidden behind the bear before walking out of your room, turning off the lights and shutting the door as he went.*

“Goodnight y/n, good night *y/ tb/ n*” he whispers before shutting the door behind him “I’ll see you both tomorrow for our blanket fort and movie marathon day.”

*He’d feel rejected but he wouldn’t hold it against you or the bear in fact, he’d just brush it off by thinking about how adorable you are and how he also likes cuddling your bear from time to time*


Single Mom

*Rocking Teddy gently in her arms*

Dora: You are going to look just like him….

*Puts the boy down pushing back tears* 

Dora: Goodnight Teddy

*Looks at the empty side of the bed* Dora: It’s harder alone

Dora: Fuck…. *Starts to cry*

*Looks up at her ring*

Dora: I miss you…. I miss you so much Remus.


- It’s after the second wizarding world war. The Malfoy family has crumbled. Lucius Malfoy is in prison and Narcissa Malfoy is in hiding somewhere in Spain.
- All thats left is one scared boy named Draco Malfoy.
- Everyone in the wizarding world hates him. He has no where to go, and he doesn’t have as much money as he’s used to. Much less than, actually.
- So he leaves the wizarding world for the muggle world. It takes him time to get uses to it, but soon he has a job as a library worker and he makes it through the days.
- After 10 years, Draco is astonished to see an owl fly through his apartment window and drop a letter on his counter.
- He opens it nervously, wondering if some evil curse or hex is inside. It ends up being a letter from his aunt Andromeda Tonks. She wants him to meet her for tea at her house.
- He’s suspicious at first, but he reluctantly goes.
- When he rings the doorbell on the quaint cottage in a field, a young boy with blonde hair and grey eyes, looking suspiciously like him when he was younger, answers the door.
- Draco almost has a heart attack.
- Tea was pleasant. Draco kept returning, growing quite close to Teddy. He never got over the fact that the boy was a metamorphmagus. He can still distinctly remember the shock that coursed through his veins when he first open that door.
- One day, when Teddy was around the age of 8, he sat in Draco’s lap and morphed into the same blonde hair and grey eyes.
- He grabbed Draco’s left arm, which made Draco freeze. Teddy just smiled up at him.
- “It doesn’t look very pretty. Here, I’ll fix it for you!”
- Draco could feel the ink growing in his skin, but he couldn’t care less. He watched, eyes wide, as flower tattoos grew all around the dark mark. Yellow, purple, pink, orange, all of the colors that Teddy could think of.
- When it finished, all Draco could do was stare at Teddy, who had a large grin on his face.
- “There. All better!”

Night Terrors

A/N: Lol guess who faceplanted into a new fandom?  Enjoy some angsty Teddy/Billy post “Young Avengers and Runaways.”

           The pain in Billy’s ears helped. When they’d gotten back to the safety of Cap’s underground base, Teddy had helped him put antiseptic on the perforations, and Billy had made a crack about hey, at least he didn’t have to shell out money to get his ears pierced now. But it was hard to focus. Iwanttobeallright, he tried to mumble, but he didn’t want to say it when Teddy might hear and get the idea into his head that maybe Billy wasn’t all right. Then he’d worry, and Teddy seriously did not deserve to be worrying right now. Not after what he’d been through.

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I love you

Summary: in which Bucky finally says ‘I love you’ for the first time

Word Count: 857

Warnings: none because this is a ball of fluff

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Bucky held you tightly against your chest breathing you deeply, your scent imprinted forever in his memories. You smelled strawberries due to the fact that Bucky only ever brought strawberry shampoo after the day you brought it once and he fell in love with the rich aroma that filled his nostrils. Bucky breathed deeply again taking in the smell of the perfume you were wearing like your shampoo it was fruity and sweet and made Bucky want to lick your body to gather the taste on his tongue and lips. Your head layed contentedly on his bare chest, your eyes were closed still sleeping like Bucky should have been but he wasn’t. Bucky was up in the middle of the night wishing so desperately that he didn’t have to leave for his mission in only a matter of hours, all he wanted to do was be your side all day and night long. He couldn’t remember a time where you weren’t lying by his side and his arm wasn’t wrapped protectively around your waist.

Bucky looked down at you sleeping form and couldn’t help but admire at just how naturally beautiful you looked hugging his arm like a teddy bear. Bucky knew he loved you and just watching you there so comfortable with him he couldn’t help but shed a silent tear. The two of you had been dating for 11 months but Bucky had never said those three words despite how much he loved you. He wanted to say it desperately but Bucky wanted to keep you safe from everyone and everything including himself. No one knew about you not even Steve his best friend, you were Bucky’s little secret and he wanted to keep it that way. If he said those words he felt as if Hydra would come barging through the door holding you down to the ground with a barrel of a gun pressed against the side of your head. Of course that was never actually going to happen but inside of Bucky’s head  the scenario played out over and over and he couldn’t help but be drawn into the allure that it would actually happen.

You were in a deep sleep as usual and Bucky found himself letting out a soft quiet chuckle as he heard a cute little snore erupt its self from your throat and fall from your lips. Bucky really couldn’t have been more in love with someone like he was with you, he was crazy about you and you knew that hence why on more than on occasion you had said ‘I Love you’. You knew he felt the same way but you also knew that your boyfriend had a hard time expressing his emotions. You had seen him cry more time than he cared to admit and you had helped in through his hard time and not felt hurt at the fact that he kept you a secret to everyone including his closest friends. He was your everything and you would stop at nothing to make sure he was comfortable in your relationship and the same applied to him.

Bucky was still gazing at you with adoration as you slept snug on his chest, he pulled a strand of hair out of your face wanting to get  a full view of the woman he adored more than anything. You were his world and he was scared that it would come tumbling down but yet as he gazed upon you he couldn’t deny the attraction of telling you finally that he loved you. He ran his flesh thumb lightly over your cheek not to wake you up startled at his touch. He loved the feeling of you and he was so glad you said yes when he asked you out. You shifted suddenly on his chest your head now resting on his arms using as a pillow, your hands clung to his muscular bicep as you pressed a small kiss to his bulging muscles. Bucky smiled so widely he thought he look like  a madman as you did that, he was always amazed at the fact that you always showed and told your love to him despite the fact that he had never told you he loved you before.

Bucky didn’t have any control of himself as those three words slipped from his lips, “I love you."He whispered to your sleeping form as he ran his fingers through your hair as his metal fingers drew shapes and patters on your bare hips. Bucky was smiling even wider because he had actually said the words out loud although you were sleeping and probably didn’t even hear a word he had said. Bucky sighed leaning his head back onto his pillow pressing a chaste kiss to your forehead.

"I love you too.” You replied sleepily, your eyes still closed as you pressed another kiss to his bicep. Bucky would have choked if he had been drinking because he had  no idea that you had heard him. Bucky calmed himself down when you pressed another kiss to his bicep whispering that you loved him once more softly making his heart flutter.

Kaciart: But yeah, imagine Loki stealing Billy whenever he was in a toughspot. Needed something to boost his magic
Lol I just have this image of Teddys hand clamping down on Lokis one round
'I’ll bring him back! Scouts honour"
And Billy mumbles against his hand
“Whats that, Billy?”
“You’re not a scout”
“Oh well, Frost Giant honour??”
'Thats a terrible exa–’ and they disappear. Teddy’s lets out a string of courses before telling the room, like Loki can still hear
“Im going to find your brother! D<”

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Dating Pietro Maximoff would involve...

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Being the most immature people on the team

You’re the best prank duo ever

Pietro giving you piggybacks everywhere

Pick up line competitions

Disney movie marathons

Being best friends with Wanda and gossiping about Pietro with her

She tells you so many embarrassing stories about him, it’s great

Pietro trying to teach you Sokovian

You end up just googling how to swear in Sokovian so you can annoy him in more than one language

Defending each other on missions

So many cuddles. Piet is the best cuddler in the world, he’s just a big teddy bear

He always has his arm around your waist, with your head resting on his shoulder

He loves sneaking up on you and hugging you from behind, or twirling you around in the air

He uses his speed to steal kisses from you throughout the day

While he thinks his speed makes him untouchable, you’ve proved him wrong on numerous occasions

Like when you covered every single doorway in the facility in cling film

He gives the best kisses, the type that leave you breathless and blushing

Emergency dance parties when one of you is feeling sad

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