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The Kennedy family at Eden Roc. (Back row): Kathleen, Joe Jr., Rosemary, Rose and Teddy. (Middle row): Jack, Eunice, Joe and Pat. (Front row): Bobby and Jean. Cannes, August 1939.

i was being maudlin & redrew the young avengers.  *sigh*  if i could get paid just to draw faces & expressions all day, i would be so ridiculously happy!

top row:  kate bishop, nate richards (thanks, khirsah!), eli bradley

middle row:  billy kaplan, teddy altman

bottom row:  tommy shepherd, cassie lang

(you can tell how far i got in the series based on the fact that i did not know nate’s last name.)

Anonymous: A scenario where they blush because of something their lover does

(Yahoo~! I am done spamming Yui Komori stuff and am now here to present to you part two of the blush scenario! If you guys think it’s too long, I’ll be happy to shorten my fics up a bit. Enough of that, please read and enjoy! Don’t forget to heart, reblog and follow! They keep this blog alive and kicking <3)



You raised your eyebrows when you saw the table Kanato prepared. It was covered with all sorts of sweets and desserts. You swore you could smell the sugar a mile away before you even saw the food.

The childish boy dived at the nearest seat and began pointing at the courses with a knife he picked up. “Ah, doesn’t it look fantastic, Teddy?” He smiled. Rows of sugary courses laid in from of you; you could barely name five of them. “Reiji got it all for me because I was a good boy for a month! They’re all so perfect…”

He prepared a plate for him and began placing multiple meals on it. “My stomach hungers for it all, Teddy… Let’s eat!” He began scarfing down everything in sight.

“That’s a lot,” you began conversationally, “I don’t think I’ll be able to finish more than three plates, Kanato.” It all looked very appetizing but you knew your limits.

The purple haired boy looked at you incredulously. “What is (Y/N) talking about, Teddy?” He cocked his head to the side. “I wonder who told her that she will eat anything… She’s so silly, Teddy! (Y/N) is only here so we can talk to someone!” He closed his eyes and smiled innocently at you.

“Eh?” Your eyes twitched in irritation. “Kanato, I was writing a very important paper for school. I thought there was an emergency,” you told him. Sighing, you took a seat next to him. Your mouth watered at the sight of food. “Can I at least have a bite? I’m starving!” You pouted when he still refused. You were sure that he just wanted you to beg for it.

Suddenly, you got a brilliant idea. If he won’t give you anything… you’ll just have to force him to! “Ah, it’s alright, Kanato,” you told him much to brightly for his taste, “after all, I’ve got something ten times sweeter and ten times more delectable than anything here on the table!” You crossed your arms and smirked as he took the bait.

“What? Something better than all of this?” He parroted your words. “You’re lying! Tell me what you have this instant that’s so sweet!” He stomped his foot. You didn’t answer immediately for dramatic effect. Although, you did tell him before things escalated quickly.

You giggled mercilessly. “You,” you gave him a light peck on the cheek, “you’re sweeter and tastier and yummier than anything anybody can ever make!” Amusement danced in your eyes as he buried his face on Teddy so you wouldn’t notice the blush that was rapidly forming on his cheeks.

Just as you expected, he filled a second plate with desserts and shoved a spoon of pudding into your mouth. “Here. So you won’t bother me any more.” He immediately turned away after.

You rolled your eyes and grabbed some innocent fruit that was just laying there. You tapped his shoulder to make him look at you. “Be careful, Kanato,” you warned him and showed the cherry you were holding, “if this keeps going on, you might end up as red as this cherry.” He promptly threw away the fruit and stepped on it without hesitation.



You were on the verge of having a nervous breakdown. During the middle of the school day, you realized that your precious laptop was lost somewhere. Your palms went clammy as you looked everywhere for it. You still had several vital essays and presentations saved there. It took your all not to go crazy from stress.

While searching, you tripped over a pair of legs that you swore came out of nowhere. Rubbing your head, you peeked. “Shu-san?” You saw him sleeping. You thought he could help you. “Um, sorry to disturb you but… have you seen my laptop? It’s in a red casing and it has a couple of stickers…” You mumbled awkwardly.

You were surprised when he responded fairly quickly. “Tch. You’re that pervert’s woman, eh?” There was no use denying. You nodded your head. “I saw Laito carrying it earlier. He went that way,” he traitorously pointed to the right.

You sighed in relief and quietly thanked him before sprinting towards that direction. You were angry that Laito stole your prized laptop and you ran before he could defile it or anything inside.

Before you could pass one of the classrooms, you heard the whining of a boy. There was also dramatic music playing in the background and several other voices were faintly heard. Quietly, you opened the door.

Immediately, you saw the fedora wearing student in the dead center of the old classroom. He was holding a tub of vanilla ice cream as he was watching a foreign show from your laptop.

“No~! Clark and Leah are meant to be together,” he moaned as he watched the Filipino soap opera play out, “Simon, get away from her! It was going so well!” He shoved a spoon of ice cream and munched on a green macaroon with a glum look.

Your eyes twitched and you looked at his back in disbelief. He stole your valuable laptop… just to binge watch a cheesy drama series that you downloaded? You marched towards his figure and crouched beside him.

You pretended to hum in thought. “Hmmm, no, actually, I think Simon and Leah look so cute together,” you told him dryly. The redhead jumped a little and looked at you. “Eh? Bitch-chan? When did you get here?” He asked as he frantically tried to shut down the running program.

“Oh, I dunno,” your voice hinted at sarcasm, “maybe because YOU STOLE MY LAPTOP?!” You shouted. “Honestly, I almost had a heart attack when I couldn’t see my precious baby. And then here you are, talking to yourself in the dark, you pervert. Can’t you just- eh? What the hell?”

When you closed the tab for the episodes, Google images was opened. The pictures you saw were all of a half naked very attractive boy posing for the camera. It took you a while to process that the search bar told you the words ‘sexy James Reid shirtless’.

You looked at his blushing face as he whistled and looked anywhere but at you. You snickered at his guilty expression and added fuel to the fire. “Aww, don’t worry, Laito! Everyone wants to see James Reid shirtless. I won’t judge your, ah, preferences.”

If possible, he looked even more embarrassed. You basked in the rare moment. “Now, Bitch-chan… It’s not what you-”

“WHO STOLE MY VANILLA ICE CREAM?!” A bump was heard. “Noisy. It was the pervert.” Silence. “……..LAITO I’LL KILL YOU!”

“…… You’re on your own, kid,” you grabbed your laptop and sprinted out of the room with one last look at his flushed face. You snorted and made a mental note to tell Ayato everything.



You were happily eating ice cream with Subaru at the local park. The two of you were just walking around; admiring the scenery. Not too long after, it got quite dull and repetitive.

“So,” you messily licked your dessert, “have you been to the mall, Subaru?” You began pitifully. It was quite obvious you weren’t the master of conversations. He scoffed. “Seriously? Even I could think of something better than that, (Y/N).”

You weakly huffed. “Well, at least I tried,” you threw away the remnants of the cone away and grinned at him. “What do you wanna talk about, then, oh great king of awkward silences?”

He mumbled something you couldn’t decipher. “Sorry, what?” You asked him to repeat. “You have some ice cream on your cheek,” he managed to say, “it’s bothering me.” Your tongue darted on you lips. “Huh? I can’t taste anything… Are you lying to make me look like an idiot? It isn’t working,” you jokingly accused.

“No!” He barked. You thought that was the end of it. Suddenly, his lips fell on your face. You could feel him lick off a sticky substance before he scrambled away from you. “What the hell was that?” You laughed at his generous antics. Grinning, you poked his cheeks. “You’re the best boyfriend ever, my darling Tsundere.”

He glared at you. “Goddamnit. Not this again.” He looked up at the sky. “Whoever the hell is up there, please, for the love of all that is holy, please don’t let her speak again.”

“You’re so cruel to me, darling,” you said softly, “hey… You just gave me a brilliant idea!” He had a horrified expression as you ran towards the lonely bench. “Wait! Fucking hell… I swear, (Y/N). Don’t you dare!”

You jumped on top of the wooden chairs and called for the attention of the other residents of the park. “HEY, EVERYONE!” With your loud voice, it was hard to ignore you. “LEMME TELL YOU A LITTLE SOMETHIN’…” You grinned widely as at least a dozen people listened.



“THE REASON WHY I’M UP HERE YELLING MY HEART OUT IS BECAUSE…” you looked deeply into his eyes, staring into his soul as though you thought it would make the message clearer. “I LOVE HIM WITH ALL OF MY HEART. HE MAY NOT KNOW HOW TO LOVE ME BACK BUT I’M TEACHING HIM! I HOPE HE DOESN’T GET MAD WHEN I GET OFF OF THIS THING. SO, WITH THAT SAID, THANK YOU FOR LISTENING!” You bowed and jumped into Subaru’s arms. You planted kisses all over his face without any warning.

Suddenly, before you could leave, a nice old couple approached you. “Ah, young love,” the man sighed, “you better keep her close, pretty boy!” He good-naturedly told Subaru. His wife continued. “Such brave girls like that? Well, they only come once in a lifetime. Hope you dearies live long together!” They turned away and left you two in thought.

“Huh,” you brushed the hair away from Subaru’s face, “you know what?” You placed your forehead on his. You happily realized that your breaths were in sync, your eyes were staring longingly at one another and, in that moment, you were sure that your souls intertwined into one. “I really hope so, too…”

Teddys Rowe.


I love Rose McGowan & I loved when she was on Nip/Tuck (season 6). Even though Teddy was a black widower, I still felt kind of sorry for her when she got killed.