teddy sweater

Caddy Girl

Yesterday Teddy invite me to his country club.  He said  he was going to teach me about golf and then lunch.  When he stopped to pick me up my boys were home so in just called and i went out to the car when he got here.  I had on a nice pair of capri pants and light sweater.  Teddy said i looked great but that’s not a golf outfit and he handed me a bag and said this is what you wear golfing.  He told me to change into the outfit before we get to the club.  I opened the bag and took out the clothes and started to undress in the car.  IT hard enough changing in a moving car but with teddy hands all over me as i changed it was even harder.  I finished changing just  before we got to the club.  It was barely an outfit, it was a short skirt that barely covered my ass when i stand up and a white golf shirt that  was at least 2 sizes too small.  that a a pair of sneakers was all i had on.  When we pulled up and i got out of the car the valet got a very good look at my legs and pussy as i got out of the car.  We walked to the golf course and i could sware everyone was looking at me and it only made me hornier.  We go near the golf carts and teddy told them we don’t need a caddy  today that we will be using a golf carts.  As we got near the 1st hole another cart pulled up and they all got out and Teddy introduced me to 2 of his clients and said they will be golfing with us.  as we got back in the cart  Teddy told me that i would hit a ball until the 3-4 hole he didn’t want people to see that i never golfed before and some guys think they are pros.  It was a goo thing it was not very crowed.  The 1st 2 holes i basically just drive the golf cart and picked up their golf balls after the went in the hole. A the 3rd hold we were on the putting area and Teddy told me it was time to start learning he gave me the putter and told me to go hit the ball.  I walked up to putt and he siad hold on and came up behind me and helped me putt.  While he was helping me hand hands were allover my ass and pussy.  at the next hole teddy told his friends that i was going to putt for everyone.  In the cart teddy told me that who ever won the hole i would ride with them for the next hole.  When get got to the putt area at the next hole .. Teddy helped me putt and after he was finished he gave me this long hot kiss.  His friend john went to help me putt next hand hands were allover my ass and my tits that it was hard to putt.  After that it was Franks turn to putt and his hands actually found my pussy.  Frank won the hole so i got into a golf cart with him.  as i drove the cart Frank;s hands were all over my tits, then he got my skirt up to my waist and was fingering my pussy.  when we got the the putting area i was so horny but when Frank got behind me i could feel his hard cock up against my ass.  He won that hole too and when we went to hit the next ball off the tee Frank said he was going to skip the hole and go tot he putting area,  As rode the cart down the told me to stop near the trees.  He reached over and started kissing me and grabbing my tits and pussy,  he then sat back and opened the belt on his pants,  I knew what he wanted and reached over  and took out his cock he was nice and hard that i immediately went down on his cock.  I sucked him for about 5 minutes until he filled my mouth with cum.  Frankie had a big smile on his face as we got to the next hole.  Teddy told Frank that since he didn’t play  that hole that i was going to ride with John for the next.  I got into the cart with John  and he wanted me siting facng him with me leg s wide apart so he was able to finger my pussy.  When he started the cart i told him to take out his cock so i could suck him.  When he took it out he was almost as big at teddy and he was uncut also.  I went down on his cock and it didn’t take long for him to cum.  When we got to the 9th hole teddy told me to ride with him.  In the cart he told me how hot i looked and he could tell that they were very happy.  I told I’m that i was so horny.  After they finished that hole Teddy told them that if they didn’t want to play the other 9 holes we could go back to his house for lunch.  They agreed and we went back to Teddy house for lunch.  As soon as we got into the house teddy took what liilte clothes i had on off.  Teddy told them to sit on the sofa they both took off their pants and told me to get on my knees and and suck some more cock.  I started on johns cock and when i started sucking Teddy got behind me and started fucking me doggie.  It felt soo good to finally get a cock in my pussy that i almost came instantly.  Teddy came and filled my pussy before i got John to cum.  After Teddy finished he told john that he could fuck me and told me to move to frank;s cock.  As i took Franks cock in my mouth John got behind me and started fucking me so good.  John didn’t last too long as he slapped my ass and told me he was cuming,     After  the came i got up and could feel cum running down my legs.  I then sat on franks hard cock and rode him to another orgaism as he came right after me.  After the were done i licked both cocks clean and they got dressed.  The thanks Teddy for a great game of golf and then kissed me as the left.  I told Teddy i better clean up that i had to get home.  He told me he was not fished yet and told me to suck him and make his cock hard again.  after he was hard he lifted me up and bent me over the table.  He took his cock and rubbing it all over my pussy lips then he took his cock and pushed it in my ass.  He fucked my ass so good tellign me how great i was today.  As he was getting close to cum i started rubbing my clit and as i was cum i could feel my ass tighted around his cock as the came in my ass.  After we finished i cleaned up and teddy took me home.  I CANT WAIT FOR MY NEXT GOLF LESSON

Star Trek Preference: Gifts

Requested by: Anonymous

Bones acts like he hates getting and giving gifts but he is the most understatedly thoughtful gift giver like if you mention a book even just once in passing he’ll go through hell to get it for you. He gets super embarrassed at gifts so he prefers just being given liquor or something like a picture of the two of you

He will give you something from Russia. No doubt. But it means a lot to him and it’s always hand selected that it’ll mean something to you as well. He writes cute little notes explaining the significance and the history of the item
He likes getting cheesy personalized gifts like mix cds or hand drawn cards

He’s such a generic gift giver honestly. It’s not that he doesn’t put thought into it, he does and you always love his gifts, but he’s not good at personalizing it really
He likes to get gifts he knows he’ll use and he’s always excited to use anything you give him in front of you and he’ll put on this big cheesy display of how excited he is to put your gifts to use

Oh she’s the best. She knows how to give the gifts that even if you don’t think you’ll love at first, you end up using every day of your life and you’re so thankful
She likes to get gifts that are similar to that. She likes to use things you gave her publicly and she’s so proud to tell people you got things for her

Scotty loves handmade gifts! Even if it’s sloppy he’ll love anything that he knows you put time and effort into
He loves to give things that are meaningful, even if not practical. He’s be the one to give you big teddy bears and itchy sweaters made from love

Honestly he’s the worlds worst gift giver. He’ll get you something he would logically think you’d want, but honestly you’d probably already have it. He makes up for it by being with you on special occasions and showing you a lot of attention
He appreciates any gift you get him, but he really likes the ones that are personalized and practical at the same time

Get him more plants to take care of. Not even kidding add to his collection he will love it
He will get you something useful and pertaining to your hobbies or something handmade but practical

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Persona 4 Sweater Meme

>> read captions << >> In case you can’t see them: >>

Yu: *stands proud*

Yosuke: “I-it’s not what you think it is!”

Chie: “Do we really have to wear these?”

Yukiko: "This is kinda embarrassing"

Rise: "These sweaters are cute!“

Teddie: "I feel pretty!”

Kanji: "I don’t mind wearing this while kicking the crap out of shadows!“

Naoto: "This is an utterly embarrassing sweater. I do not approve this kind of clothing!”

Adachi/rest: CABBAGE BEWBS!

One of them is not like the other. 

I’ve got this headcanon: we can all agree that Kingsley is one of the best ministers of magic the wizarding community has ever seen, but well even he can’t stay forever.
So after Kingsley retired, beloved and remembered for sorting things out after the second wizarding war, Percy finally becomes Minister of magic. At first he’s quite surprised because he had already given up on that dream, content with his life and work at the ministry, but then he is very happy and feels honoured
And Mrs Weasley is so proud ov her son that she throws a big party inviting the whole family and old friend from the order and knitting a sweater for Percy with the letters “MM” on them and makes him wear it and he turns so red, but is also very proud
And Arthur will always try to very subtly influence the muggle artefacts laws and George and Ron will create little figure that say some of the things Percy used to tell them as a prefect for people to buy at Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes
And all the children like James and Lily and Fred etc. will tell all their classmates that the minister of magic is their uncle and Teddy Lupin will wear his hair red like he does sometimes, because he is already so integrated in the family that he considers Percy his uncle as well
And Percy will be so touched and make a great minister and go tell Fred’s portrait himself which will laugh at him and tell him “that the stuck up idiot finally did it”
And Percy will be a fucking brillant minister, supporting SPEW which makes Hermione very happy, but he will also be rather in control which gets Harry a slight bit annoyed in the auror office sometimes if Percy reminds him to hand in he reports in time
And Rita Skeeter will write a huge article for the daily prophet
Percy Weasley’s dream coming true and he’s fucking awesome at it

THIS IS CANON you won't convince me it isn't.

Guys just imagine Teddy spending the majority of his winter vacation with “Grandma” Molly because he knew the amount of sweaters that she had to knit after the fourth grandchild were just the tiniest bit overwhelming and him helping her finish the last few every year and spending most of his time listening to Molly tell stories about the war and the good times before and after that and comforting her about all her worries.

Then like one year Teddy being the sweetheart he is gets everybody to knit a single sweater for Molly, each featuring the single word they thought best described her and them all handing one to her on Christmas and watching her tear up and gush and Teddy handing the final one he made to her and the word it features is loved.